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What do you really know about Friedcat?

A while ago, the 99Bitcoins team created a fun list entitled “8 Bitcoin Millionaires: from geeks to rich gurus”, but apparently there was something missing. According to one of our readers, “no Bitcoin rock star list is complete without Friedcat”. Our sincere apologies (and thank you, ‘barfor’) to the readers and, of course, to Friedcat. To redeem ourselves, we decided to make a complete search about this mysterious Bitcoin geek.

However, like we suspected, we didn’t find a lot… Unless we are talking about the many opinions published around the web. To begin with, everybody in Bitcoin knows that Friedcat is the CEO and representative of ASIC Miner, the most famous company in the Bitcoin mining devices production field, that’s no big surprise.

He’s also a fruitful member of Reddit since January of 2012, talking mainly about ASIC and its products. Every post he makes is a reason for joy for a lot of people.

And that’s pretty much what we know. Ah, and he’s a “rock star” of Bitcoin! This anonymity is not a big surprise, since ASIC Miner is famous for its products, but also for not having an online presence, apart from a few traces left behind in the Bitcointalk Forum. ASIC has even been described before as “the world’s first hundred-million dollar company without a website”, like we said here.

Besides all that, according to some opinions, “Friedcat, CEO of ASIC Miner, continues to be the most reliable producer of Bitcoin mining hardware in the world“.

Do you know any other fact about Friedcat you want to share? Leave a comment!

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  1. So what miners does he make now. He vanished years ago leaving alot of us out of pocket…. many people would be glad to know what he moved on to.

  2. You’re welcome and thanks. Yea, Friedcat = BTC mastermind… Satoshi = BTC mastermind…hmmm…

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