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11 Best Solana Meme Coins to Buy for 2024

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Solana is challenging Ethereum as the go-to blockchain for meme coins. This ecosystem has seen thousands of new tokens launch daily, and meme coin generators like Pump and CoinFactory have made it easier than ever for new meme tokens to go viral.

With so many SOL meme coins to choose from, it can be hard to know which tokens are set to pump. Thankfully, we’re experts at analyzing meme coins and finding tokens that are set to explode.

Keep reading for our picks of the 11 best Solana meme coins to buy in 2024.

Best Solana Meme Coins to Buy Now

Based on our research, we think these are the 11 best Solana meme coins to buy right now:

  1. Sealana – Best Meme Coin Built on the Solana Blockchain. $150K Raised
  2. Dogeverse – New Multi-Chain Meme Coin, Raised Over $7 Million
  3. Slothana – Airdrop Presale Raised $10M+ for Sloth-themed Solana Meme Coin
  4. BONK – Ultra-popular Solana Meme Coin with 700,000 Holders, Nearly $1 Billion Market Cap
  5. Dogwifhat – Market-leading SOL Meme Coin with $2.4 Billion Valuation
  6. Book of Meme – Explosive Meme Coin with Recent Binance Listing and Engaged Community
  7. Cat in a Dogs World – Cat-themed Solana Meme Coin Trending on DEXTools
  8. Wen – Unique Cat Meme Coin Based on a Fractionalized NFT Poem
  9. Solama – Llama-themed Solana Meme Coin with Ongoing Supply Burns
  10. Slerf – Meme Coin That Rocketed to Fame After Accidentally Burned $10 Million at Launch
  11. Cuck – Best New Solana Meme Coin Up 110,000% in Initial Trading

What are Solana Meme Coins?

Before we dive deeper into our favorite Solana meme coins, it’s important to understand what these tokens are.

Solana meme coins are a category of cryptocurrency tokens that run on the Solana blockchain. Most meme coins are funny and driven by hype, and they often don’t offer real-world utility like payments or access to services. Their price depends primarily on how many people are buying a meme coin and how quickly.

SOL meme coins are fundamentally the same as meme coins built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, Solana has lower transaction fees and makes it easier to create new meme coins. We’ll go into more depth on what makes Solana meme coins stand out later in the guide.

The Top Solana Meme Coins Reviewed

We’ll explain what stands out to us about each of our 11 top-rated Solana meme coins and why we think they could be poised for big gains.

1. Sealana – Overall Best Solana Meme Coin, $150K Raised on Presale

Sealana ($SEAL) is our #1 pick for the best Solana meme coin to purchase right now. This new cryptocurrency features an obese and lazy seal as its central figure – living in his mom’s basement. 

In an effort to move out, the seal starts trading cryptos. The seal is inspired by a popular South Park character, World of Warcraft Guy. The project aims to garner a large community of risk-takers looking to generate high returns. 

Solama presale

In the past, Solana-based meme coins have been a huge success. In the past two weeks, coins like Popcat and Solama are up by 260% and 80%, respectively. Thus, purchasing SOL-based meme coins may be the best time to diversify your portfolio. 

To join the Sealana presale, transfer SOL tokens to this crypto wallet address – DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c. 

Tokens can directly be purchased from the Sealana presale website. 1 SOL will get you 6,900 $SEAL tokens at the current presale stage. So far, Sealana has raised nearly $150K since the presale launched. 

For more project updates, join the Sealana Telegram channel and follow Sealana on X (Formerly Twitter)

Visit Sealana Presale

2. Dogeverse – New Solana Meme Coin Offering Staking Rewards, $7M Raised via Presale So Far

Dogeverse is a new Solana meme coin currently on presale, and we think it has the potential to outshine all of the meme coins that have come before it. This token has everything: a Shiba Inu mascot, references to the moon, a highly engaged community of “degens,” and more.

What’s really exciting about Dogeverse is that this token isn’t just built on Solana. It’s one of the first meme coins to be designed for multi-chain use. $DOGEVERSE is cross-compatible with 6 blockchains including Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base.

Dogeverse Solana Meme Coin Presale

That’s a big deal because it puts Dogeverse in front of 6 times as many meme coin investors compared to launching on Solana only. It also increases the utility of Dogeverse, since it can be used as a way to transfer value across major blockchains.

Dogeverse is holding a presale, giving investors a chance to buy $DOGEVERSE tokens on Solana at a discounted price and get in ahead of what’s likely to be an explosive listing. The presale has been red-hot, raising $7 million in just a few short weeks. That shows just how much excitement there is around this new Solana meme coin.

