8 Ways to Never Miss a Crucial Bitcoin Update

How not to miss critical Bitcoin updates

Since it seems something new is happening in the Bitcoin hemisphere every other day a lot of people are asking what is the best way to stay updated. Whether it’s the latest news or the Bitcoin price here are 8 ways that will help you keep up with the times.

For your desktop - Best Bitcoin widgets around

My Bitcoins Gadget (Windows)

This free gadget will show you the total amount of coins you own, how much they are worth and will also connect to your mining pool to show rewards and other data. The widget was written by BitcoinTalk member Domchi and has just rolled out a new updated following the collapse of Mt.Gox.

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A Simple Method to Boost Your Bitcoins’ Security


There’s always a lot of talk regarding how to keep your Bitcoins safe. In today’s post I want to introduce a new wallet that just became available which will drastically boost the security of your Bitcoins. Multisig – The Nuclear Launch Protocol for Your Bitcoins If you’ve been dealing with Bitcoin long enough you’ve probably heard […]