You are at: Home » News » Adoption » reaches 500,000 wallets reaches 500,000 wallets has amazing reasons to celebrate. The platform reached its wallet number 500,000 and rewarded a lucky user with 10 BTC.

“We are extremely grateful to the Bitcoin community for its continual support over the years”, said a message posted on Reddit by

The user with a new wallet and several free Bitcoins was known a few hours after the first announcement made by the platform. This was the message sent by the lucky person who created wallet number 500,000 at

This is so immeasurably awesome! Thank you so much!

The funny thing is, I had no idea you were running a contest! I used to dabble in Bitcoins a couple of years ago (bought 5 BTC back when they were like £5 each, gutted that I sold them for £6 a few months later once I found out they were £140 each now!), and thought I’d get back into using them, so I signed up for a Blockchain account because it seemed like the most reliable online wallet provider.

Looks like I got back into Bitcoin at just the right time!

Once again, thank you so much for the coins, this is amazing!

The platform’s message ended with a look into the future: “it’s our mission to continue to build the most secure and private Bitcoin wallet available, and our focus remains on giving users the best experience possible. From our team around the world, thank you from the bottom of our Bitcoin hearts”.

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