As an added bonus, presale investors can stake their $DOGEVERSE tokens and earn up to 152% APY. So, early investors have a chance to earn unrealized gains even before Dogeverse hits exchanges.

To stay updated with news and developments of the project, readers can follow the project on X and join the exclusive Telegram channel. For more information on the project, read the whitepaper.

Visit Dogeverse

3. Slothana – Airdrop Presale Raised $10m+ for Sloth-themed Solana Meme Coin

Slothana is a close runner-up for the title of best Solana meme coin for 2024. Like Dogeverse, this token is one of only a handful of Solana meme coins to hold a presale, and it’s been hugely successful. So far, the presale has raised more than $10 million in $SOL. The presale has just 11 days remaining, so investors can’t wait if they want to buy $SLOTH before it hits exchanges.

The format of the Slothana presale is also unique. Instead of using a presale platform, investors simply send $SOL to the Slothana wallet address. Once the presale is complete, the project will airdrop tokens straight to investors. This means there are no limits on how presale investors can trade their $SLOTH around the token’s exchange launch.

Slothana Meme Coin Presale

Slothana created its own meme from scratch for this token. It features a sloth in an office that’s just whiling the time away until it’s time to go home. The meme has huge viral potential since it can appeal to everyone who’s ever worked in an office. 

We think Slothana has the potential to be the biggest Solana meme coin of 2024, eclipsing many of the more established tokens on this list. Watch out for explosive price action when this SOL-based presale wraps up and $SLOTH hits Solana DEXs.

Interested in joining the Slothana degen community? Why not follow the project on X.

Visit Slothana

4. BONK – Ultra-popular Solana Meme Coin with 700,000 Holders

BONK was one of the first meme coins to launch when the Solana frenzy kicked off last November, and it’s still incredibly hot. The token pumped in December and again in March, and we think the next big surge could be just around the corner.

What’s really exciting about Bonk is the size of the community around this meme coin. More than 700,000 wallets hold $BONK coins, which is a level of market penetration that few meme coins can claim. Bonk also has wrapped tokens for more than 10 chains and integrations for more than 110 dApps.

Bonk Solana Meme Coin Price Chart

These integrations are notable. $BONK holders can use their tokens for DeFi, play-to-earn games, and other emerging Web3 applications, which makes $BONK extremely useful within the crypto world. So, even though the token itself doesn’t have built-in utility, it’s quickly gaining utility simply because crypto enthusiasts can use it for so many different things in Web3.

Bonk is also readily available, which is important for a meme coin to keep up its momentum. The token is available on all Solana and Ethereum DEXs, plus Tier-1 exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and OKX.

We think all of these positive factors will contribute to continued price gains for $BONK, both this year and well into the future.

5. Dogwifhat – Leading SOL Meme Coin with $2.4 Billion Valuation

Dogwifhat is the largest meme coin on Solana by market cap, and it achieved that position in explosive fashion. The $WIF token gained more than 1,600% in the month of March alone. With a market cap now approaching $2.4 billion, $WIF has become the 3rd-largest meme coin in crypto—behind only Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

$WIF is based on a meme of a dog wearing a beanie, and it has inspired hundreds of copycat meme coins on Solana. Almost every existing meme now has a version wearing a hat. We think this is good for $WIF since it keeps up hype around the original meme and token.

Dogwifhat Meme Coin Price Chart

Dogwifhat doesn’t currently offer any utility to its 127,000 token holders, but that could change soon. The project team is working on a hat generator, which will allow users to add different hats to the dog in the original meme. We expect this to spark even more interest in $WIF and send it to a fresh all-time high.

$WIF is currently trading on Binance and most other exchanges, but it’s not yet available on Coinbase. Keep an eye on this—a Coinbase listing is another major catalyst that could send the price of $WIF soaring higher.

6. Book of Meme – Explosive Meme Coin with Recent Binance Listing

Book of Meme is another highly popular SOL meme coin that’s attracted a ton of attention since its launch. In fact, it was one of the first new Solana meme coins that Binance listed for perpetual futures contracts trading. In the aftermath, $BOME exploded another 450% on top of its already lofty early gains.

Book of Meme is in some ways a literal book of memes. The project includes links to original images that have inspired some of the biggest meme coins, like Pepe, Shiba Inu, Dogwifhat, and more. The project team eventually plans to create a meme generator so that token holders can create even more memes to add to the book, but the generator hasn’t been developed just yet.

Book of Meme Price Chart Solana Meme Coin

$BOME now has more than 27,000 token holders and a market cap over $500 million. It’s still growing and has the potential to list on more exchanges, like Coinbase, in the near future.

