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Solana Meme Coins on a Tear: Top 3 to Watch in April

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Solana leads gains in the market & retail investors are gravitating to these top Solana meme coins in April 2024, Discover WIF, CIF, Slothana.

Despite a broader come-back in the crypto world, Solana leads gains in the market, and retail investors are gravitating to these top Solana meme coins in April 2024 – in this article discover promising Solana meme coin like WIF, CIF, and Slothana.

Solana has been leading the way in the last six months. After “rising” from the crypto death, soaring from as low as $8 to breaking above $200 in Q1 2024, SOL survival is a story of resilience. 

Those who hitched the ride are neck-deep in profits. Better yet, investors of popular meme coins tapping into the low-fee, highly scalable environment offered by Solana are, on average, 100X in the money.

This is not guesstimation; that’s what solid data shows. The meme coin market in Solana is worth over $7.2 billion as of early April 2024.


(Solana Meme Coins)

If anything, Coingecko data reveals that in March 2024 alone, a mixed month by all standards, meme coins on Solana recorded an average of 13X.

This surge is despite the general market dump after most coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, fell after fresh 2024 highs. SOL, BTC, and ETH all contracted to spot levels.

The exceptional performance of Solana-based meme coins explains the deluge of investors into the sphere, most are looking to ride the wave for big money and are attracted, in some part, by the social media buzz meme coins generate.

Here Are The Top 3 Solana Meme Coins in April 2024

As the crypto market awaits the Bitcoin Halving on April 20, investors are preparing for the next leg up, and smart money Solana meme coin traders are closely monitoring these top coins in April 2024: 

Best Solana Meme Coin #3 – Dogwifhat (WIF):


WIF launched a few months ago and has since grown tremendously. The token has all the features of a viral meme, for instance, its developers say WIF is “literally just a dog with a hat.”

There are no advanced features, and neither is there staking or token burning – it’s a simple, much-loved meme coin that has smashed into major coin status.

Indeed, this project’s resilience is impressive. After plunging to all-time lows in December, WIF has grown by 212,383%.

The token is now changing hands above $3.3. It is the most popular meme coin in Solana, commanding a market cap of over $3.3 billion. 

Best Solana Meme Coin #2 – Catwifhat (CIF):


This meme coin might not be up the market cap rankings for now, but it has a more interesting story. Despite surviving two rug pulls—a scam where developers abandon a project after launch—CIF has seen renewed interest thanks to community efforts and plans for an NFT marketplace.

CIF has no utility and exists purely as a meme coin. However, this might change with the marketplace, and the meme coin will “transcend out of the memecoin little bubble.”

Presently, CIF is up +500% after dropping to an all-time low of $0.005089 in March 2024 – with the persistent come back boding well for the month ahead.

Best Solana Meme Coin #1 – Slothana (SLOTH):

The meme coin presale aims to challenge existing meme coins on Solana. Slothana is a sloth character who wants to quit his job and overcome his addiction to become a successful crypto asset. The coin aims for a $420 million market cap.

In the ongoing presale, Slothana has raised $6 million (and the number keeps rising), highlighting the ongoing demand for Solana meme coins. Retail investors are flocking to the early-bird advantage afforded by the presale opportunity.

What keeps Slothana interesting is its fair presale model. For every 1 SOL invested, 10,000 SLOTH is distributed to the presale participants. Interestingly, the platform aims to capitalize on the upcoming Bitcoin halving event.


At the same time, the team backed by the developers of the highly successful SMOG has investors racing to position themselves for imminent gains. Analysts are confident once Bitcoin halves, prices will likely race higher, pumping SLOTH, even by 100X. 

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The Bottom Line: Solana Still Dominates Opportunities in the Crypto Market

If recent months have taught us anything it’s that meme coins are here to stay, and data shows they are the fastest-growing sector in crypto.

As Solana continues to play host to major coin launches, big players like WIF and CIF offer alluring opportunities for FOMO investors.

However, the real seismic potential of Solana meme coins comes from the ability to find and invest in projects early – taking significant risks for substantial rewards.

For this reason, Slothana will be an interesting addition once it launches on April 20, and remains the King opportunity in April 2024 Solana meme coin markets.

With over $8 million raised, Slothana clearly has grassroots support and is ready to take on CIF and WIF in the coming months. 

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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