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LIVEMOM: Mom and Son Team up to Launch Meme Coin on Solana and the Internet Went Crazy

Mon and Son launched a Solana meme coin, live-streamed the Mom doing saucy challenges before ghosting. Now the community has taken over!

Crypto community shocked after Mom and Son launched a Solana meme coin, and promoted the project via a live-stream of the Mom doing saucy challenges. Now the family has disappeared, the community has taken over – here’s what’s going on.

Crypto has truly outdone itself. Over the past 48 hours, a new level of degeneracy has been reached, and it comes in the form of Livemom (LIVEMOM).

A young child and his mom launched the meme coin on Solana and promptly took to Kick, a streaming platform, begging viewers to buy the token.

Wearing a strappy top, the mom began jiggling her boobs to the viewers, with promises for more if the token mooned.

The first stream last lasted just under an hour and the pair had a list of challenges for when various market cap milestones were reached.

For example, at a certain market cap, the boy would eat dog food, or his Mom would do 15 squats with her backside to the camera.


Livemom on Solana – A Brief Timeline

The pair worked through a number of the challenges, such as the Mom cracking an egg over the boy’s head, but once the market cap hit $300k, which should have resulted in the Mom doing squats, the stream cut out.

The boy said his phone ran out of battery as that’s what they were using as a webcam.

He promised the viewers that they would “run it back tomorrow”. With this, the price crashed from just over $300k to below $150k instantly, with viewers on stream calling Livemom a rug.

It is assumed that the Mom and Son dumped their bags before ending the stream.

With the LIVEMOM token seemingly dead, the pair resumed the stream half an hour later with a new token, LIVEMOM2, again on Solana.

This stream only lasted 15 minutes before the new ticker went to zero.

Once the second stream ended, both the Kick account and the Livemom X account were promptly deleted, and the mom-and-son duo haven’t been heard from since.

livemom on solana chart


Is The LiveMom Community Takeover – Bullish AF?

This insane story doesn’t end here; the original Livemom token (LIVEMOM) began pumping out of nowhere, climbing from the lows of $20k market cap and hitting $2.4m overnight.

The current market cap is around $1m, and the community has officially taken over the project, deeming that the lore of this meme coin is too good to squander.

They’ve pulled together to create a new website and have even launched Livemom merch. Alongside the website, the community have created a new Telegram group for the project in which they hosted a voice chat which had over 200 people discussing the insane events surrounding this epic meme coin.


Nobody knows if this mom-and-son duo will return or if they are even related. If they do reappear, expect the chart to explode.

And if they don’t return, the project seems to be in safe hands with the true degen community that has been birthed by one of the craziest stories we’ve had in crypto in some time.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of y

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