3dcart merchants can accept Bitcoin in a flash thanks to partnership with BitPay

The leading payment processor in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, BitPay, has recently signed on 3dcart, a platform founded in 1997 that provides to the online merchants all the tools they need to sell via the internet and to boost the growth of their businesses. Much like an e-store assistant that supports its clients 24/7.

Through this partnership, 3dcart allows its merchants to install and configure BitPay directly from 3dcart Store Managers, making it easier for them to accept Bitcoin.

“I see incredible potential in Bitcoins as a self-regulating, peer-to-peer digital currency. Also, the simple fact that Bitcoins can be transferred across the world without the need of an intermediate financial institution is one aspect I find very interesting”, says 3dcart’s founder and CEO, Gonzalo Gil.

But what made him take this step? “At 3dcart, we’re all about helping our merchants grow their business. If they’re successful, we’re successful. With that in mind, I feel that by giving online merchants the option to accept Bitcoins as payment for goods and services will allow them to attract new shoppers looking to use Bitcoins to buy products online”, he adds.

According to the entrepreneur, merchants who use 3dcart now have two options. First, they can get their payments in US dollars and BitPay “will guarantee the exchange rate and manage the currency exchange when required”. Then, they can also “opt to keep the Bitcoins they receive and manage them directly using a Bitcoin wallet. By giving merchants the option, we aim to attract the masses, not just those familiar with Bitcoins/Bitcoin management”.

Via bitcoinmagazine.com

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