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Sniper Turns $10K to $10M in 2 days with Ran Neuner’s Gummy Solana Meme Coin

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Gummy, the 4/20 Solana meme coin airdrop from influencer Ran Neuner has already pumped 1000x Solana but it isn't finished yet.

In the latest Solana meme coin airdrop pump, influencer Ran Neuner’s 4/20 themed GUMMY token has pumped 1000x – but things aren’t over just yet.

Following the international stoner community’s much-loved 4/20 celebrations over this past weekend, numerous cannabis-related meme coins have launched, mostly on Solana.

By now, most are well and truly dead. However, one ticker led the charge over the weekend, which has defied expectations as it continues to look extremely strong.

CryptoManRan (Ran Neuner) launched GUMMY on 4/20 as a ‘fair launch,’ with 30% of the tokens reserved for future airdrops.

Gummy has already printed multiple millionaires, including this sniper who turned $10k into $10m.

Many community members wonder whether this individual had insider information or was just a lucky retail sniper who rolled the dice and landed on a 1025x return!


Gummy Showing Bullish Price Action – Ready For Next Leg?

Whatever the answer, Gummy has already been on an insane ride, with a current market cap of $150m.

The price has been ranging between $0.1-0.15 over the past 12 hours and it looks ready for another violent move up.


Furthermore, volume continues to rise, with over $4 0m of Gummy traded over the past 24 hours.

Gummy’s success has caused on-chain volume for the Solana network to spike, with many investors who had jumped ship to Base and other chains, flocking back.


Airdrops to be the Catalyst on Gummy’s Road to Become the Next Billion Dollar Meme Coin On Solana

Ran Neuner is pushing this meme coin hard and has set a space on X for 2:15 pm UTC.

One topic of discussion will be the controversial snipers that have printed millions of dollars from Gummy.

Ran has also noted that other parts of the discussion during this space will include CEX listings, an airdrop for holders of PolitiFi memecoin TOOKER, and the next airdrop following that.

Talking of the next airdrops in store for holders of GUMMY, the team’s official X account has alluded to an upcoming staking portal.

In the same post, they mention that you will need to stake Gummy to receive airdrops of; RETARDED, MUNCHIES & BAKED.

All the talk of airdrops is clearly working, as the holder count for Gummy has risen over 100% in 24 hours, from 21,000 to 44,400 as of today.


With Ran putting his full weight behind Gummy (1.5 million combined followers and subscribers across his personal X account and the CryptoBanter Youtube account), there is no telling where the price of this super hot meme coin can go.

Market participants are even calling for a 500m+ market cap for Gummy, which is more than a 3x return from here.

Those gains, along with all of the airdrops planned for holders and stakes, mean that Gummy could be a money-printing machine in this post-BTC halving world we find ourselves in.

Missed The Ship on GUMMY? Don’t Miss the Slothana Presale

With this outlook, it is no wonder investors are actively searching for the next big thing, and a new contender has emerged: Slothana.

It is a meme coin launching on Solana that actively capitalizes on the current market sentiment. The project has attracted a massive following on X and has been featured in leading crypto-focused YouTube channels like Crypto Gains and Crypto ZEUS.

In the ongoing presale, it has already raised over $10 million.  Notably, its unique theme resonates deeply with a generation dissatisfied with traditional work structures. 



Slothana is a meme coin and has no utility. However, as history shows, utility is not a prerequisite in the meme coin scene, given the explosive successes of SLERF and even BOME in the past.

As capital flows to potent alternatives, supporters expect Slothana to continue attracting millions in its presale.

After launching on Raydium, it might replicate and exceed expectations, possibly eclipsing previous successes of leading meme coins on Solana. 

If it becomes as popular as BONK and lists on leading exchanges like Binance, Slothana could command a market cap of over $1 billion

Buy SLOTH Here

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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