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Is BASE Crypto All Hype? Could Solana Presales Offer Better Returns?

Can Base Crypto take on another project like Solana presales? Are Solana meme coins or BASE meme coins better? Find out all and more here.

Can Base Crypto take on other projects like Solana presales? Are Solana meme coins or BASE meme coins better? Find out all, and more, as we deep-dive into the BASE cryptocurrency trend and rise in Solana presales.

After a successful meme coin season, Solana may have passed its peak, and retail investors are now looking for the next big opportunity on other low-cost blockchains, and Coinbase’s Base layer-2 (L2) seems to be the new hive of activity.

Unlike traditional L2 solutions, Base tokens are carving out a cultural niche within the crypto space – they are backed by Coinbase’s corporate might yet embrace a community-driven ethos.

This includes a thriving NFT marketplace where owning “based” items like Tiny Based Frogs, or, Based Fellas has become a status symbol, mirroring the impact of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks on Ethereum.

Base, built on Optimism’s OP Stack, is also gaining traction among meme coin projects and presents an excellent opportunity for early investors to replicate Solana’s success.

Base is already more popular than seasoned L2s like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Immutable X – but can it take on another ecosystem like Solana? And which one between Solana meme coins and Base tokens is expected to have a better return?

The Bull Case for Base Meme Coin Tokens

Base is popping off, in less than eight months, Base has locked in a total value of $2.57 billion, surpassing established networks like Polygon and Avalanche, and closing in on competitors such as Optimism and Arbitrum.

This explosive growth is attributed to its creative projects like Aerodrome, its native AMM and, which allowed users to invest in social media accounts using crypto. However, nothing compares to Base memecoins.

Finding Base token hidden gems is rapidly emerging as the 2024 cycle’s equivalent of DeFi or NFT hype.


Active participation in the BASE community is the key to capitalizing on this trend. It’s a full-time second job. This involves thorough research, engaging with fellow investors, subscribing to channels that provide timely crypto insights, and contributing to discussions that can significantly enhance one’s ability to identify early investment opportunities in platforms like Base.

Here are our favorite Base memes so far:

  1. TOSHI: Launched in August 2023 on Base, Toshi the Cat is one part meme, another NFT market offering 3,000 NFT – it is the second largest meme coin on Base with a market cap of $252.32 million.
  2. Base GOD (TYBG): The first commandment of the Base God meme token is ‘Thou shalt treat community members with respect, for all $TYBG and Base Gods holders are equally based’ – it has a current market cap of $55 million.
  3. DEGEN: The largest BASE meme coin, with a market cap currently stood at $ 531.62 million, Degen rewards users of the decentralized social media network Farcaster with its DEGEN token.
  4. BRETT: Last but not least, there’s BRETT, a Pepecoin off-shoot with a $391.69 million market cap.

Coinbase’s Base platform generated nearly $4.5 million in gross profits recently, up from less than $100,000 at the beginning of January. It’s here to stay.

David Becomes Goliath: Are Solana Meme Coin Presales a Better Opportunity?

In many ways, David has now become Goliath. It’s weird to think of Solana as an old seasoned ‘Ethereum killer’ since it only gained popularity in the last three years, but recent months have shown the blockchain’s ability to upstage Buterin’s high-cost network and steal the spotlight amongst retail investors.


Total value locked (TVL) in Solana’s meme coin sector recently exceeded $4.5 billion, making it still the crypto empire for Web3 innovations.

With successful Solana projects like Bonk (BONK), Book of Meme (BOME) token, and DogWifHat (WIF) having been discovered across the crypto ecosystem, Solana presales have emerged as a popular method for launching new meme coins on Solana.

Enthusiasts can invest in tokens pre-exchange listing, often resulting in high returns – and one new presale stands out amongst them all.

Solana-based meme coin presales’ success stories have captured the crypto community’s attention, and Slothana appears to be the latest project to follow in their footsteps.

Launched just days ago, Slothana has quickly emerged as Solana’s newest sensation, raising over $1.1 million already.

What sets Slothana apart is its unique presale structure.

Unlike many other projects that employ tiered or staged presales, Slothana’s team opts for a more direct approach.

Investors can send SOL tokens to a designated wallet address and receive SLOTH tokens in return at a fixed rate of 10,000 SLOTH per SOL contributed.


Bottom Line: Are Solana Meme Coin Presales Better Than BASE Crypto?

Can Base dethrone Solana? It already has. For memes at least.

You must resort to presales to get the next big meme tokens on Solana. The returns are still there, but it’s one added layer of complexity, research, and risk.

Base has several launched tokens on its platform, which are still gaining popularity and adoption, however, the new market environment is plagued by volatility and therefore Solana meme coin presales like Slothana could present a better bet.

The transition from Solana to Base represents a new moment for potentially ludicrous ROIs.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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