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Toshi and Normie: 2 Meme Coins on Discount Ready to Explode as Base Kicks Off ‘On-Chain Summer’

Ahead of Onchain Summer, Coinbase's new Base chain has slowed, and many BASE meme coins are on a discount right now, namely Toshi & Normie.

Ahead of Onchain Summer, Coinbase’s explosive new layer-2 scaling blockchain, Base chain, has slowed, and many BASE meme coins, namely Toshi and Normie, are on a discount right now.

Base SZN has recently hit a bit of a skid. Volume had dried up from the heights in March when the network was consistently processing over $500 million daily volume.

Since the beginning of May, Base has a 7-day total volume of $2.1 billion, meaning an average of $300 million daily.

chain volume on base


In comparison, Solana has seen over $8 billion in volume over the past week, maintaining above $1 billion daily.

On-Chain Summer Coming Soon to Base Chain – Here’s Why

While money has flowed back into Solana, don’t count Base out yet. They have the full backing of Coinbase with senior Coinbase Employee and creator of Base, Jesse Pollak recently writing an article regarding ‘on-chain summer’.

Base and their partners (Coinbase being one) are putting up over $2 million in ETH in grants, prizes, and gas credits to builders and creators on Base.

Couple this with the imminent release of the Coinbase Smart Wallet (where users of Coinbase CEX can interact with Base on-chain straight from the Coinbase UI), and this should drive the volume and user base of Base significantly.

After all it’s true, across the crypto market, many meme coins that had insane runs at the beginning of this year are down a hefty amount from their all-time highs.

Two in particular look set to explode once the market’s attention shifts back to Base: Toshi and Normie – lets take a look.

Toshi – OG Cat Meme Coin Named After Brian Armstrongs Cat

toshi chart


Toshi is one of the OG Base meme coins. It has all of the right ingredients for a great meme coin; it’s a cat, the name of Brian Armstrongs (head of Coinbase) cat, and said cat was named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.


It is down over -50% from its high of $0.0007, currently sitting at $0.0003. The community is huge, with over 170,000 holders and  44,000 followers on X (one of those followers being Jesse Pollak).

Even with the slowdown on Base, Toshi is still processing over $400k in daily volume. Toshi ticks all the boxes for a meme coin that could see a Coinbase listing soon: It is extremely retail-friendly (cute cat coin) and already has a thriving OG community on Base.

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Normie – Onboarding all Retail Normies on Coinbase

normie chart


Normie is the definition of a blue-chip meme coin. Launched at the beginning of March, it went on a crazy run of over +10,000% gains by the end of March.

Their whole tag-line is ‘For the Normies of Base’ and the team produce some of the most creative and hilarious content on their X account.

They’ve amassed over 60,000 holders and 19,000 X followers in less than 2-months and this insane growth can most definitely be attributed to their social media presence.


They’ve gained the attention of Jesse Pollak, with him interacting with their posts on multiple occasions.

Normie’s market cap is currently $44m, down from the high of $120m. Their consistently hilarious content on social media will no doubt result in another parabolic run as people begin flocking back to Base for On-Chain Summer!

The Bottom Line: Don’t Sleep on BASE Chain Revival in On-Chain Summer

As BASE chain works to make a come-back amid returning retail capital, the onboarding opportunities afforded via Coinbase’s upcoming smart wallet could supercharge BASE meme coins across the market.

With prominent projects on a firesale amid the decline in Base Chain trading volumes, now could be an opportune moment for eagle-eyed meme coin traders to take position ahead of a larger bull run.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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