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Dead Coins

Cryptocurrencies forgotten by this world

There are currently 1774 dead coins (?)

“Dead coin” is a term given to a cryptocurrency that has ceased to exist. A coin can become “dead” due to a variety of reasons, such as its development being halted, having no one that uses or trades it, being exposed as a scam, and more.

The Dead Coins project started in 2017 and, with the help of the cryptocurrency community, has grown to list thousands of coins. In January 2021, the project was handed over to 99Bitcoins to continue its maintenance.

The table below lists all reported dead coins and the reasons they were declared dead.

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    Table legend

    Inactive Development. The coin’s Github repository hasn’t been updated in the past 6 months, suggesting the team has abandoned its development.
    Inactive Twitter. The coin’s social channel has not been active in the past 12 months. While this is not a “clear death indicator”, it’s a big warning sign that the project is no longer being maintained.
    Low Volume. The coin has no substantial trading volume which means that only a handful of people use it as an asset.
    Not indexed. The coin was delisted or never existed on major indexes such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, indicating it did not pass their quality tests.
    Not Listed on exchanges. The coin is listed on 3 or less exchanges which means it did not gain any significant adoption. The quality of exchanges it trades on is also examined, as some exchanges will list any coin, in exchange for payment.
    Website Down. The coin’s official website is either down, broken or hacked for an extensive period of time, suggesting no one is actively maintaining it.

    Name Ticker Death Indicators ZERO
    0Xbitcoincash 0XBCH
    1coin ONE
    1Credit 1CR
    2Chcoin 2CH
    2gether 2GT
    300Cubits TEU
    3D Coin 3DC
    4New KWATT
    66Coin 66
    8Coin N/A
    Abulaba AAA
    Accolade ACCO
    Achievecoin ACH
    Acros ACRO
    Actinium ACM
    Adcoin ACC
    Add Token ADD
    Adhive ADH
    Adrenaline Coin ADN
    Aegeus AEG
    Aerocoin N/A
    Aetrernum AET
    Agenor AGE
    Agora Platform Stake APSC
    Agrolot AGLT
    Aidcoin AID
    Aiden ADN
    Aigang AIX
    Aiotoken AIO
    Aircoin AIR
    Airfio ARF
    Airporn XXX
    Akroma AKA
    Aladin Coin AIC
    Alax ALX
    Alchemy ACOIN
    Alcohoin ALC
    Alias ALIAS
    Alicoin ALI
    Alien World Wars AWARS
    Aliencoin ALN
    All For One Business AFO
    All.Me ME
    Allagescoin N/A
    Allahcoin N/A
    Allcoinguru CGUR
    Alloy XAO
    Allsafe ASAFE2
    Alpencoin ANN
    Alpha Technology AFX
    Alphacoin ALF
    Alphaomegacoin AOC
    Alphatech AFX
    Altbet ABET
    Altrocoin N/A
    Alttex ALTX
    Ambit Mining AMBT
    Americancoin AMC
    Americoin N/A
    Amero AMX
    Amherstcollege AMH
    Amigacoin AGA
    Aminacoin N/A
    Amkoin AMK
    Amlove coin AMLO
    AMLT Network AMLT
    Anatomia ANT
    Animecoin ANI
    Anthonylogozzo ANT
    Ape Fun Token AFT
    Apex APX
    Aphroditecoin APH
    Apollo18 A18
    Apollon XAP
    Appcoin APP
    Appian APP
    Applebyte ABY
    Aquachain AQUA
    Aquagon AQUAGON
    Araw ARAW
    Arbitrage ARB
    Arbitraging ARB
    Archcoin ARCH
    Areszcoin ARC
    Argus ARGUS
    Arion ARION
    Arkhash ARK
    Armoredcoin N/A
    Arrow ARW
    Artax XAX
    Asdasd ADSAD
    Aspect ASP
    Assetereum ASET
    Asspennies ASS
    Asstoken ASS


