A Simple Method to Boost Your Bitcoins’ Security


There’s always a lot of talk regarding how to keep your Bitcoins safe. In today’s post I want to introduce a new wallet that just became available which will drastically boost the security of your Bitcoins.

Multisig – The Nuclear Launch Protocol for Your Bitcoins

If you’ve been dealing with Bitcoin long enough you’ve probably heard the term “Multisig”. Not long ago Bitpay launched Copay – a Multisig Bitcoin wallet. But what does multisig actually mean?

Multisig addresses or multisig wallets are wallets that need the autherization of a certain amount of people in order to conduct a transaction. Just imagine this as your own personal dual confirmation nuclear launch procedure. Here’s an example:

Let’s say I want to set up a Bitcoin company with 3 other partners. You decide to open a Bitcoin account for this purpose and define that in order to withdraw funds from the wallet at least 3 out of 4 signatures are needed. This way no one can make any financial decision alone with the consent of at least 2 more people.

Sign up with Copay

Opening an account with copay is easy. For the purpose of this tutorial I’ve used the web version of Copay but there’s also an Android version an a browser extension. To begin with, just name your wallet, decide how many people will be connected to it and how many signatures it will require. It’s not recommended to use Copay without any participants.

copay signup

Invite the wallet’s participants

Once the wallet is created you will be given a secret key which you will need to send to the other participant. They will, in turn join an existing wallet and paste this secret key as their entry password. After all participants have joined you can start working with wallet (I believe you might be able to do so even before all 4 have come aboard).

copay invite users


It’s recommended that all participants backup the wallet and keep the backup in at least 2 different places – for example your email and a flash drive.

Why is this so important for my Bitcoins’ security ?

You can use a multisig wallet in order to prevent Bitcoin theft. In case someone hacks your Bitcoin wallet’s private key they still won’t be able to steal your Bitcoins since they won’t have enough signature to authorise any transactions. That’s why keeping you coins in a multisig wallet is a great security measure. For a detailed tutorial on how to use Copay watch the video at the top of this video.


  1. The multisig wallet can also be used to boost security with just one person.
    You simply need 3 keys, and it takes 2 to activate.
    1 key is essentially no way to guess, with 2, no one can inject a fake transaction across the blockchain trying to steal your current bitcoins by starting an alleged transaction with a guessed key.

  2. optioninvestors on

    I suppose you could create another account for yourself (the Bitcoin alter ego) and require dual sigs from yourself but you would likely need to keep them on separate computers.

  3. Sally Benchwood on

    Good bye, stolen Bitcoins! I sure hope so because I’ve had some stolen in the past and I don’t want it happening again. It wasn’t much (I’m glad I didn’t have more in there) but it’s a horrible experience to go

  4. I wonder, after you have, let’s say 5 members would that secret expire? I ask because if someone breaks in to your wallet, he/she can share that secret with other accomplices and they could steal the Bitcoins, couldn’t they?

  5. Do you know how many friends or family members you can invite to become a wallet’s participants? I guess it would be better to have more than 5-7 people in there. The more people the better the security although you would need to get consent from more people when you want to use some Bitcoins.

  6. This is so simple and easy to set up! I just watched the video and it’s great how you get that secret key that you have to pass on to others in the same wallet. Great, great, great! Can’t wait to use Copay! Thank you for sharing this important news with us, Ofir!

  7. Samuel Lopez on

    Didn’t even know something like this was in the works! I’m so happy they finally found a seemingly impossible to tamper with way of protecting Bitcoin wallets! Hopefully, hackers won’t be able to find a way around this.

  8. I think Copay is a wonderful idea! Having to await the approval of other people from your wallet’s participants means drastically reduced chances that your Bitcoins are stolen! This could be one of the best security boosts that Bitcoins have seen yet!

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