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Crypto Africa Week in Review: Binance Nigeria Exec Case Adjourned, Kenya Invites Marathon Digital, and Crypto Politics In South Africa Elections

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Kenya the next crypto Africa mining hub? As Nigeria adjourns case against Binance executives. South Africa crypto market brace for election.

In this week’s crypto Africa news round-up, is Kenya the next crypto mining hub on the continent? What’s next for Binance as Nigeria adjourns case against executives, and as South African crypto market braces for major election – what does this mean for Bitcoin in the Republic?

From Kenya to South Africa and Nigeria, winds of crypto change are refreshingly blowing across the continent. After years of rigidity, especially in Kenya, the government, led by the President, is warming up to crypto.


Binance executives continue to be held in Nigeria, with their trial postponed again to mid-May. While South Africa prepares to vote later this month, it is at the forefront and keen on finding more use cases for crypto. Players in the South African scene are also making strategic moves across the region.

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Kenya Crypto Hub? President William Ruto in Talks With Marathon Digital For Crypto Mining Operations

President William Ruto, the President of Kenya, recently revealed that they had invited Marathon Digital Holdings, one of the leading Bitcoin mining firms with mega operations in the United States, to consult with the country’s National Treasury and Ministry of Energy.

If Marathon Digital sets up a mining farm in the country, it would be a big boost for Kenya and the miners. Recently, MARA share prices fell following tumbling BTC prices.

Using Kenya’s cheap geothermal energy, Marathon would reduce operations costs, help push the hash rate powered by green energy even higher, and increase their capacity.


President William Ruto invited the Bitcoin miners years after the Central Bank of Kenya warned that cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are unregulated and may be misused by criminals.

This shift signals a possible changing regulatory landscape when Kenya prepares laws around crypto. 

South Africa Election: Politics and Crypto Regulation Grip Market

South Africa is undoubtedly a frontrunner in African crypto regulation. It recently issued the first-ever crypto licenses to 75 firms, including VALR, a crypto exchange. 

This move empowers these firms and positions South Africa as a progressive player in the global crypto market. 

Reports show that VALR is already expanding globally. The latest news shows they are seeking more licenses in Mauritius and Dubai, halting their expansions to Kenya and Nigeria.

This licensing regime positions the country as a progressive player in crypto. Most importantly, it acknowledges the growing importance of blockchain as they actively align with fast-changing global trends. 

So far, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is leading the charge in expanding South Africa’s legal framework to feature CBDCs as financial products. 


Despite upcoming national elections, crypto policies will likely remain unchanged. Recent reports show that the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group is actively exploring the potential of CBDC and tokenization.

Case Adjourned But Nigeria Still Holding A Binance Executive

Days after the United States sentenced the former Binance CEO to four months in prison, a court in Nigeria once again adjourned the money laundering trial against Binance and two of its executives to May 19. 

Nigeria claims Binance is behind in all its currency woes and operates without registering. Prosecutors in Nigeria have charged two of Binance’s executives (including Nadeem Anjarwalla, who escaped to Kenya) with money laundering and tax evasion.


Binance maintains its innocence and wants its employees released more than two months after they were arrested on February 26. 

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