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7 Best Solana Presales to Invest in 2024

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Solana is one of the hottest networks right now, meaning there are plenty of presale opportunities. Presales enable you to buy new Solana tokens before they begin trading on exchanges, so you’ll secure a low-cost price. But what are the best Solana presales to invest in today?

In this guide, I reveal 7 Solana presales that could explode in 2024. Read on to discover undervalued Solana projects before they blow up.

List of the Best Solana Presales for Crypto Investors 

The 7 best Solana presales for 2024 are listed below:

  1. Dogeverse – The overall best Solana presale with $7 million+ raised, tipped for 100x growth
  2. Slothana – Trending meme coin based on a lazy Sloth, $10 million+ raised with 20,000+ X followers   
  3. Mega Dice Token – Regulated gambling site with a proprietary token offering daily rewards and exclusive bonuses
  4. Grumpy Cat – Cat-themed meme coin with a maximum presale investment of 5 SOL, ensuring fair distribution
  5. Snappe – Pepe-inspired meme project in the final presale round, a minimum investment of just $20
  6. Foger – Brand-new Solana ICO with a PinkSale launch, smart contract has been renounced and zero taxes
  7. Crab – Community-based project with over 42,000 X followers, presale has a 5,000 SOL hard cap

Full Analysis of The Best Solana ICOs

I’ll now discuss the best Solana ICOs in a lot more detail. Read on to discover which projects have the best chance of producing 100x gains.

1. Dogeverse – The Overall Best Solana Presale to Invest in 2024

In my view, Dogeverse is the best option for presale investors. It’s a new meme coin on the Solana network that’s based on a Shiba Inu breed. More than $7 million has already been raised and the presale price is just $0.000298. This means you’ll get over 335,000 DOGEVERSE tokens for just $100.

However, do note that the presale price will be raised shortly. While Dogeverse is one of the best meme coins on the Solana network, it offers a unique proposition. That is, Dogeverse is a multi-chain meme coin, meaning it also operates on other network standards. This includes Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Base.

Dogeverse review

This means the presale will attract investment flows from the most active blockchains in the industry. For instance, someone holding ETH won’t need to swap their tokens for SOL to invest – and vice versa. Dogeverse has a range of DEX and CEX listings planned, and the total supply is fixed at 200 billion tokens. Dogeverse also offers staking rewards of 146%.

Visit Dogeverse 

2. Slothana – Trending Meme Coin Based on a Lazy Sloth [$10 million+ Raised]

Slothana is another top-rated presale with ambitious plans. It’s a meme coin based on a lazy Sloth. The Slothana website has a similar feel to dogwifhat; it has no use cases, utility, or roadmap objectives. However, just like dogwifhat, Slothana has been able to generate hype and FOMO in a short period of time.

For instance, the Slothana presale has only been live for several weeks – but has raised more than $10 million. What’s more, the Slothana X page continues to grow. It recently surpassed 20,000 followers. Engagement levels are high, with each X post attracting hundreds of comments and over 100,000 views.

Slothana presale

These are the characteristics of a 1000x crypto coin. There are 10 days left to invest in the Slothana presale. After that, investors will receive their SLOTH tokens, and the first exchange listing will go live. There were no discounts for early investors; the presale price is fixed at 1 SOL for 10,000 SLOTH. That’s about $0.0142 per SLOTH based on current SOL prices.

Visit Slothana

3. Mega Dice Token – Regulated Gambling Site With Daily Rewards and Exclusive Bonuses

I found that Mega Dice Token is one of the best Solana presales for gaining exposure to blockchain gambling. Unlike many presale projects, Mega Dice is behind an established and profitable business. It has more than 50,000 players and averages $50 million in monthly gambling revenue. What’s more, Mega Dice is a regulated casino with a Curaçao gaming license.

The Mega Dice gambling suite includes video poker, dice, slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. Live dealers and sports betting are also supported. Mega Dice is also popular for its smooth payment systems; player withdrawals are processed instantly. The Mega Dice Token – $DICE, offers a range of benefits for holders.

Mega Dice Token presale launch

For instance, Mega Dice injects some of its net gambling revenues into a staking pool. This means $DICE holders receive daily payouts at attractive APYs. Holders also get exclusive bonuses and have access to a generous referral program. Not to mention exclusive NFTs with additional use cases. The Mega Dice Token presale is currently priced at $0.069 per $DICE.

