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Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android Review

By: Ofir Beigel | Last updated: 1/16/23

If you’re looking to store your Bitcoins on an Android mobile device then this post is for you. I will discuss the pros and cons of Android wallets plus provide a comparison of the best wallets you can find on the Google Play store.

Bitcoin Wallets for Android Summary

Bitcoin Android wallets are apps that allow you to store, send, and receive your Bitcoin from your Android device. While using a mobile wallet allows you to make payments quickly and easily,  mobile wallets are constantly connected to the Internet (i.e. hot wallets), and this makes them more vulnerable to attacks.

Moreover, mobile devices tend to get lost, broken, or stolen quite often, so extra steps are required to secure your coins when using a mobile Android wallet.

Here are the top Bitcoin wallets for Android:

Ledger Nano X
Hardware wallet
Overall rating:
Mobile wallet
Overall rating:
Mobile wallet
Overall rating:
Mobile wallet
Overall rating:

If you want a more detailed review of the different wallets keep on reading. Here’s what I’ll go over in this post:

  1. Bitcoin Wallets Overview
  2. The Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android
  3. Conclusion

1. Bitcoin wallets overview

Before going any further, make sure you familiarize yourself with the basics of Bitcoin wallets through this video:

Regardless to where you buy your Bitcoin, the recommended practice is always to move the coins to your own wallet and not keep them on an exchange or any non-custodial wallet (i.e. a wallet that doesn’t give you access to its private keys).

There are many types of wallets to choose from, with the key criteria for comparison being comfort vs. security.

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats mobile wallets. They allows you a very fast and convenient way to access your coins, since most people carry their mobile device with them anyway.

On the downside, mobile wallets are the least secure form of Bitcoin wallets. When downloading an Android wallet for Bitcoin this means that the private key will be stored on your mobile device. And if the device goes missing, so does the private key.

Mobile devices tend to get lost or break down. In such cases, your wallet can still be recovered using your seed phrase (24 words your get on activation), so make sure you keep it in a safe place.

However, the biggest issue when using a mobile wallet is in case your device gets stolen. In such a case, an experienced hacker might gain access to your coins quicker than you will be able to recover  them.

Due to the above, it is highly recommended to only keep a small amount of Bitcoin on your mobile device. Large amounts should be kept on a more secure wallet, such as a hardware wallet.

2. Android wallets comparison

Ledger Nano X

Pros: Increased security, over 1000 assets supported

Cons: Not free, requires carrying a dedicated device

Google Play store rating:  3.7

The Ledger Nano X is the latest release from security veterans, Ledger.

While not a mobile wallet per-se, the Nano X is accessible via a mobile app. This feature allows you to view and manage your assets straight from your Android device.

Add that to the increased security you get when using a hardware wallet and the Nano X gives you the best of both worlds.

The Nano X’s interface is done through Leger’s Live mobile app (via a bluetooth connection). Judging from initial reviews, the installation and setup procedures are not perfect. Still, ledger’s intuitive design is maintained with this model, and this is probably one of the safest ways to store your coins.

You can read my complete Ledger Nano X review here.


Pros: Great security, keyless crypto wallet, additional features such as buying and swapping crypto. 

Cons: Currently supports a limited number of coins (e.g. no Litecoin support)

GooglePlay store rating:  4.5

ZenGo provides a keyless crypto wallet without any security tradeoff, by applying an innovative cryptographic solution. This unique feature allows users the ease of use of storing their coins without the hassle of securing their private key. 

The wallet is also packed with additional features including coin staking, coin exchange and a highly intuitive UI. The number of coins supported on ZenGo is enough to cover most users’ altcoin portfolios, with the exception of Litecoin support. The wallet is free to use apart from the fees applicable for buying and trading coins.

You can read my complete ZenGo review here.


Pros: Easy to use, security focused, cross platform, multiple assets

Cons: Not open source

Google Play store rating: 4.6

Coinomi is a secure cryptocurrency wallet that offers exchange capabilities within the app. Coinomi considers itself to be security and privacy focused emphasising the fact that no identity linking is possible from within the wallet.

Thanks to its very fast installation and setup and multiple coin support the wallet is very popular among crypto enthusiasts as a way to store and exchange cryptocurrency.

You can read my complete Coinomi review here.


Pros: 3 supported coins (BTC, BCH & LTC), credit card integration, investment option within app

Cons: More of a trading platform than a wallet

GooglePlay store rating:  4.1

Abra is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that also allows you to trade and exchange cryptocurrency for fiat. As a wallet, Abra allows you to store not only Bitcoin but also Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin on the wallet.

