Sean’s Outpost has already provided over 20,000 meals to the homeless thanks to Bitcoin donations

It’s not a milestone you can overcome every day, but the Pensacola Homeless Outreach known as Sean’s Outpost did it: the charity already provided 20,000 meals to homeless people in Northwest Florida since the beginning of its activity. And all thanks to Bitcoin donations that arrive daily from across the world.

“We have been very fortunate to benefit from the upswing in price since we started”, the founder Jason King said in a message published on the organization’s website. Bitcoin price surpassed the $200 mark this week and keeps growing.

That has allowed us to do more good with what we have. But Bitcoin is more than a currency, it’s a protocol too. And even when the price is down, the fact that with Bitcoin we can easily accept donations from anywhere on this planet means more people have supported our efforts. And that means that Sean’s Outpost is out feeding at $70 and at $217.

And that brings me to what I thank most about Bitcoin, the people. Bitcoin is people (Like soylent green!). Wonderful people. People that everyday disprove the myth that without government force no one would give a damn about the down trodden in this world.

No one sticks a gun in anyones face and makes them donate to Sean’s Outpost. And yet, everyday, people do.

The heartfelt message written by King is a sincere acknowledgement of the supporters’ actions. “Through that voluntary care we can now say we have put 20,000 meals into empty tummies”, he adds.

However, with the donations growing, Sean’s Outpost has been able not only to provide food, but also to “build houses, pass out blankets and winter coats, buy prescriptions, give rides to the doctor” and to buy the Satoshi Forest, the nine-acre territory that Jason King transformed into a homeless sanctuary, in a land where homeless people cannot sleep on the street because it’s a crime. Almost like if it was illegal to be poor.

Now, at the Satoshi Forest, Sean’s Outpost aims to grow most of their food supply for the next year: “we will teach permaculture, aquaponics, food foresting, guerrilla gardening, and self sufficiency to the homeless and anyone else who wants to learn. And none of that would be possible without Bitcoin”.

And because we are talking about the Satoshi Forest, let’s not forget that Bitcoin’s fifth birthday will be celebrated in the sanctuary between the 1st and the 3rd of November and everybody is welcome.

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