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Top 3 X Layer Meme Coins: What Are The Best Early Buys On New OKX Meme Coin Blockchain?

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Discover top new X layer meme coin as dedicated OKX meme coin blockchain kicks off with major meme coins already pumping in skyrocket moves.

Discover the top new X layer meme coin plays. Dedicated OKX meme coin layer-2 kicks off trading, and major meme coins are already posting skyrocketing moves.

Last week, OKX didn’t just unveil their layer-2 chain, “X Layer;” they set the meme trading world ablaze, welcoming DogWifHat and MEW and launching spot trading against Tether (USDT).

Overnight, OKX morphed into a meme trading mecca, echoing vibes of Base chain—so which three meme coins are the best to buy right now?

Built using Polygon’s technology, X Layer offers lower fees, higher interoperability, and seamless migration for developers from Ethereum.

Meme coins are a near $100bn market cap narrative in crypto with no signs of slowing down.

We Have Lift Off! Discover Top New X Layer Meme Coins As Retail Investors Shift to OKX Layer-2

Now that OKX looks like the next Base Chain, get in early with these meme coins picks.

X Layer Meme Coin #1 – How to Fly (PUFF) 


In a stunning launch this morning, new OKX meme coin ‘How to Fly’ token (PUFF) has exploded a dramatic +670% in the past 3 hours since listing.

With price action currently in skyrocket form, PUFF has slammed to the top of DEXtools hot coins on X layer.

So far, the emerging rally has attracted an impressive 468 holders, with the price move fuelled by just $550k in volume – highlighting the opportunities abounding on the new meme coins-focused blockchain.

Now at a market cap of $1.33m, late entrants could bag as much as 5-10x gains from here compared to rival chains such as BLAST.

X Layer Meme Coin #2 – X Layer Inu (XINU)


In a tongue in cheek twist on the Scientology space god, X Layer Inu has emerged as the first dog-themed skyrocket on X Layer, and now amid a heavy retracement, retail investors could position themselves in the future SHIB on X Layer.

The initial pump after listing saw XINU climb +13,483%, and with early birds now taking profit on their big bags, supply appears more distributed following a -79% retracement.

Backed by more than 1,000 holders, XINU is rapidly establishing its position in the X Layer meme coin world, and with a retraced market cap down at $88k – late entrants could easily unlock 10x to 50x gains from here if traction returns.

X Layer Alternative Play? Bitcoin Runes Meme Coins Launched on OKX

With the halving event coinciding, Runes launched a new fungible token standard on Bitcoin that was activated on day one on OKX.

Building on the foundations laid by the Bitcoin ordinals protocol, Runes enables the minting of fungible tokens (aka shitcoins and meme coins), bringing BTC into the DeFi fold.

Here are the top 5 Runes trading on OKXcurrently:

  1. RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE: $306.1M: Has a serious lead in total market cap among currently listed Runes
  2. SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO: $89.4M: With nearly 20,000 holders Satoshi holds relevance in its name alone
  3. WANKO•MANKO•RUNES: $44.5M: A furry-inspired rune that Casey Rodarmor is pushing
  4. BITCOIN•PEPE•MATRIX: Nearly 1500 sales and 16,000 holders
  5. MEME•ECONOMICS: $9.9M: Nearly 1,000 sales and 4,000 holders

Bottom Line – Get in Early With These OKX Meme Coins

Meme coins will only get more popular in 2024 as we enter a bull market, and if BASE and BLAST have taught us one thing, retail traders and new money will flock to the latest and greatest chain. Especially those such as X Layer and BASE, which offer easy onboarding for new users.

If you’re a meme trader OKX needs to be your new stomping ground for tokens in the weeks to come – don’t miss out on the action.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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