We think $BOME has more potential ahead because it’s one of the only major Solana meme coins based around the Pepe meme. This meme has proven extremely durable, so Book of Meme coin could continue to attract fans and experience another big pump.

7. Cat in a Dogs World – Trending Cat-themed Solana Meme Coin

Cat in a Dogs World is one of the first cat-themed meme coins on Solana to push back against the dominance of doggie-themed tokens. It features a feline hero that travels a fictional city by night, rescuing other cats from the oppressive regime of dogs that runs the city.

Cat in a Dogs World has found a huge audience, and it’s not just cat owners who are excited about the token. More than 200,000 wallets now hold the $MEW meme coin and it’s achieved a market cap of more than $500 million in less than 3 weeks after launch.

Cat in a Dogs World Price Chart on Solana

What has us excited about $MEW is that the coin’s momentum hasn’t slowed down at all. $MEW is currently the #1 Hot token on DEXTools, an analytics platform that tracks tokens trading on Solana’s Raydium and Jupiter DEXs. $MEW has also gained 160% in the last 5 days, showing this token still has a lot of potential for big moves.

Cat in a Dogs World is not yet available on major centralized exchanges like Binance. A major listing could be a huge positive catalyst for this token that meme coin traders won’t want to miss.

8. Wen – Unique Cat Meme Coin Based on a Fractionalized NFT Poem

Wen is one of the most unique Solana meme coins we’ve encountered. Unlike other meme tokens, $WEN actually represents ownership of something—a piece of an NFT.

The NFT that Wen is based on is a poem called ‘A Love Letter to Wen Bros,’ which immortalizes the joking and irreverent culture of Web3. The poem originally appeared on Twitter, but was wrapped into an NFT and divided into 1 trillion pieces to create $WEN. Notably, the team behind Wen developed a new NFT standard, the Wen New Standard, to create the NFT.

Wen Solana Meme Coin Price Chart

This has created a powerful narrative around the $WEN token that—combined with its adorable cat mascot—has propelled to impressive gains. The token now has a $140 million market cap and a community of more than 230,000 token holders.

Look for Wen to be one of the next new Binance listings of Solana meme coins. We think that as more people learn about this token, it’ll continue its strong upward trajectory.

9. Solama – Llama-themed Solana Meme Coin with Ongoing Supply Burns

Solama is a meme coin that aims to make its llama avatar the unofficial mascot of the Solana blockchain. It’s well on this way to achieving this mission thanks to its community of more than 25,000 llama fans.

The $SOLAMA token surged in March and has since lost ground, but we’re optimistic that this is just a consolidation period before another pump. There are a lot of aspects of Solama’s tokenomics and development plan that make us excited for the token’s future.

Solama Meme Coin Price Chart

For example, $SOLAMA is one of the few Solana meme coins we’ve seen that’s actively burning tokens and pushing up the value of coins for existing tokens holders. So far, the project team has burned 2% of the total $SOLAMA supply.

In addition, Solama has a play-to-earn game that creates utility for the $SOLAMA token. The game is currently available for desktop, and the team behind this project is working on native mobile apps to be released soon.

Solama is currently available to buy on Raydium and Jupiter, Solana’s two largest DEXs. A centralized exchange listing could be the catalyst that kicks off the next price pump.

10. Slerf – Rocketed to Fame After Accidentally Burned $10 Million at Launch

Slerf was just like any other new Solana meme coins, right up until its launch. Then, instead of distributing $10 million worth of presale tokens to early investors, the project team accidentally burned the tokens.

Slerf’s $10 million mistake quickly paid for itself because the project became famous overnight. Everyone wanted to get in on the meme coin that accidentally burned tokens, a move perfectly in line with anarchy that meme coins celebrate.

SLERF Price Chart on Solana

Since the token’s initial fame, $SLERF has settled into a consolidation pattern—but we don’t think this token will sleep for long. It’s 70% of the way to paying back presale investors thanks to a partnership with LBank, and it still has a market cap of almost $200 million. Slerf also has a collection of 2,000 NFTs that make it unique from other meme coins.

Look for Slerf to announce new developments once presale investors are fully refunded. This could be the start of a new round of momentum for the token.

11. Cuck – Best New Solana Meme Coin Up 110,000% in Initial Trading

Cuck is a just-launched Solana meme coin that’s up more than 110,000% in the first hours of trading. It’s the #1 Trending token on DEXTools and has a ton of momentum to keep moving higher.

