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14 Awesome Bitcoin startups

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Bitcoin’s influence and power is quite obvious all over the world with the birth of several new entrepreneurs and companies that every day decide to embrace cryptocurrency.

Welcome to the Bitcoin business world, where ventures emerge solely due to the existence of this amazing new technology. Here’s a list of 14 amazing startups from very different fields of the virtual currency universe.

1. TruCoin Technologies

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This platform allows you to trade Bitcoin through multiple exchanges while using only one service. “We believe that autonomous individuals are in the best position to decide where their own earnings and assets should be deployed”, you can read on TruCoin’s website.

2. Mt. Gox

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Although it’s going through a lot of problems lately, Mt. Gox is still the Bitcoin exchange that operates the biggest number of transactions.

3. Alydian

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The startup Alydian, which is being supported by the Bitcoin business incubator Coinlab, “is revolutionizing the Bitcoin industry with enterprise-scale mining”.

4. Butterfly Labs

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Butterfly Labs produces several mining devices, among other applications. The company has been dealing with some delays in the shipment of their pre-ordered and long-awaited devices.

5. Bitpay

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BitPay was founded in May 2011 and is today the leader processor in the Bitcoin payments field. “Our mission is to make Bitcoin every merchant’s favorite form of payment”, the company claims.

6. Coinbase

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The San Francisco-based startup created an international digital wallet that allows you to safely use, buy and accept Bitcoin. Coinbase‘s mission is to make cryptocurrency easy to use around the world.

7. BitInstant

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BitInstant is also going through a bad time: it’s currently not working due to a big upgrading process and is being accused of crimes like unjust enrichment. Three users recently filed a lawsuit against the company. The startup’s main goal is to provide quick transfers of funds between and into Bitcoin exchanges.

8. Coinsetter

Coinsetter mod

This Bitcoin trading platform makes the lives of the forex traders easier. Coinsetter describes itself as “a reliable and user-friendly platform”.

9. Tradehill

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Tradehill Prime claims to be a “secure and reliable virtual currency trading solution for professional investors, businesses, and governments”. The service is directed to individuals and organizations looking to exchange $10,000 or more.

10. BTCe

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This Bulgaria-based cryptocurrency exchange allows users to trade Bitcoins, Litecoins and Namecoins for US Dollars, Euros and Rubles.

11. Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine mod

Bitcoin Magazine wants to be “the most accurate and up-to-date source of information, news and commentary about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies”. Currently, the magazine reaches hundreds of thousands of readers monthly.

12. BTC Jam

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BTC Jam is a peer to peer Bitcoin lending network, where “investors can earn higher returns and borrowers can choose rates they can afford”.

13. Gliph

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Gliph was recently featured in 99Bitcoins, as the company provides a service that combines communication and Bitcoin transactions.

14. BtcTrip

From all the merchants that deal and accept Bitcoin, BtcTrip is special. This platform provides the opportunity to buy plane tickets with cryptocurrency and new services are coming soon.

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