Belgian Parti Libertarien membership fees can now be paid with Bitcoin

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

You can now become a member or support the work of Belgium’s Parti Libertarien (Libertarian Party) with Bitcoin’s help.

However, the decision might be more symbolic than what it seems, according to this message (in French) published on the party’s website. “The Parti Libertarien calls for the end of the state monopoly on currency and opening of the production of money to private actors”, the group writes.

The party supports “healthy currencies that meet the needs of economic agents and not of the government”. As stated in the message, “the emergence of digital money is a prime example of the dynamism that may arise from monetary freedom. We want to support this innovation”.

With a general meeting scheduled for November 11, the party is providing to its members the option to pay the membership fees in Bitcoin, in order to attend the event and help to approve the program for the elections of May 2014.

Becoming a member of the Parti Libertarien costs 0.2 BTC, but 0.4 BTC will turn you into a benefactor. The fees can be paid using the address 1LBjY5Ye9h1UF5mm6WLfaYFDrAprhSqkqd.

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