    Astrocoin ASR
    Asura Coin ASA
    Atbcoin ATBCOIN
    Atc Arbitracoin ARC
    Atc Coin ATC
    Atidium ATD
    Atlas ATLS
    Atm Cash Gold ATMCASH
    Atmchain ATM
    Atomic Coin ATOM
    Atronocom ATROM
    Aurora Dimension $ADTX
    Auroracoin AUR
    Aurumcoin AU
    Australiacoin AUS
    Autorship ATS
    Avatarcoin AVATAR
    Avesta AVE
    Avinoc AVINOC
    Aycoin AYC
    Azal Shop Coin ASC
    B3Coin KB3
    Babycoin BBC
    BabyQuick BABYQUICK
    Baconbitscoin YUM
    Badcoin BAD
    Badgercoin BDG
    Balkancoin BKC
    Bank4You BEEFY
    Bankex BKX
    Banxshares BANX
    Barbeque Coin BQC
    Basecoin N/A
    Batcoin BAT
    Bbx Coin BBX
    Bchconnect BCHC
    Bchsv BCHSV
    Beaocoin BEC
    Bears BRS
    Beatlecoin BEA
    Beavercoin BVC
    Beecoin BEE
    Beercoin BEER
    Beez Crypto BEEZ
    Befund BFDT
    Belance BEL
    Belicoin BELI
    Bellacoin BELA
    Bells BEL
    Benebit BENEBIT
    Benicoin BENI
    Beproto ARSE
    Bestcoin BSC
    Betacoin BET
    Beth BTH
    Bethereum BTHR
    Betrium BTRM
    Beyond The Scene Coin BTSC
    Bidgram BSM
    Big Bullion BIG
    Bigboobscoin BBC
    Bigcoin BGI
    Billaume BLL
    Billionaire Token XBL
    Binarycoin BRC
    Binarycoin BIC
    Bineuro BNR
    Bipcoin BIP
    Birdcoin BRD
    Bit Degree BDG
    Bit Storage Network BSN
    Bitai BITAI
    Bitair BTCA
    Bitalgo ALG
    Bitbase Coin BTBC
    Bitboost BBT
    Bitcar BITCAR
    Bitcedi BXC
    Bitcheke BCK
    Bitcoal COAL
    Bitcoen BEN
    Bitcogne BGN
    Bitcoin Byte BTB
    Bitcoin Game BGAME
    Bitcoin Incognito XBI
    Bitcoin Interest BCI
    Bitcoin Latinum LTNM
    Bitcoin Platinum BTP
    Bitcoin Red BTCRED
    Bitcoin Token BTK
    Bitcoin World BTW
    Bitcoin2.0 N/A
    Bitcoincrown BTCC
    Bitcoindark BTCD
    Bitcoinnode BTN
    Bitcoinus BITS
    BitcoinX BTCX
    Bitconnect BCC
    Bitconnectx BCCX
    Bitcorn CORN
    Bitcredits N/A
    Bitdeal BDL
    Bitdepositary BDT
    Bitecoin BITE
    Bitexpro BTX
    Bitfinite Coin BFC
    Bitgold BITGOLD
    Bithire HIRE
    Bitinium BTN
    Bitleu BTL
    Bitmiles BTMI
    Bitmillion BTM
    BitMoney BIT
    Bitnowcoin BNC
    Bitpaction BPS
    Bitpeso BTP
    Bitpug N/A
    Bitpul BITPUL
    Bitquark BTQ
    Bitqy BITQY
    Bitraam BRM
    Bitreserve Coin BRC
    Bitrewards XBR
    Bitserial BTE
    Bitstar BITS
    Bitvote BTV
    Bitway Network BTWN
    Bitzeny ZNY
    Biyanzu BYZ
    Bizcoin BIZ
    Blakebitcoin BBTC
    Blakecoin BLC
    Blazecoin BLZ
    Blitzcoin BLTZ
    Blobbycoin N/A
    Bloc.Money BLOC
    BlocBuy BBY
    Block Panther BPN
    Blockbroker BKBK
    Blockcat CAT
    Blockchain Development Company BCDC
    Blockclout CLOUT
    Blockmesh BMH
    Blockshares BKS
    Bluechip BCH
    Blur BLUR
    Boats And Bitches BNB  
    Bold BOLD
    Boleno BLN
    Bomb BOMB
    Bones BONES
    Bonuscoins BNS
    Boomcoin BMC
    Boon Tech BOON
    Boringcoin N/A
    Bosscoin BOS
    Bottlecaps CAP
    Boule BOU
    Bountycoin BOC
    Boxxycoin BOXX
    Boycoin BOY
    Brasilcoin BRAC
    Brig BRIG
    Britcoin BRIT
    Brokebackmountaincoin N/A
    BrowniesSwap BROWN
    Brynercoin BRY
