What do a 3D printing company and a window cleaning service have in common? Bitcoin is the answer

The company 3Distributed, specialized in 3D printing solutions, has announced it recently started to accept Bitcoin, by integrating a cryptocurrency checkout system into their website.

The small business kicked-off back in January and has now decided to add Bitcoin to its payment solutions. Besides printing products, they also supply components for 3D printers. “We have a real passion for innovative projects and we are always looking for ambitious collaborations that push the boundaries of this technology”, it’s possible to read on their website.

And, talking about companies that accept Bitcoin, there’s another one to point out: Christian Bennett Window Cleaning, a window cleaning service based in Seattle, in the United States.

According to Coindesk, the founder of the business, Christian Bennett, only started accepting Bitcoin in September when he discovered Coinvoice, a platform that allows companies to be paid in Bitcoin, while still invoicing the customers in US dollars. However, Bennett was already a Bitcoiner by then, he just didn’t know there were so many cryptocurrency users. Now, he’s even thinking about opening his wallet to Litecoin.

The entrepreneur told Coindesk he has already noticed an increase in business related to Bitcoin, but he’s expecting a bigger jump in the next spring due to the growing business volume and to the 15 percent discount he currently offers on cryptocurrency purchases.

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