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RWA Crypto VeChain Gains 3 Million New Buyers in April, Is Massive Price Break Out Coming?

VET Price Analysis: Despite major RWA crypto developments VeChain price has paradoxically subdued - find out what's going on here.

Deep dive VET Price Analysis as 99Bitcoins investigate why major RWA crypto developments have left VeChain price paradoxically subdued – find out what’s going on with RWA crypto VeChain.

April’s been a wild ride for RWA crypto VeChain (VET), the blockchain innovator focused on BlackRock’s favorite narrative in the crypto space.

VeChain’s most striking win in April was welcoming over three million new users, so if you’re wondering if VeChain is about to break out, this article will tell you.

Despite user achievement, VET’s market price has been paradoxically subdued.

This makes VeChain a paramount RWA crypto for technical analysis. As William O’Neil, the inventor of TA, discovered: when an asset has good fundamentals, strong support, and isn’t moving in price –it could be ready for a massive breakout.


Here’s a snapshot of VeChain’s bustling April and the curious case of its modest price movement.

RWA Crypto Vechain Price Prediction 2025

VeChain is an enterprise blockchain built on Ethereum, which means it’s much more centralized than traditional cryptocurrencies. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to use the C-word.

That said, VeChain isn’t trying to be a decentralized computer like Ethereum; they want to make the supply chain transparent down to the last detail by tracking it on the blockchain.

In terms of Chinese regulations, VeChain is one of the few cryptocurrencies endorsed by the government.


What you should really focus on with VeChain is its moving average convergence/divergence at the bottom of the chart.

The MACD line is almost kissing the signal line, right above it – suggesting a great chance of upward momentum.

Moreover, with all the bullish updates for VeChain (more listed below), it has everything it needs for a significant breakout during this cycle.

RWA Crypto VeChain Updates That You Need to Know

In addition to onboarding three million users in April alone, VeChain has had several recent updates.

Here are some VeChain updates you need to know about:

  • VET SDK: VeChain’s new SDK program allows creators to streamline the dApp creation process sustainably.
  • A Knockout UFC Partnership:  VeChain announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) by embedding NFC and blockchain chips into fighter gloves.

  • Championing Sustainability: Through VeBetterDAO and its X-2-Earn game model, VeChain rewards earth-friendly activities with tokens, promotes green practices, and backs developers with a fresh grant program. Sounds a lot like BlackRock’s ESG program, huh?

As we approach what some traders are saying “altcoin summer,” and with the RWA crypto narrative being big, VeChain should be kept close to the vest.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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