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What Is Base Crypto? ROOST and Other Best BASE Meme Coins to Invest In

Coinbase's BASE crypto ecosystem has exploded in recent days, discover the best BASE meme coins to invest in as ROOST supercharges market.

Meme coin market attention has shifted to Coinbase’s BASE crypto ecosystem, and with prices exploding in recent days, fuelling major skyrockets like ROOST token, discover the best BASE meme coins to invest in.

Designed and incubated by Coinbase, Base Chain is sparking a frenzy of meme tokens across the network. Base Chain is an Ethereum layer-2 solution aimed at scaling up user engagement on-chain, making access to Ethereum more accessible, secure, and cost-effective.

However, Base Chain’s meme market stands out; redefining weird in Web3 – like the strange memetic lovechild of Area 51 and 4chan.

“From the beginning, our secret master plan has been clear and consistent: create an open financial system that increases economic freedom globally by moving deliberately through four phases. Each phase builds on the one before it, creating a more inclusive financial system along the way,” claims Base Chain.


The Base platform is rapidly growing, with numerous projects already leveraging its infrastructure – this vibrant ecosystem of applications has propelled Base’s total-value locked (TVL). Yet, dramatic growth in recent weeks has positioned BASE as the 9th largest blockchain by TVL.

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What is Base Crypto Chain? Why Are Base Meme Coins Skyrocketing?

Base has built its foundation on Optimism’s OP Stack – an established and reliable open-source development framework, with extremely low-costs and high-transaction speeds.

Recognizing its potential to reduce Ethereum transaction costs by up to 100x, Coinbase and the OP Stack team have been instrumental in using Base to make the Ethereum ecosystem more affordable for mainstream adoption.

Indeed, by positioning Base as a low-cost solution for mainstream adoption, Coinbase has been able to onboard a significant number of users onto the blockchain due to easy intractability with the popular Coinbase Wallet.

With Coinbase already a first port of call for many new retail investors, the provision of direct access to various DApps through the Coinbase platform has been instrumental in BASE’s rapid growth.


Here are some reasons Base Chain stands out:

    • Security: Leveraging Ethereum’s security framework, Base is positioned as a highly secure platform for blockchain applications.
    • Ecosystem Growth Strategy: Aiming to create a “super chain,” Base plans to build a network of independent ecosystems that will interconnect over time to scale Ethereum effectively.
    • Advantages for Users and Developers: With full EVM compatibility, lower gas fees, faster transactions, and seamless integration with Coinbase, Base offers an attractive environment for deploying DApps, especially in sectors like DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and meme tokens – all of which have soared in popularity.

Discover: The Best BASE Meme Coins To Invest In


As Base chain heats up, ROOST is trending as the most popular BASE meme coin. As their homepage describes, ROOST is the champion of the Base ecosystem – a meme coin mascot aimed at protecting, guiding, and growing the BASE community.

That’s it – in typical meme coin fashion, there’s not much more information to go by – with the huge breakout trend fuelled by popularity not utility.


Skyrocket up to $100M market cap – almost overnight, ROOST isn’t yet the biggest meme coin on Base – however, its rapid climb has caught the attention of retail investors, that’re now scrambling to find the best BASE meme coin to invest in.

  1. TOSHI: Launched in August 2023 on Base, Toshi the Cat is one part meme, another NFT market offering 3,000 NFT – it is the second largest meme coin on Base with a market cap of $252.32 million.
  2. Base GOD (TYBG): The first commandment of the Base God meme token is ‘Thou shalt treat community members with respect, for all $TYBG and Base Gods holders are equally based’ – it has a current market cap of $55 million.
  3. DEGEN: The largest BASE meme coin, with a market cap currently stood at $ 531.62 million, Degen rewards users of the decentralized social media network Farcaster with its DEGEN token.
  4. BRETT: Last but not least, there’s BRETT, a Pepecoin off-shoot with a $391.69 million market cap.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Miss The Pumps On BASE Crypto

Aside from meme coins, there are countless reasons to be bullish on Coinbase’s blockchain over the year ahead.

Base plans to add Ethereum features like account abstraction and sharding to improve scalability and enable developers to create better applications.

This will make Base a more attractive L2 solution in the Ethereum ecosystem, with markets expecting the move to fuel further growth in development activity across the ecosystem.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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