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PEPE Price Analysis: As PEPE Leads Meme Coin Resurgence, Is 99BTC Next to Explode?

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PEPE Price Analysis: Meme coins are flying, as Pepecoin climbs. Now, investors are doubling down in ongoing 99BTC presale, raising over $1.1m.

Meme coins are flying once again, and Pepecoin is leading the charge. In this PEPE price analysis, discover why retail investors are flocking to this emerging presale as it surges to $1.1 million.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most top altcoins have been performing decently—nothing big, but prices are moving. XRP is bucking the trend, but other fundamental factors are in play, with the ongoing Ripple versus the United States SEC playing a big part.

Beyond this, meme coins are firm despite predictions of a bloodbath. And you don’t have to look far: market cap tells out everything.

Even with Bitcoin recently crumbling before snapping higher, meme coins maintained their total market cap above $50 billion.

This performance is impressive, especially considering that most of these projects are, for lack of a better word, backed by “nothing” but a bucket full of hope (of a moonshot).

(Top Meme Coins)

As meme coins try to find their footing, Pepecoin is spearheading this charge. The third most valuable meme coin, only trailing Dogecoin (the OG) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), surged +25% in the last week alone, sparking investor interest.

PEPE Price Analysis: Dissecting Pepecoin’s Explosive Rebound

99Bitcoins analysts have identified several factors that might further buoy demand. Since PEPE price and meme coins are pumped mostly by sentiment, the fact that institutions are keen on funneling funds to this “joke” sector is a game changer. 

To demonstrate, following Binance’s move back in May 2023, Coinbase announced plans to list PEPE perpetual futures last month. 


Through this portal, traders now have more access to the liquid meme coin via a trusted platform. 

The listing of PEPE on Coinbase perpetuals coincided with an uptick in the number of holders on-chain. 

According to Etherscan, there are 216,530 holders, of which the trend has been rising steadily throughout May. A big chunk is held by Binance (over 20% of the total supply) and other exchanges like OKX and KuCoin. 


Demand for Pepecoin should rise with news that whales are moving the meme coin from Binance. 


Usually, when coins are moved from exchanges, especially in a block transfer, it suggests that the holder is bullish and expecting prices to gain – a state of accumulation  This development and improving crypto sentiment could see PEPE soar, extending gains in May.


So far, the meme coin is moving at around all-time highs. Up over +75% from April lows, a breakout above the current range at $0.00000923 will catapult PEPE to new heights.

But, amid the upsurge identified in PEPE price analysis, investors are training their eyes on another high-growth token, 99 BTC.

99Bitcoins Raises Over $1.1 Million In The On-Fire Presale

Riding the wave of meme coin popularity, the 99Bitcoins presale launched in April and has quickly gained traction.

Less than 36 hours after launch in April, over $100,000 was raised. In less than a month, the 99BTC presale raised over $1.1 million.

This, reading from trends, is just the beginning. Early investors will be the biggest beneficiaries, not only riding on the meme coin and crypto rush but because 99BTC primes a unique project.

99BTC is at the heart of 99Bitcoins’ innovative Learn-to-Earn (L2E) model – the trusted news site will reward users with 99BTC tokens for completing educational modules, quizzes, and tutorials. 

This gamified approach to crypto education aims to create a vibrant user base.

A Glance At 99BTC Exclusive Perks and Growth Plans

99BTC also offers additional benefits for token holders. Owning more 99BTC unlocks VIP access to exclusive content, such as expert trading signals and valuable market insights. 

Additionally, 99Bitcoins plans to switch to the BRC-20 standard on Bitcoin.

This version will co-exist with the current ERC-20 version. Since the Halving on April 20, the community expects BTC and crypto prices to rise. Being a BRC-20 token will eventually boost 99BTC prices, especially after the DEX launch.

Buy 99BTC Here

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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