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BASE Crypto On-Boards Thousands of New Users: Best 3 Memecoins To Buy On Base

Days after the Bitcoin Halving Base Crypto is making moves, drawing thousands of new users to chain as retail chase BASE meme coin.

Days after the Bitcoin Halving and Base Crypto is once again making moves, drawing thousands of new users into cryptocurrency through meme coins on the high octane BASE chain layer-2.

Stand aside Solana – if you’re wondering which is best, stick around; we’re diving into the top three Base meme picks.

Tied at the hip with Coinbase, Base has seen a remarkable +250% surge in its total value locked (TVL), reaching an all-time high of $1.61 billion as of April 21.


Thanks to the Ethereum Dencun upgrade which slashed network fees on layer-2 fees,  Base has become prime real estate for those looking to develop and trade memecoins.

While the meme coin graveyard on Base is expanding as well, don’t be fooled; Jesse Pollak, the creative mind behind Base, is championing the power of memes to revolutionize crypto adoption:


According to Pollak, memes are more than just internet humor; they’re a potent tool for onboarding masses onto the blockchain. Here’s a look into why Base has become the new hotspot for meme coins and what three coins to check out in the month ahead.

Base Crypto #1: BRETT

Among the standout stars on Base, BRETT takes the lead with a jaw-dropping market cap of $567 million. It boasts a price increase of 7,780% since early March.

BRETT has become Base’s unofficial yet unmistakable mascot with its “Bretthren” community of over 50,000 followers on X.


Brett allows direct swaps across BASE and alternative chains like Solana. With Bitcoin’s dominance waning, the altcoin universe is bracing for a meteoric rise, and true believers in Brett believe it will be this cycle’s Doge.

Base Crypto #2: CONDO

Breaking away from the tradition of meme tokens that ride the waves of social media trends, Condo is the first meme coin with the “real world asset” (RWA) narrative.

Condo uses a 3% transaction tax fund as a community-driven treasury that invests in leading RWA projects, departing from the conventional meme token model.

In just 11 days post-launch, the Condo DAO’s treasury amassed an impressive $105,000.

The strategy is clear: to actively invest in DeFi and RWA protocols like the Ondo US Dollar Yield Token (USDY) and Maple Finance lending pools.

Base Crypto #3 DOGEVERSE

Dogeverse is one of the first doggy meme coins you can invest in, not one or even two, but six different blockchains.

Recently smashing through $9m for its presale, Dogeverse is offering its 200 billion supply up for grabs at a starting price of $0.0003 per token.

The project’s structure and potential for high returns, including a staggering +582% APY return for stakers, underline its ambitious roadmap.

High APY staking has become popular recently, with the market led by the exciting $99BTC presale offering even better staking rewards.


Dogeverse introduces real utility, offering seamless integration across different blockchain environments.

Click here if you want to take part in the Dogeverse presale.

Base Crypto #4 Baste – The Based Base Baking Boin

We’re throwing in one extra meme coin to check out on the house.

Created by the CMO of Cardano’s VyFinance, Baste is a low-cap memecoin with huge potential. They aim to be a community type memecoin and collaborate with DeFi projects building on Base.


Click here to take part of the BASTE presale.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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