Visit Mega Dice Token

4. Grumpy Cat – Cat-Themed Meme Coin With a Maximum Presale Investment of 5 SOL

Grumpy Cat is the next Solana presale to consider. This is a cat-themed meme coin with a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. 60% of the total supply is being sold to presale investors. 30% is allocated for exchange liquidity, with the balance split between marketing and the core team.

Unlike other Solana presales, Grumpy Cat has set low investment limits. This ensures fair distribution, rather than having whales purchase a large percentage of the supply. The maximum presale investment is just 5 SOL. The minimum requirement is 0.2 SOL.

Grumpy Cat ICO

Grumpy Cat will distribute the presale tokens just before the tokens launch on exchanges. According to the Grumpy Cat X page, which has just over 2,000 followers, there are presale bonuses available to early investors. The first 1,000 wallet addresses get a 30% bonus. The bonus is reduced to 20% for the next 2,000 wallets.

5. Snappe – Pepe-Inspired Meme Project in the Final Presale Stage 

Next on this list of Solana crypto presales is Snappe. This is another project that’s capitalizing on the meme coin craze. It’s based on the popular Pepe meme and comes with a maximum supply of just over 3.7 billion tokens. 1 billion SNAPPE tokens will be sold to presale investors.

Do note that the Snappe presale is in its final stage. The tokens will be listed on decentralized exchanges in the coming days. Unlike other presales, Snappe doesn’t allow investors to enter a purchase amount. Instead, you need to choose from what’s available; $20, $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1,000.

Snappe presale on Solana

These small limits ensure a fair distribution of presale tokens. After choosing a purchase size, you’ll be redirected to a Coinbase Commerce page. You can pay for the presale investment with a Coinbase account balance or a self-custody wallet. Once payment is made, return to the Snappe presale website to claim the tokens.

6. Foger – Brand-New Solana ICO With a PinkSale Launch

Foger is yet another meme coin on the Solana network. It’s a hybridization meme based on a frog and a tiger. The Foger presale has just launched, so you can enter a position early. The presale operates on the PinkSale launchpad for extra safety. The Foger smart contract has been renounced and there are no trading taxes.

What’s more, Foger has a clear marketing strategy that will include ads on DexTools, DexScreener, and other data aggregation websites. It claims that after the presale, it will fast-track CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings. Foger will also aim for centralized listings on tier 1 and 2 exchanges.

Foger presale

The total Foger supply is just over 1.3 billion tokens. More than 875 million tokens will be sold to presale investors. The maximum presale investment is 49 SOL. No minimum requirements have been set. Foger will list on the Raydium exchange once the presale is over.

7. Crab – Community-Based Meme Project With Over 42,000 X Followers

Last on this list of new Solana coin presales is Crab. This meme coin is based on a sun-setting crab who “reigns supreme over the sandy shores of Solana Bay“. While the presale has just launched to the public, Crab has already amassed a growing community. This includes more than 42,000 followers on its X page.

Not to mention over 10,000 Telegram group members. These numbers will likely continue to rise as the presale progresses. The Crab presale has set a low hard cap of just 5,000 SOL. This amounts to approximately $710,000 based on current Solana prices. There is no presale dashboard, so you’ll need to transfer SOL to the stated wallet address.

Crab presale on Solana

The minimum presale investment is just 0.5 SOL – no maximum has been set. The tokens will be airdropped to participating wallets when the presale ends. In terms of tokenomics, 45% of the supply is being sold to presale investors. Another 45% has been allocated for exchange liquidity. The balance is split between the team, marketing wallet, and exchange application fees.

Should I Invest in New Solana Presales?

The Solana network has seen a huge surge in transactional activity lately. Much of this is related to new token launches, including presales. So that begs the question – are Solana presales worth investing in?

Let’s explore the investment thesis in more detail.

Invest in New Solana Projects Early

Solana presales enable you to invest in brand-new projects. In essence, presale investors are similar to venture capitalists. They invest in new startups before the general public. This is beneficial for many reasons. For example, Solana presales offer their tokens at favorable prices.

Oftentimes, presale prices increase during later rounds. This means early investors get an immediate upside. For instance, suppose you invest in round one at $0.1 per token. In round two, the presale price might increase to $0.2. This means you’ve already secured a 100% upside.

