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The Milady Phone: What Is New Web3 Phone? Exclusive Benefits? Limited Edition Release?

Legendary MiLady NFT project has made major move with launch of new Web3 phone product offering MiLady Phone - Can it match Solana Phone?

The legendary MiLady NFT project has sent a shockwave through the space in a major move, after announcing the launch of a new Web3 phone product offering, aptly named – MiLady Phone – but with just 100 units available, can it match the Solana Phone?

In a world where getting financial advice from a dog and toasters with an internet connection is normal, the surprised reaction to the announcement of a new Web3 phone product by the legendary MiLady NFT project has spotlighted the significance of the development.

The Milady team, who built their token on Solana, wrote on X that the device is not just a phone but a gateway to exclusive rewards for its coin holders.


The MiLady Phone: Exclusive Benefits and Limited Edition Release

Each Meme Phone purchase entitles the owner to a slew of exclusive perks, including 1 million LADYF tokens (priced at $0.0000002681) and a distinctive NFT, which serves as digital proof of ownership.

The Milady phone is priced at 2 Solana (SOL), or approximately $364 but – only 100 of these phones will be available initially.


Before this announcement, the MiLady team successfully raised over $18 million in SOL through a presale for their new meme coin, Milady Wif Hat.

Despite plans to invest these funds in SOL meme coins, the team has decided to pivot, promising to return the money to investors and explore new directions.

The Legendary MiLady NFT Project and Elon Musk

On May 7, 2023, the Milady meme project launched to promote the MiLady Maker NFT collection, at the heart of this initiative is the LADYS token, a deflationary meme coin that offers financial incentives for holding and penalties for selling.

Every transaction with LADYS entails a 10% fee, with 5% shared among holders, while the remaining 5% enhances the liquidity pool to maintain the token’s market stability.

Adding to the project’s hype, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave his nod of approval to MiLady NFTs in May 2023, sharing a meme featuring images from the collection.

While LADYS made its first adopters rich, its market cap is $198.8 million, down -60.47% year on year.

In a setback, Charlotte Fang, the founder of Milady, reported a significant security breach – malware infiltrated Fang’s password manager, compromising all connected wallets and stealing 850 ETH from Remilia’s treasury.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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