Send or receive your Bitcoins on iOS with Gliph

Last updated on October 13th, 2017 at 09:43 am

Gliph has completed its integration in Coinbase: this new feature allows the digital identity platform users to quickly create a Coinbase account and send or receive Bitcoin using an iOS app.

The company had announced their project at the conference Bitcoin 2013, in May, talking about a new way to send Bitcoin. According to Coinbase, which presented the new feature at the company’s blog, Gliph uses “the Coinbase API in a way that lets people send Bitcoin using a chat messaging interface. Rather than use Bitcoin wallet addresses, users simply connect and then send Bitcoin back and forth”. Pretty simple, right?

But this is not the only recent addition to Gliph’s services. Not too long ago, the platform started allowing its users to create wallets on Coinbase instantly. “Leveraging the Coinbase API again, they’ve demonstrated an easy way for anyone to immediately get started with Bitcoin”, Coinbase adds.

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