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15 Places where you can buy beer with Bitcoins

After a week of hard work at your “mine”, it’s time to hit the bar and start the weekend on a high note. What’s better than paying for your ice cold beer with Bitcoins? It’s definitely a great feeling.

So here are some of the awesome places that accept Bitcoin for beer (or other drinks, we don’t judge)…

1. EVR

EVR Lounge NYC mod

One of the most famous gastro-pubs in Manhatan, New York, has been accepting Bitcoins for a while. It’s not that surprising when you find out this bar is co-owned by the cryptocurrency entrepreneur Charlie Shrem, the founder of BitInstant.

2. Sake Zone

Sake Zone on Clement St CA mod

This place, in San Francisco, will sell you beers for Bitcoin and when you get hungry you can also buy some delicious sushi.

3. The Haymakers Pub

The Haymakers (Cambridge) mod

This pub – located on the High Street, in Chesterton, Cambridge – was probably the first physical place to accept Bitcoins for beer in the United Kingdom.

4. The Devonshire Arms

The Devonshire Arms mod

The Devonshire Arms is part of the group Individual Pubs. It’s a “real ale pub” located in Cambridge, that accepts Bitcoin over the counter.

5. The Pembury Tavern

The Pembury Tavern Public House mod

Located in Hackney, East London, The Pembury Tavern is also part of the group Individual Pubs.

6. The White Lion

The White Lion pub Norwich mod

The Brits sure love their Bitcoin beers. Here’s another typical establishment, also part of the group Individual Pubs, that accepts cryptocurrency. This one can be found in Norwich.

7. The Coalheavers Arms

The Coal Heavers Arms mod

The pub that close’s the list of the group Individual Pubs. The Coalheavers Arms is located in Peterborough.

8. Fabelhaft Bar


Lots of beer and delicious cocktails are waiting for you at this bar, in Berlin.

9. Southwedge Colony Bar & Grille

Southwedge Colony Bar & Grille NY

You got to try a fresh beer with a delicious gourmet hamburger at Southwedge Colony, in New York.

10. Carena Bar

Carena Bar Greece mod

This bar and restaurant in Kefallonia is one of the first places in Greece to accept cryptocurrency.

11. October Bar

OCtober Bar Tel Aviv mod

A small cozy bar in Tel Aviv, Israel. Perfect to get a cold beer and a delicious snack.

12. Kayma Bar

Bar Kayma Tel Aviv mod

Also in Tel Aviv, Israel, is the Kayma Bar. This bar-restaurant co-op was founded in 2012.

13. Room 77

Room 77 Berlin mod

Located in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, the place with the highest concentration of merchants that accept Bitcoin, Room 77 is one of the biggest cryptocurrency promoters in the area.

14. Cafe Berlin

Cafe Berlin Vegas mod

Cafe Berlin always has nice German food and, of course, nice German beer for its clients. This establishment is located in Vegas.

15. Bestie Vancouver

Bestie Vancouver mod

Bestie is a “little sausage and beer parlour” located in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, in Canada.

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