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BOME Price Analysis: As New Solana Meme Coin BOME Coin Explodes +360,000% – BOME Market Cap Hits $1.1Bn

Solana meme coin markets are revved-up and Book of Meme (BOME Coin) exploded +360,000% sending BOME market cap to $1Bn - find out more here.

Solana meme coin markets remain supercharged, and a new token named Book of Memes (BOME) has exploded +360,000% in a move that saw BOME market cap smash $1Bn, but as BOME coin enters retracement – this alternative Bitcoin beta play is gaining steam with just 31-days until the next Bitcoin halving event.

Explosive Solana meme coin pumps have become a regular fixture in the crypto market in recent weeks, with a major shift in meme coin trading volumes amid high gas fees on Ethereum (an issue now reducing due to last week’s successful Dencun Upgrade).

Solana generated $6.3Bn in trading volume over the Weekend, whilst Ethereum recorded only $4.4Bn in the same period.

This also comes amid a more general uptick in meme coin trading activity, which is burgeoning as fresh capital rushes into crypto following Bitcoin’s new all-time highs, indeed, the total market cap for meme coins across all-chainslisted now stands at $53.96Bn.


Market sentiment around BOME coin remains astutely bullish, with traders anticipating BOME token listings on major exchanges in coming days as potential catalysts for further gains.

BOME Price Analysis: As BOME Market Cap Hammers $1.1Bn – Is It Too Late to Buy BOME Coin?

As BOME sits as the Hot #2 on DEXTools, Book of Memes is currently trading at a market price of $0.0135 (representing a 24-hour change of -20.85%).

This comes after BOME coin launched at 7AM (UTC) on March 14, in a DEX listing that saw almost immediate traction, with a sustained initial +62,490% move propelling price action to its first support level at $0.0048.

A brief stop-off here set the stage for major gains, and well-defended consolidation above support here triggered a major skyrocket across the next 24-hours, with BOME coin ultimately surging an additional +465% to hit an all-time high at $0.028.

Solana meme coin markets are revved-up and Book of Meme (BOME Coin) exploded +360,000% sending BOME market cap to $1Bn - find out more here.

In the 48-hour since, a significant retracement move has set into the chart, with early backers taking profit on substantial gains, and momentum declining amid the -54% drop.

Yet, hopes are not completely dashed, with an ongoing defense of a lower support level between $0.011 and $0.014 offering the opportunity for bulls to take hold – however, sell-pressure currently dominates transactions (with sells representing 57% of transactions over the past hour).

And holders are right to be cautious at such heights, with a whopping $1.1Bn market cap offering little opportunity for skyrocket gains to late-stage investors.

Even if the BOME market cap were to repeat the success of Solana meme coin pack leader DogWifHat (WIF), that would only offer a potential 3x gain from here.

For this reason, many investors are shifting their attention away from BOME coin, and towards an emerging Bitcoin beta play that could undertake huge growth heading into the next Bitcoin halving event in 31-days.

Could Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Offer Superior Return To Bitcoin in 2024 Bull Run?

As Bitcoin slams new all-time highs, investors are racing to find the best possible ‘Bitcoin beta’ plays, which could pump alongside BTC price action.

Bitcoin beta plays are typically Bitcoin-linked tokens that crypto investors associate with Bitcoin, yet, at comparatively far more alluring market caps.

To paint a picture, for Bitcoin to undertake a 2x move from here, the huge $1,309,797,271,394 ($1.3tn) Bitcoin market cap would need to double to $2.6tn.

Whereas, for a comparable coin like Green Bitcoin, which has currently raised a market cap of $2m, there would need to be a simple influx of $2m in capital for a 2x return.


Another way of looking at it, is imagining the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at rock-bottom pricing in 2011 – the early-backers advantage.

This also holds true when compared to relatively new moon-shot tokens like Book of Memes, with the current BOME market cap 200x higher than Green Bitcoin’s.

Better Than Book of Memes – But How Does Green Bitcoin Work?

Built on Ethereum’s infrastructure using the ERC-20 token standard, Green Bitcoin introduces a massive reduction in carbon emissions utilizing Ethereum 2.0’s high-speed, low-energy proof-of-stake network.

This delivers a jaw-dropping 10,000 times reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional proof of work Bitcoin mining.

However, the fundamental paradigm shift delivered by this pathbreaking eco-crypto rests in its launch of an engaging gamified staking model that not only generates passive income for holders but also ignites a high-octane ecosystem.

The idea here is based on Bitcoin prediction markets, which engage players with daily predictive challenges aiming to test trading ability and acumen.

To win, players must stake their $GBTC to successfully forecast Bitcoin’s daily price movements, with correct calls receiving substantial $GBTC rewards – including up to 100% token bonuses!

The Road Ahead For Green Bitcoin: Empowering Eco-Revolution in Blockchain 2024

With an engaging product aiming to deliver fun to staking, and a growing community – fueled by affiliates and influencers, it’s clear that Green Bitcoin is heading for a promising future, but how is the roadmap shaping up?

As Green Bitcoin heads into the next crypto presale phase, the project’s roadmap promises a series of exciting developments designed to enhance engagement and promote sustainability.

From plans to supercharge marketing efforts, to the launch of the highly anticipated predict-2-earn mechanism, and even the listing of $GBTC on premier exchanges, 2024 is poised for a growth trajectory. So don’t miss out on investment returns that have every chance of outshining Bitcoin – connect with Green Bitcoin on X and Telegram.

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