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Centrifuge Price Analysis: After Surprise $15M Raise, Will This RWA BlackRock Token Skyrocket?

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CFG Price Analysis: Centrifuge (CFG) is about to go ballistic as RWA BlackRock moves ignite RWA crypto frenzy, what's next for Centrifuge?

RWA BlackRock moves have ignited a frenzy for RWA crypto, and standout performer Centrifuge (CFG) is poised to go ballistic – here’s why.

Centrifuge, the rumored soon-to-be BlackRock crypto at the forefront of turning real-world assets (RWAs) into accessible loans, has successfully bagged $15m in Series A funding.


Following the announcement, CFG (Centrifuge’s native token) saw a +14% surge in response to the news.

The funding round, led by ParaFi Capital and Greenfield, soared past expectations by an impressive $5 million.

This influx of capital is set to fuel Centrifuge’s ambitious vision to bridge decentralized finance (DeFi) with institutional needs, a vision shared with enthusiasm at Token2049 in Dubai.

CFG Price Analysis: As Centrifuge Rallies Following Successful Funding Round – What’s Next For RWA Crypto?

In this article, we will discuss whether CFG crypto will break out and whether it is the top RWA BlackRock token.

Amid the recovery move, Centrifuge is currently trading at a market price of $0.80 (representing a 24-hour change of 17.21%).

Upside moves come as CFG jumps out of double-bottomed support above $0.65 – in a move that could see CFG retest upside resistance around $1.


As for the CFG token, it looks like the buyers stepped in around the 0.7200 mark, making them our key support levels. This halted the downward trend, giving us a nice bounce upward.

The RSI is cruising around 63, which means we’re not in overbought or oversold territory—it’s more like we’re in the middle of the road, just enjoying the ride – with markets awaiting more decisive momentum.

However, with the RSI above the 50 mark, the CFG bears have a bit of an edge, but it’s not by much.

Meanwhile, the MACD reflects the sudden pump move, shifting back towards neutral divergence at -0.002.

RWA BlackRock Partnership: Should You Buy Centrifuge Token?

Centrifuge is the only concrete RWA project connecting traditional with decentralized finance. This makes them a potentially extremely lucrative hold.

They plan to revolutionize how institutions engage with DeFi by introducing Centrifuge Pools, a proposed lending market that promises to bring the traditional financial utilities of RWAs into the on-chain world.

According to data, there are $270m in active loans on the Centrifuge protocol.


The oversubscribed Series A round saw contributions from heavyweight backers including Circle Ventures, IOSG Ventures, and Arrington Capital, signaling strong market faith in Centrifuge’s roadmap.

Centrifuge plans to build on Coinbase’s Base network—pretty much the hottest place to build dApps and a meme-lover paradise—leveraging the exchange’s infrastructure for user verification. Yup, it’ll be that easy to get involved with Centrifuge.

They are also one of the few RWA tokens to ensure compliance within the U.S. regulatory environment.

All of this makes Centrifuge a red-hot buying opportunity… except for this one thing.

The Centrifuge Controversy That Pissed Traders Off

There are a few cons about Centrifuge – highlighted by critics across the market:

  • Stablecoin Scam: Centrifuge is partnered with FRAX, which many consider an unsustainable stablecoin with a model like Terra Luna; that said, FRAX is flourishing and has tightened its reward mechanics.
  • Polkadot Blunder: In a recent controversy, Centrifuge took rewards from over 18,000 users who supported, voted, and helped them secure their parachain spot on Polkadot.
  • Lack of Community: Centrifuge’s community is surprisingly lacking for a top 200 crypto by mcap… their Reddit is a ghost town

The Bottom Line: Don’t Miss Out on CFG Token

Despite the cons, many believe RWAs are the next DeFi or NFT narrative – and Centrifuge is at the forefront of that.

With BlackRock saying RWAs will be huge, you should keep your eye on them to see if a BlackRock RWA partnership sparks. They’re a noteworthy project to watch with the Bitcoin Halving…. one day away! We’re pumped.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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