High Upside Potential for Presale Investors

Solana presale investors aren’t interested in making small gains. On the contrary, many presale investors target growth of at least 10x. Some have even higher profit targets. Presales are ideal for achieving these goals. This is because most Solana presales are micro-cap cryptocurrencies.

Dogeverse presale

For example, consider a Solana presale that raises $500,000. It sells 50% of the total supply to presale investors. This means the presale has a fully diluted market capitalization of just $1 million. So, if the project generates hype and increases by 20x, it’s still only worth $20 million.

Short-Term Trading Opportunities

Solana presales are largely aimed at speculative traders. This means presales offer short-term trading opportunities. If the presale is a success and it has a strong marketing campaign behind it, rapid gains can be generated within days of the exchange listing.

For example, according to Trust Wallet, the Book of Meme launched at $0.0000496 after its presale. Within two days of its launch, Book of Meme reached $0.02805. This means presale investors made over 56,000%. This shows how lucrative Solana presales can be when choosing the right project.

However, do note that most Solana presales will fail. Many are outright scams, meaning you’ll be left with worthless tokens. Always acknowledge the risks before proceeding.

Seamless Investment Process

Unlike traditional investment vehicles; such as Angel investing or stock IPOs, Solana presales are inclusive. They’re accessible on a global basis, no matter the investor’s location or budget. This is because Solana presales deal with wallet payments. So, as long as you have some crypto available, you can easily invest in a presale.

While most Solana chain presales only accept SOL, some campaigns also support other cryptocurrencies. For example, the Dogeverse presale accepts some of the best altcoins, including ETH, USDT, AVAX, MATIC, and BNB. This ensures the presale is accessible on a much wider scale.

Where to Find Solana Presales?

While the number of new Solana presales continues to rise, finding them can be challenging. I found that one of the best strategies is to use X. Searching for ‘Solana presale’ or ‘Solana ICO’ will usually yield plenty of results. These are often brand-new Solana presales too. This means you can secure the best entry price.

In addition, some Solana presales advertise on popular data aggregation websites. This often includes DexTools, DexScreener, and Bird Eye. It’s also worth checking presale listing websites like ICOBench. Their presale listings are updated regularly, so you might discover some of the best new cryptocurrencies to buy.

Tips on Selecting the Best Solana Presales to Invest in

Anyone can create a Solana presale. In today’s speculative climate, it’s just a case of creating a basic website and an X page. Gone are the days of needing a whitepaper, a team of advisors, and roadmap objectives.

With this in mind, selecting the best Solana presales to invest in is complex. Read on for some tips on how to find suitable presale projects.

Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence is crucial before assessing the presale potential. After all, the initial objective is to ensure you avoid being scammed. Unfortunately, many Solana presales are run by anonymous teams. This makes the due diligence process even harder.

To give yourself the best chance of investing in a legitimate presale, do some digging on the project’s smart contract. At a minimum, ensure the smart contract has been audited by a reputable company. Examples include Hacken, Consensys, Solidproof, and CertiK. These auditors ensure that smart contracts are free from vulnerabilities.

Put otherwise, it ensures that the presale owners can’t make unfavorable changes to the contract code. I also prefer presale projects that ‘renounce’ their smart contract. This means the smart contract is final and immutable; so can never be amended.


The best Solana presales have transparent tokenomics. This determines key fundamentals surrounding the new token. For a start, assess how many tokens are being issued by the project. Most opt for at least 1 billion tokens. That said, the specific total is arbitrary.

Dogeverse ICO tokenomics

The most important factor is whether or not the total supply is fixed. If it isn’t, then the developer can create an unlimited number of new tokens. This reverts to the contract due diligence I mentioned above.

  • You’ll also want to know what percentage of tokens will initially be launched – the more the better.
  • For example, suppose the total supply is 100 billion, but only 10 billion are in circulation.
  • This means the developers hold 90% of the total supply, which can be ‘dumped’ at any time.
  • Therefore, focus on presales that issue the majority of their tokens upfront.

Some investors also prefer Solana presale tokens without tax. This enables traders to buy and sell tokens without paying a fee. This should be stated in the tokenomics.

Look for Utility

While most new Solana presales are meme coins, you’ll also find projects with utility. These are projects that have developed a use case for their tokens. In the long run, projects with use cases offer the greatest upside potential.

