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Google Users and Bitcoin: When Will Google Integrate BTC?

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Google Users are more likely to use Bitcoin than your average person.  However, I’m not referring to every person that uses Google to search the internet, as that would include a very large portion of the world’s population. When I say Google Users, I am referring to a specific group of people.

Google Users:  Who Are They?

Google Users are people that use a large range of the tech giant’s services.  It is easy to see why, as Google+, Google Apps, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, and the many other Google-labeled services can be quite useful.  Tech savvy individuals, and entrepreneurs (and especially tech savvy entrepreneurs) use them to increase productivity, manage their schedules, and for a variety of other conveniences.  Individuals that prefer Android over iOS generally use Google’s services on their phones, and likely use at least Gmail and Google Drive outside of that.  In general, a very large portion of the millennial generation has grown up with Google playing a large role in their life, and it is second nature to them to use services Google offers.

This is not an all encompassing list of Google Users, but these groups are some of the most obvious users of the services.

How Do I Know Google Users Are More Likely to Use Bitcoin?

Entrepreneurs are more likely to use Bitcoin, or see potential in it, which makes sense, as they tend to be early adopters of technology.  Tech savvy people are more likely to use Bitcoin…the core group of early Bitcoin users were developers, hackers, and professionals working in various computer related fields.  Millennials are more likely to use Bitcoin, simply because Millennials are more likely to use new technologies, and are distrustful of the government.  Finally, Android users are more likely to prefer open source technology, as that is one of the selling points of the Android operating system.  All of these points have been shown to be true, in one way or another, and can be casually observed in the Bitcoin community.

Does this mean that the majority of individuals in these groups use Bitcoin?  No, not at all.  That is very unlikely.  However, I would wager that at least half of the Bitcoin community fits into one of these categories, even if you ignore Android users (as Android devices are extremely common).

If Google Users Support Bitcoin, Why Hasn’t Google Integrated It?

That is the real question.  With Microsoft’s recent acceptance of Bitcoin, followed by Time, Inc., and preceded by companies such as Overstock, Dell, Tiger Direct, Newegg, Shopify, and many others, it seems like Google may be late to the party.  Of course, Google has expressed interest in Bitcoin in the past.  More recently, a Bitcoin ATM  has been installed at the Google London campus.  Both of these events show that Google has some sort of plans for Bitcoin, and Google Users have requested Bitcoin integration repeatedly for years.  Unfortunately, there has been very little information released about how they may use the currency, or even IF they will use Bitcoin itself.

It is very possible that Google, which already provides Google Wallet, is simply studying Bitcoin to learn how to integrate the benefits of the currency into their own payment system.  However, with the recent issues related to Apple Pay, along with PayPal slowly adopting Bitcoin, and Microsoft’s giant stamp of approval, it will become difficult for the tech giant to continue to stall.

The Potential of Google Embracing Bitcoin

If Google were to come out tomorrow, and publicly embrace Bitcoin, then Google’s users would rejoice I am sure.  That being said, rejoicing would be just the tip of the iceberg.  The powerhouses that are working with Bitcoin now are already worth many, many times the marketcap of the entire Bitcoin supply, but without Google, something feels off.  For years, Google has been the leader in futuristic technology, from self driving cars, to semi-conscious algorithms.  Projects like these are the ones that inspire Google’s users, and influence the course of a wide range of industries.  Without their open support for Bitcoin, the tech world feels divided.

So, as a Google User, I would like to say something to the company that I have admired since the search engine was in it’s infancy:

Please, accept Bitcoin.  Join us, and help build the infrastructure that the digital currency world needs.  

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