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The Bitcoin Daily Report: CheapAir Accepting Dogecoin and Litecoin, DigitalTangible Gold to Bitcoin Exchange and More

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Indonesian Project Makes Bitcoin Available at 10,000 Stores

Indonesian Company

Residents of Indonesia can now buy and receive bitcoin over the counter at over 10,000 ‘Indomaret’ convenience stores around the country. The project was developed on the initiative of Bitcoin Indonesia and will run through its exchange in partnership with payment processor iPaymu.

A problem in Indonesia is that a really big percentage of the population doesn’t have access to any banking services. According to data from the World Bank’s Financial Inclusion Data from 2011, only 20% of Indonesians aged 15 years or over have an account with a formal financial institution. And knowing that Indonesia is a really populous country with a population of 250 million residents we can easily assume that the country is in of a better payment network. People interested in transfering money using this service aren’t going to need access to a bank account. Users of will just have to deposit some cash at a Indomaret store in order to top off their accounts. Although this solution would require costumers to somehow find internet access in order to access the bitcoin in their account, it is said that another product is in the pipeline to help people without even web resources to source the digital currency.

Source Now Accepts Dogecoin, Litecoin

Dogecoin and Litecoin on Cheapair

Good news if you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a traveler that uses The Calabasas, California-based service, which is well known in the community for their accepting of bitcoin payments has expanded their crypto-related reach by now accepting dogecoin and litecoin. 

With the huge success CheapAir achieved when they began accepting bitcoin on November 2013, they have now decided to partner with GoCoin to start accepting Dogecoin and Litecoin payments. Since then its Bitcoin sales have topped $1.5 million, an amount that exceeded the company’s initial expectations, Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir, told Forbes. CheapAir not only allows costumers to buy flight tickets for bitcoin but they also provide the option to book hotel rooms, car rentals, and even cruise trips all in one place. This gives cryptocurrency enthusiasts even more options on where to spend their digital currencies. 


Bitcoin ATMs from Are Now Ready to Order

ATMs Rolled Out By Local Bitcoins

You may recall that earlier this year (February, to be precise), bitcoin buying/selling matchmaker announced they were working on a Bitcoin ATM project.

There was even a first batch available, but now, the service is taking orders for their newer-looking device, which LocalBitcoins says does not require an internet connection.

After Local Bitcoin’s announcement that they are working on Bitcoin ATMs, a new announcement came in to inform us that they’re now ready to take orders. According to the specifications posted on their blog, the ATM is going to cost 1500 EUR (+VAT for EU costumers). The device has a 318 x 340 x 264 millimeter size, and weights 15 kilograms, with a capacity of 300 notes in the stacker. It also mentioned that the device can be programmed to use almost any fiat currency, but only one can be used at a time.


First Gold to Bitcoin Online Marketplace Launched by DigitalTangible

Amagi Metals Teams Up With Digital Tangible

DigitalTangible, in a partnership with dealer Amagi Metals, who recently made headlines with their announcement to eventually stop accepting USD as payment for precious metals, are introducing a marketplace that will allow investors to exchange bitcoins for gold in real time. It brings to the marketplace its patent-pending “Proof of Custody” transparent delivery and gold custody system. This initiative seeks to use the Bitcoin Blockchain to provide a low cost system for Precious Metal dealers and experienced traders to instantly swap Gold’s Volatility for that of Bitcoin’s.

DigitalTangible allows users to purchase gold directly with bitcoins. After a user purchases gold, the precious metal is placed in custody, and the buyer receives a proof of custody, along with some digital tokens. These tokens are then placed on an exchange where trading of tokens takes place. Users can cash out their earnings, converting tokens into bitcoins or physical gold that will be shipped to their door. This is all thanks to DigitalTangible’s patent-pending Proof of Custody transparent delivery and gold custody system, the new innovation that they’re bringing to the market.


B2B Bitcoin Payment Solution Created By Alternet

Alternet Is Partnering With Bitpay

Alternet Systems has announced that its subsidiary Alternet Payment Solutions (APS) launched its worldwide Bitcoin payment processing business. They accomplished this through a strategic channel partner agreement with BitPay.

APS has entered into a non-exclusive agreement to sell and support the BitPay platform in Alternet’s client base. With Alternet’s expertise within the mobile and disruptive payments technology business, they’ll concentrate on providing Bitcoin payments for business to business transactions. This includes exchanging native currency to bitcoin and/or bitcoin to USD within the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Asia-Pacific region.


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