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Seeking "Coin Representatives" from the Crypto Communities

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As we have recently mentionedCoin Brief is currently undergoing significant changes to the layout of our site, as well as introducing many new features.  From conception, Coin Brief has been intended to be developed as not only a hub of digital currency information, but also a center for community driven content.  We will become more and more directed by the community, or through crowd sourcing, as time goes on.  An early experiment in this can be observed with our tagline contest, that resulted in our tagline becoming “Coin Brief – Your Open Source for Digital Currency News”

One of the new additions we are preparing will be a position known as “Coin Representative”.  A Coin Representative should be an active member of a specific digital currencies community that would like the chance to write contributing articles to Coin Brief that, upon approval, would show up on that currency’s Coin Page.  

The Coin Representative position is not a paid writing position at Coin Brief, and is only being offered for those individuals that would like to support their currency of choice.  That being said, we are always looking for quality authors, and individuals who demonstrate a consistent ability to write high quality content may have the opportunity to join our team in the future.  Also, well written, compelling articles could be potentially pushed to the front page of our site.

The exact criteria that will be used to determine eligibility is not yet set in stone, but in general, the following statements should be true:

– You are an active, supportive member in that digital currencies community, and are willing to provide proof of that (or have a VERY active member that is willing to vouch for you)

– You have a strong understanding of the goals of the digital currency you would be representing.

– You have the desire to write about that currency.  Your writing could include, but is not limited to, recent developments, innovations, and breakthroughs, or explanations about the fundamentals of the currency itself.

– You understand, and accept, that the Coin Representative position is a position that can be used to promote your currency of choice, and help others to understand what makes it unique, but should not be used to attack other currenciescommunities.

If this interests you, and you think you could make a positive impact, please contact us on Twitter @CoinBrief, message us on Facebook, contact DynamicDK or Shaftian on Reddit, or email us at contact form.

Coin Brief is an open source website for digital news. It provides cryptocurrency tools, mining calculators, tutorials, and more. It was acquired by 99Bitcoins on September 2015.

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