For example, $DICE tokens are native to the Mega Dice casino and sportsbook. This is a regulated gambling site with over 50,000 players. Those buying $DICE tokens get unique bonuses, daily staking rewards, and other perks. This is in addition to profit potential once $DICE lists on exchanges.

Social Community

Some of the best crypto presales have growing communities on social media. This is typically a good sign. After all, community-building skills are crucial for presales to go viral. A sizable community often means a high number of token holders. This can help build exposure on social channels, as token holders will often promote the projects they’re invested in.

With this in mind, visit the presale’s X page and see how many followers it has. Check engagement levels to ensure the followers are real people and not bots. Some presales have an active Telegram group too. Similarly, you’ll want to check how many members the group has, and how active it is.

I found that Slothana has done a great job in building its community. Not only does Slothana have over 20,000 X followers. But its posts get huge engagement levels. This includes hundreds of comments from presale investors. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of views per post.

Is it Safe to Invest in Solana Presales?

Investing in Solana ICOs is a high-risk investment strategy. I can’t stress enough that many crypto ICOs are scams. There are no investor protections, so if something goes wrong you’ll have nowhere to turn. In addition, most Solana presales have anonymous teams. This means there’s no accountability.

These are the risks you must take when investing in presales. Crucially, the risks are built into the upside potential – as presales can increase by 100x or more. But only a small number of presales achieve these kinds of returns. Knowing which projects will be successful is a lottery – so diversification is important.

Never invest your entire bankroll into one presale project. Split your funds across many presale campaigns to reduce the risks. For example, let’s say you’ve got $3,000 to invest in Solana presales. In this instance, consider allocating $300 to 10 different projects. Just one presale investment needs to go viral to see substantial returns.

Diversification is just one strategy to stay safe when investing in presales. Ensure you’re using a secure crypto wallet when making investments. Avoid clicking on links from unknown people – especially on Telegram and Reddit. Most importantly, only invest amounts that you’re comfortable losing.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Invest in Solana ICOs

I’ll now explain how to invest in Solana ICOs. Just make sure you’ve conducted adequate due diligence and that you understand the financial risks.

Step 1: Get a Secure Crypto Wallet That Supports SOL Tokens

You’ll need a secure crypto wallet before investing in presales. This is because presale investments are made via wallet transfers. The wallet should support the Solana network. It should also support custom tokens. This ensures you can store the presale tokens in the wallet.

My top pick is Trust Wallet, as it’s secure, free, and supports over 100 networks – including Solana. This means you use Trust Wallet to store all of your crypto investments. Trust Wallet comes as a browser extension and mobile app. Visit the Trust Wallet website and download a wallet to your preferred device.

Step 2: Add SOL to Your Crypto Wallet

The next step is to add SOL to your crypto wallet. If you’re using Trust Wallet, you’ve got three options:

  • If you already have SOL in another wallet, transfer the coins to your Trust Wallet address
  • If not, you can buy SOL from most online exchanges. You can then transfer the coins.
  • You can also buy SOL from Trust Wallet, although this is the more expensive option.

Step 3: Complete Solana Presale Investment 

Once SOL is in your crypto wallet you can complete the presale investment. This process can vary depending on the project.

For example, Dogeverse and Mega Dice Token have a presale widget on their websites. Investors connect their wallet, choose an investment amount, and confirm. This is a more professional approach to presale investing.

That said, an increasing number of Solana presales are opting for a crypto airdrop process. Investors must directly send SOL coins to the presale wallet address. The new tokens are airdropped to investors once the presale is over.


Solana chain presales offer unprecedented upside potential. However, many presale campaigns are scams, so diversification and risk management are imperative.

Overall, Dogeverse is my top presale pick. With over $7 million raised, Dogeverse continues to attract speculative investors. It’s a fun meme coin that operates on six different chains – including Solana.

Visit Dogeverse 


What is the best upcoming Solana crypto presale?

My top pick is Dogeverse, which has already raised over $7 million. Dogeverse is a multi-chain meme coin on Solana, Base, Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Avalanche.

Are Solana ICOs safe?

Many Solana ICOs are scams, so due diligence, diversification, and other risk management practices are crucial. Ensure you’re using a secure crypto wallet and keep your ICO investments sensible.

How do you invest in Solana presales?

Some Solana presales require investors to connect a wallet, select an investment size, and confirm the transaction. Others simply ask investors to send SOL coins to a presale wallet address.


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