An additional 27 coins can be traded through the app but not stored on it.

Using the wallet requires you to provide your email address and phone number. For users who wish to stay anonymous, this is a significant drawback.

However, the apps interface and overall experience is very pleasant and easy to use even for a complete newbie.


Pros: Supports multiple currency, beginner friendly, open source

Cons: None

Google Play store rating: 4.1

Edge, previously known as Airbitz, is a multi-currency, open source mobile Bitcoin wallet. Thanks to the open source development of the product, Edge is considered to be exceptionally secure.

On top of that, Edge also offers beginner friendly features, such as a list of businesses that accept bitcoin. Edge’s partnerships with Bitcoin accepting business often provide discounts for users who make purchases via the app.

The wallet is also available in an iOS version.

atomicAtomic Wallet

Pros: Atomic swaps tech enabled,

Cons: Several technical issues reported by users

Google Play store rating: 4.3

Atomic Wallet is a fully decentralized multi-currency wallet that also supports atomic swaps. For coins that don’t support atomic swaps Atomic has a built-in ShapeShift, ChangeNOW and Changelly exchange interface.

The company behind Atomic Wallet is relatively young (founded Oct 2017) and while reviews about the wallets are mostly positive, some people report technical issues with the app itself.


Pros: Open source, very popular

Cons: Mobile only, not beginner friendly

Google Play store rating: 4.1

MyCelium is a popular mobile app wallet that features a wealth of advanced privacy and security features.

Yes, the wallet can be a bit complicated for newbie users but it’s still one of the safest and fastest on the market. As an open source software program, MyCelium is constantly being upgraded.

The wallet doesn’t have a web or desktop interface meaning coins can be accessed only through your mobile wallet.

BRD (formerly BreadWallet)

Pros: User friendly, supports multiple currency, open source

Cons: Basic features only

Google Play store rating: 4.0

BRD is probably one of the simplest Bitcoin Android wallets around. The wallet is open source which makes it more secure and reliable. No registration is required to use the app. Once the app is installed you can instantly start sending or receiving Bitcoin.

The app also offers an exchange on which you can buy your assets and store them directly on your wallet. On the downside the app only allows a basic set of features and therefor is more suitable for beginners and not advanced users.

Jaxx Liberty

Pros: Crypto exchange services within the wallet, intuitive UI, multiple coin support

Cons: App is unstable

Google Play store rating: 3.3

Jaxx Liberty, Previously known as ‘Jaxx’, is a mobile wallet which offers cryptocurrency exchange services via shapeshift. The wallet is very easy to use, supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies, and can be paired across devices so you can control it from your desktop as well.

Jaxx Liberty is a non-custodial wallet, which means your private keys are stored on your phone and you don’t need to trust a 3rd party with them. On the downside,  the app tends to be buggy with prices not updating and occasional freezing in mid actions.


Pros: Supports several platforms, customizable fees, great customer support

Cons: Third-party integrations can be confusing for beginners

Google Play store rating: 4.3

Guarda wallet is an open-source wallet by Portugal-registered company, GUARDACO LDA. The wallet has been around since 2017 and exists as a web app, chrome extension, desktop app and mobile app across all popular operating systems.

Guarda supports more than 50 different blockchains, as well as tokens running on leading protocols, allowing you to manage all of your assets within a single wallet.  Users can also purchase crypto with fiat directly within their Guarda wallet using a credit or debit card, as well as stake or exchange their assets through Guarda’s partnerships and integrations.

The user interface is simple and user-friendly, and the company has a great track record with its customer support – offering timely help via online chat or email.

You can read our complete Guarda review here.

3. Conclusion

As you can see, Bitcoin Android wallets offer a very convenient way to carry you Bitcoin with you. However, due to the risk of theft or losing your phone, it is very important to always remember the following:

  • Always set a pin code protection for your wallet if possible
  • Never store large amounts of Bitcoin on your mobile wallet
  • Write down the 12-24 word seed you get when you set up your wallet and keep in a safe place.

Keep in mind that not every wallet allowed into Google Play is verified. This means some people can create malicious wallet like apps in an attempt to steal your coins once you send them to your mobile wallet.

That’s why it’s important to download only known apps and make sure that they are the official app you’re actually looking for.

That’s it! If you wish to share your experience with Android wallets or tell me about a new wallet, just leave a comment in the comments section below.

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