Florida-based debt collection company could be the first in the business to accept BTC

Johnson, Morgan & White, a debt collection company headquartered in Florida’s Palm Beach County and specialized in business to business collections, is currently accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for debts owed to its clients.

The businesses that wish to liquidate their arrears with cryptocurrency are now free to do it, probably for the first time in this industry.

“We believe that accepting any payment method available is in the best interest of our clients. That is our main driver. If we make it easier for debtors to satisfy their obligations, ultimately our clients win”, said Robert Cooper, the company’s owner, in a press release.

The entrepreneur assures he is not worried with Bitcoin’s bad press, which was boosted by the Silk Road bust, in October, and the more recent arrest of BitInstant’s CEO, Charlie Shrem.

We felt that these were isolated incidents. Additionally, the instant payment aspect alongside the lack of bounced checks and/or credit card chargebacks made our decision simple.

The firm counts almost 25 years of history in the debt collection industry, having successfully disposed of tens of billions of dollars in debts during this time. Johnson, Morgan & White focuses on commercial debt and works with clients from very different backgrounds, from multinational Fortune 500 corporations to small and medium-sized businesses.

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