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Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin & How to Invest in Bitcoins

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How to invest in bitcoins and benefits of investing in bitcoins – current research reveals that some of the most financially successful people in the world are Bitcoin investors. Founders of Yahoo, PayPal, e-BAY, billionaire Richard Branson and Asia’s richest man Li Ka-Shing, all invest in Bitcoins. While financial success is pegged on several factors, it is a fact that Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity as a worldwide currency. Compared with other world currencies, Bitcoin investors agree that it has more advantages over the dollar and other world currencies. Major world currencies are prone to many challenges that affect their value and purchasing power. With Bitcoin, these challenges are less since no government or country controls the unit. Here are some of the benefits of investing in Bitcoin.

Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin

1.  Bitcoin has lower inflation risk: All world currencies are controlled by their respective governments. This is what at times leads to fluctuation in the value of the currencies since governments keep printing more money. When a currency loses value, its purchasing power goes down and leads to paying more money to acquire the products. In the end, it is like a tax on what people have already acquired, which may not be enough at the same time. With Bitcoin, the system is infinite and therefore no need to worry of the money getting finished. By the year 2050, it is estimated that there will be in circulation one Bitcoin to cater for 500 people globally.

2. Bitcoin investors believe that the currency has a lower falling risk, compared to other currencies. This is because Bitcoin is a global currency that does not depend on government policy that can fail and cause hyperinflation or complete collapse of the currency.

3.  Bitcoin transactions are simple, easy, and cheap. Since the buyers cannot claim their money back after purchase, it gives the sellers an opportunity to ship the product or service to the buyer without any worry of recovery.

4.  Bitcoin is portable: With the current major currencies, it is difficult to carry around large amounts of money. Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons, which is why Bitcoin investors prefer it to other currencies. With Bitcoin, you can easily carry around a million dollars worth of Bitcoin in a memory card.

5.  It cannot be traced. This is another advantage of Bitcoin. Once the seller gets the money, it cannot go back to the buyer by any means. This is important because no government can trace the source of your funds.

How to Invest in Bitcoins

 how to invest in bitcoins

If you ever wonder how to invest in bitcoins; the hottest and fastest growing virtual currency, you have come to the right place. Bitcoin is hot right now. The number of millionaire and billionaire bitcoin investors is growing by the minute. Bitcoin has created a number of millionaires and turning millionaires into billionaires; all in just a couple of years. Now it’s the time for you to learn how to invest in bitcoins.  To invest in bitcoins, you must do the following:

1. Get a bitcoin wallet on Coinbase, Blockchain or LocalBitcoin, (We highly recommend Coinbase – the most secured and popular bitcoin exchange company right now).

2. Get a current bitcoin market quote to check current bitcoin market value. (you can use our bitcoin calculator on the sidebar).

3. Determine how much money you are willing to invest in bitcoin (calculator will tell you how many bitcoin your currency can purchase).

4. Use creditcard, checkcard, bank account to buy bitcoin from sellers on Coinbase (You can also purchase bitcoin locally from and transfer them to your bitcoin wallet at coinbase).

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The above points underscore the importance of Bitcoin investment. As more people continue to discover the advantages of this investment, it is important to shed more light on different concepts of Bitcoin investment. While it may not be advisable to put all your financial investment in Bitcoin, it is indeed well worth trying. Notable Bitcoin investors who have become successful through it can shed more light about the project. For more information about the investment, you can visit the official website on, where you can have all your questions answered. It is suitable for investors across the board including retirees.

I fell in love with bitcoin about 2 years ago and have never looked back. Over a 2 year period, I learned as much as I can about this hot/new virtual currency and have bought, sold and traded a few bitcoins myself. Now, I want to share with you what I know! Enjoy.

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  1. It’s cool that you point out that buying Bitcoin can be a smart way to invest your money. I’ve been looking for a way to diversify my investments this year, so I’m thinking about purchasing some Bitcoin at an ATM. I’m going to search for a good Bitcoin ATM in the area that I can use.
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  2. Iam a subsistence farmer and want to invest in bitcoin

    How much in pngkina will I start with and whether we can use it for goods and services

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