Over 14 million Kenyans now have access to a Bitcoin wallet thanks to Kipochi

Kipochi is releasing its special Bitcoin wallet and the news couldn’t be better: thanks to this service, which allows people to send and receive virtual currency and convert it through the popular Kenyan service M-Pesa, one third of the inhabitants of Kenya now have a Bitcoin wallet. Although this doesn’t mean that everyone is using Bitcoin, it’s a huge step forward towards the massive adoption of the digital coin in Africa.

99Bitcoins wrote about Kipochi’s new wallet back in the beginning of this month, stressing the fact that this was a “service designed for the whole world” and for every type of cell phone (not only smartphones). Linked with M-Pesa, the new wallet allows every user with a proper ID  to swap funds just by using a phone number as an account number (the Kipochi server receives the Bitcoins through a 34-character address).

Check below what some experts and influential personalities are tweeting about this:






Almost 14,5 million Kenyans and 5 million Tanzanians have already signed up for the service, which provides cryptocurrency transactions with very low fees. So, we guess it’s time to say “watch out” to services like Western Union or Moneygram.

Besides Africa, Kipochi also has a team of 8,300 agents is also currently scrutinizing areas like East India, where they can get even more users.

Via motherboard.vice.com

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