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6 Potential Bitcoin Business Opportunities

What are some possible business ideas that will help you make money with Bitcoin

Whenever a new currency is adopted by the majority it always opens up new markets and new business opportunities. Same goes for Bitcoin. Since it was was widely adopted around its exposure to the more “mainstream” public on April 2013 many vendors saw this as a great opportunity to expand their customer base. For example, Forex companies such as AvaTrade have started offering their services in the new currency, online Poker sites have started accepting Bitcoins but there are still many untapped business opportunities that can be utilized to make money from Bitcoin.

# 1 – Design Bitcoin WordPress themes

As the word about Bitcoin spreads throughout the net, a lot of Blogs about Bitcoin are popping up (just like this one). Unfortunately there are no Bitcoin WordPress themes to be found (trust me I’ve looked). If you’re a coder / designer, you can make several Bitcoin WordPress themes and sell them on ThemeForest.

#2 – Sell Bitcoin merchandise

Since people have such a warm spot for Bitcoin in their heart you can also start selling Bitcoin merchandise. This is done on the web by several printing services but I believe that a dedicated website with specific Bitcoin T-shirt, cups, posters and other cool stuff would probably work pretty well. It could also supply the various meetups around the world with custom outfits.

#3 – Register Bitcoin domain names

A lot of people are looking for Bitcoin domain names for their website. You could secure several Bitcoin domain names and then sell them at a profit to webmasters. Apparently there’s already one service already doing this.

#4 – Offer Bitcoin consultation services

A lot of people have question about Bitcoin as the early majority is less tech savvy than Bitcoin’s early adopters. One idea that has been implemented but is far for fulfilling its potential is giving consultation on different websites about Bitcoin (e.g. Fiverr).

#5 – Create Bitcoin Gifts

What better way to drive adoption than to send a Bitcoins to someone who’s never heard of Bitcoins? Create a gift by depositing Bitcoin into a newly generated wallet. Then send your friend a link to that gift. Instructions are given on how to access the wallet, withdraw the Bitcoins etc. All the while teaching your friend about Bitcoin. (idea source).

#6 – Open a Bitcoin cloud mining business

This is a pretty new business model and as more and more people are looking to mine Bitcoins it will probably get more lucrative. The idea is that you set up a network of miners and let people buy contracts from you in order to join the mining process. Cloud Hashing does a good job at explaining this in more details.

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