Rather than build a coin on an existing meme, Cuck created its own. The token is based around a cat-duck hybrid creature, which looks a bit like a duck wearing a cat mask. It remains to be seen whether this meme will pick up traction in the long-term, but it certainly has a lot of potential for short-term trading.

Cuck Price Chart Solana Meme Coin

So far, Cuck has a market cap of around $425,000 and 1,500 token holders. This means it will be more volatile than many of the other top Solana meme coins we covered. Consider this a meme coin to trade around rather than a token to hold for weeks or months.

How We Chose the Best Solana Meme Coins

We looked at several key factors when comparing the best shitcoins and meme coins based on the Solana blockchain.

Price Potential

The main reason most traders and investors are buying meme coins is to seek price gains. So, price potential is a critical aspect we evaluated in our analysis of each token.

There’s no secret formula for determining what a meme coin could be worth in the future. Instead, we consider whether it has a low enough market cap to leave room for future gains. We also look at each coin’s price trajectory so far and how engaged its community is. Our analysis also considered each token’s roadmap and future development possibilities, since these could be catalysts for further growth.

Meme Virality

How viral the meme that a token is  based on plays a huge role in its success. Ultra-viral Shiba Inu memes and Pepe have proven they have staying power, so tokens based on these memes can surge over and over again.

When comparing Solana meme coins, we looked at how excited crypto users are about each token’s meme. We also looked at the quality of the meme itself—if it’s funny or eye-catching, a token is more likely to attract traders.


Price momentum is especially important for short-term trading around meme coins. Tokens that have a lot of upward momentum are likely to keep posting gains, at least on a timeframe of days or weeks. Tokens that have lost their momentum could see steep losses, so we avoided tokens that are actively losing value or token holders.


While most meme coins based on the Solana blockchain don’t have utility, some tokens do. For example, Smog entitles token holders to airdrops and Solama enables holders to play a crypto game. These utility features can add to a token’s appeal and make existing token holders more likely to hold onto their coins.

Why Buy Solana Meme Coins? Benefits of Solana vs Other Blockchains

Solana isn’t the only blockchain where you can find meme coins. However, it’s quickly become the most popular blockchain for meme tokens. We’ll explain some of the key features of Solana that make it ideal for buying and selling meme coins.

Solana Meme Coins are Trending

One of the main reasons to look to Solana for meme coins right now is that the Solana ecosystem is incredibly hot. Meme coin prices are based largely on hype, so it makes sense for traders to go where the hype is.

As long as Solana remains the toast of meme coin traders, it offers more coin options and higher liquidity for trading. Traders are also more likely to pile into new tokens on Solana, pushing up prices and helping you profit if you can get there first.

Outstanding DEXs

Solana is home to two excellent DEXs: Jupiter and Raydium. These are the first places where most Solana meme coins trade, and they offer the simplest way to buy meme tokens even after they list on centralized exchanges.

Jupiter and Raydium have high liquidity and low transaction fees, making them ideal for buying and selling meme coins. Both DEXs have also proven that they are reliable even when trading volume explodes for popular new meme tokens.

Reduced Transaction Fees

The Solana blockchain has significantly lower transaction fees than the Ethereum blockchain—the other main ecosystem where you can find meme coins. You’ll pay around $0.003 per transaction on Solana compared to around $1.25 per transaction on Ethereum.

If you’re trading meme coins frequently, these reduced fees can save you a lot of money and make your trades more profitable.


Solana meme coins are incredibly hot right now and offer a chance for traders to earn gains if they pick the right token to buy. We think Sealana offers the most potential for investors jumping into Solana meme coins right now. This token has raised more than $150K in a few days 0f its presale launch.

Visit Sealana Presale


What is a Solana meme coin?

A Solana meme coin is a meme coin built on the Solana blockchain. Meme coins don’t have utility and instead derive value from people wanting to buy them because they’re funny or popular.

What tokens are on Solana?

Thousands of tokens are built on the Solana blockchain. Some of the biggest Solana tokens include SOL, Render, Arweave, and Jupiter. Meme coins on Solana include Sealana, Dogeverse, Slothana, Dogwifhat, BONK, and Book of Meme.

What are the top Solana meme coins?

The best meme coins on Solana today are BONK, Dogwifhat, Book of Meme, and Cat in a Dogs World. These tokens have huge communities and are poised for future price gains.

What is the best Solana meme coin called?

There are thousands of meme coins on Solana. Some of the largest Solana meme coins include Dogwifhat ($WIF), BONK ($BONK), and Booke of Meme ($BOME). Our top picks for price potential are Sealana ($SEAL), and Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE).


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