    Btctalkcoin BCC
    Btlux Coin BTLUX
    Bubbletone UMT
    Budbo BUBO
    Bullandbear BB
    Bumbacoin CLOT
    Bunny Token BUNNY
    Burbucoin BUR
    Burstcoin BURST
    Butt Coin BUTT
    Butterflycoin BUR
    Bux Coin BUX
    Byteball BYTEBALL
    Bytether BTH
    Bytn BYTN
    Cagecoin CAGE
    Caixapay CXP
    Caliber CAL
    Californiacoin CAC
    Cancercurecoin CCC
    Cannabis Industry Coin XCI
    Cannabiscoin CANN
    Cannacoin CCN
    Canonchain CZR
    Capital Expanse CAPX
    Capitalcoin CPTL
    Capra CPRA
    Carincoin CRC
    Carlive Chain IOV
    Carma Coin CARMA
    Carpe Diem Coin DIEM
    Cartaxi CTX
    Cashless Pay Group CPG
    Cataloniacoin CATC
    Catedoge N/A
    Ccc Token CCC
    Ccecoin CCE
    Centra CTR
    Chaintrade CHAINTRADE
    Chaintrade Token CTT
    Championcoin N/A
    Chancoin 4CHN
    Charitycoin CHA
    Charnacoin CHRC
    Chaucha CHA
    Chichicoin UUC
    Chicoin CHI
    Chncoin CHN
    Chococoin CCC
    Choomcoin N/A
    Chosenone CSO
    Chrysos CHRS
    Chuckcoin N/A
    Citizencoin CTZ
    Civitas CIV
    Clashic BCHC
    Clearcoin XCLR
    Cleverhash CHASH
    Clitcoin CLI
    Clockcoin N/A
    Clockwisecoin N/A
    Cloud Token CTO
    Cloudcoin CDC
    Cloudwithme CLD
    Clout CLC
    Cnote CNOTE
    Cobinhood COB
    Cococoin COCO
    Code47 C47
    Coeval COE
    Coffeecoin CFC2
    Cofoundit CFI
    Coiledcoin N/A
    Coin2.0 NC2
    Coinchase Token CCH
    Coincoin CC
    Coino CON
    Coinoil COIL
    Coinopsy COIN
    Cointed CTD
    Coinvest COIN
    Coinye KCN
    Colbertcoin CC
    Cometcoin N/A
    Commodity Ad Network CDX
    Compasscoin CPC
    Concardcoin CCC
    Confido CFD
    Connectx CNTX
    Conspiracycoin CYC
    Content Ecommerce Chain CTE
    Control Finance CONTROL FINANCE
    Cooperationcoin COOP
    Coppay COP
    Copperbars CPR
    Copperlark CLR
    Copycoin COPY
    Copytrack CPY
    Coronacoin NCOV
    Coronacrypto CORONA
    Cos COSS
    Cosmoscoin CMC
    Coss COSS
    Costil Network CNT (old)
    Cotton Coin COTN
    Counterpart XCP
    Craftcoin CRC
    Crapcoin CRAP
    Crapplecoin N/A
    Crave CRAVE
    Creatanium CMB
    Credence Coin CRDNC
    Creds XXC
    Crimsoncoin CRM
    Cropcoin CROP
    Cross Generation Coin XGC
    Crowdcoin CRC2
    Crown Service CNSC
    Crypti XCR
    Crypto Finance Coin CTFC
    Crypto Gold Coin CGC
    Crypto King CK
    Cryptoapples CRA
    Cryptobits CYB
    Cryptobuck BUK
    CryptoCarbon CCRB
    Cryptochrome CHM
    Cryptoeagle CREA
    Cryptoescudo CESC
    Cryptofx CFX
    Cryptographic Anomaly CGA
    Cryptokami KAMI
    Cryptometh METH
    Cryptonia Poker CPC
    Cryptonium CRN
    Cryptopayafrica CPA
    Cryptosecure SECURE
    Cryptostuds N/A
    Cryptotraderscash CTRS
    CryptoVerificationCoin CVCC
    Cryptowurly CWC
    Cryptyk CTK
    Crystal Clear CCT
    Cthulhucoin OFF
    Ctn CTN
    Cubits QBT
    Cuntcoin N/A
    Cyber Movie Chain CMCT
    Cyclecoin CCC
    Cyder CYDER
    Cypherfunk FUNK
    Cyprus XCY
    Czech Crown Coin CCC
    Dacxi DAC
    Dacxi DAC
    Dagcoin DAG
    Daifuture CELL
    Damascoin DAMAS
    Daneel DAN
    Darex Travel DART
