Payment processor Coinvoice allows merchants to invoice in US dollars and receive Bitcoins

The open-source software engineering firm Conformal Systems just announced the official launching of Coinvoice, considered the web’s first cash-to-Bitcoin invoicing service. The platform allows businesses to be paid in Bitcoin, while at the same time they can continue to invoice their customers in US dollars.

According to Daniel Tobon, from Conformal Systems, “Coinvoice will really benefit businesses or independent contractors that want to continue to invoice their clients in dollars, but who also want to receive Bitcoins for the work they do. They can now do this without forcing their clients to adopt Bitcoins themselves. We think this is a great way to lower the barrier to entry into the Bticoin ecosystem for certain businesses”.

Quoted in a press release, Tobon adds that “Coinvoice is also very valuable to foreign businesses with US clients who want to be paid quickly without having to worry about burdensome and expensive currency controls and money transfer fees. They can invoice locally and receive payments globally”.

After the launching, the big goal is to add more payment options to the platform, as well as the ability to invoice in other local currencies in a near future.

But for now they plan to work on making their payment settlement systems as quick and efficient as possible. About this, Jacob Yocom-Piatt, Conformal Systems’ CEO, says that the businesses that want to accept Bitcoin “can now do so as quickly as they can settle a regular invoice. Even faster in some cases. Our goal is to give businesses the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to receive Bitcoins”.

Let’s not forget that Conformal Systems created btcd, an alternative full-node implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, so they aren’t exactly beginners in the world of cryptocurrency. Yocom-Piatt assures that the company “believes in Bitcoin, (…) providing these services will ultimately help Bitcoin become more mainstream and that’s the real goal”.

To know more about Coinvoice, you can visit the platform’s website. If you’re curious about rates, check this link.

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