    Darkshibe DSB
    Dart Inu DART
    Das DAS
    Dascoin DASC
    Dasd DSA
    Dashcoin DSH
    Datecoin DTC
    DAV Coin DAV
    Davorcoin DAV
    Dead CHALISA
    Dead Coin DEAD
    DecentBet DBET
    Decentralized Crypto Token DCTO
    Decentralized Id DID
    Decentralized Learning Token DLT
    Decenturion DCNT
    Decision Token HST
    Deedtoken DEED
    Deex DEEX
    Deflationcoin DFX
    Delectrum DLTR
    Deletecoin DEL
    Delizia DELIZ
    Demoncoin DMC
    Denarius DRS
    Derogold DEGO
    Desire DSR
    Detacoin N/A
    Detector Token DTCT
    Dether DTH  
    Dexon DXN
    Dick Pic Coin DPC
    Dietbitcoin DDX
    Digi Money DGM
    Digieuro DEUR
    Digipulse DGPT
    Digital Asset Exchange Token DAXT
    Digital Commerce DCM
    Digital Money DMX
    Dignity DIG
    Dilmacoin HUE
    Dimcoin DIM
    Dimoncoin FUDD
    Dirac XDQ
    Direct Coin XDRC
    Dirhamcoin AED
    Dishercoin N/A
    Ditcoin DIT
    Divinum DVC
    Diwtoken DIW
    Dix Asset DIX
    DMScript DMST
    Dobbscoin BOB
    Dodocoin N/A
    Dogefather DGTR
    Dogeparty XDP
    Dogethereum DOGETHER
    Doggcoin N/A
    Dokdocoin DOKDO
    Dollarpounds DPZ
    Domecoin DOME
    Donationcoin DON
    Dootron DOO
    Dopecoin DOPE
    Dorado DOR
    Doubloons DBL
    Dougcoin DOUG
    Drac Barcelona XDRAC
    Draft Coin DFT
    Dragon coin DRG
    Dragoncoin DNC
    Drip DRIP
    Dropil DROP
    Droplex DROP
    Dt Token DRACO
    Dubai Coin DBIX
    Dubloonz DBZ
    Dubstepcoin WUBS
    Duckduckcoin DUCK
    Duckiecoin N/A
    Dutch Coin DUTCH
    Dv7 DV7
    Dv8 DV8
    Dvorakcoin DVK
    Dvx Coin DVX
    Dws Token DWS
    Dyor DYOR
    E-Gold N/A
    Eaglecoin EGC
    Eazy EAZY
    Ebakus EBK
    EBCoin EBC
    Echarge ECHG
    Eclipse ECP
    Ecocoin ECO
    Edisonx3 N/A
    Eharvesthub EHH
    Eigencoin EIGC
    Ekrona KRN
    Elastic XEL
    Electra ECA
    Electriccoin VOLT
    Electron ELT
    Electronero ETNX
    Electronero ETNX
    Electronero Pulse ETNXP
    Electroneum Classic ETNC
    Electroneum Classic ETNC
    Electronic Benefit Transfer EBT
    Electronic Dollar EDL
    Electronic Enegery Coin E2CC
    Elektracoin EKA
    Elementrem ELE
    Elephantcoin ELP
    Elicoin ELI
    Eliqa ELIQA
    Elitetreum ELT
    Elixir ELIX
    Eltrond ERD
    Elya Coin ELYA
    Emancoin EMAN
    Embargocoin EBG
    Embercoin EMB
    Emerald EMD
    Emercoin EMC
    Empowr EMPR
    Empowr Network MPWR
    Emucoin EMU
    Enau ENAU
    Encrypex ENCRYPEX
    Endtimes Network END
    Entercoin ENTRC
    Entropycoin ENC
    Envion EVN
    Eo Token EO
    Eoncoin EON
    eosGAS eosGAS
    Eotcoin (Token) EOT
    Epln EPLN
    Eqitii EQTI
    Equestrianbit EQB
    Equinox EQ
    Equitrader EQT
    Equos EQUOS
    Ermahgerdcern EMG
    Erntoken ERN
    Eros Vision ERS
    Escrow Coin ESCO
    Espers ESP2
    ESports Token ERT
    Esr Wallet ESR
    Etc Agharta ETCA
    Eterbase Coin XBASE
    Eternalcoin N/A
    Etheera ETA
    Etherbtc ETHB
    Etherconnect DISC
    Etherdelta Token EDT
    Etherdoge EDOGE
    Etherecash ECH
    Ethereum Dark ETHD
    Ethereum Gold ETG
    Ethereum Lite ELITE
    Ethereum Plus ETHP