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10 Best Gaming Cryptos to Buy in 2024 – Top GameFi Coins

Gaming and cryptocurrency have become inseparable in recent years. What started as a niche experiment has exploded into a key sector of the crypto space. Blockchain-based games that let you truly own in-game assets and earn cryptocurrency just by playing? That’s the promise of GameFi.

In this guide, we’re diving into the best gaming cryptos to buy in 2024, exploring the top coins that power this fast-growing intersection of entertainment and DeFi. 

Best Gaming Crypto Coin to Invest In

The top gaming cryptos have taken the industry by storm, offering players a revolutionary way to earn while they play. But which gaming crypto coins deserve to be on your investment watchlist for 2024?

Based on our research, here are 10 of the best gaming cryptos to invest in this year:

  1. Mega Dice TokenBest gaming crypto to buy now for staking rewards, airdrops, and profit-sharing.
  2. Immutable – Leading layer-2 gaming crypto enabling scalable NFT platforms and transactions.
  3. Axie Infinity – P2E crypto gaming phenomenon with over $4 billion in NFT trading volume.
  4. Farcana – AAA blockchain shooter rewarding skilled players with Bitcoin prizes.
  5. Gala – One of the top gaming cryptos focused on true NFT ownership.
  6. Beam – Developer-focused gaming blockchain that simplifies Web3 game integration.
  7. Pixels – Free-to-play farming simulator easing users into GameFi with P2E rewards.
  8. Shrapnel – Hardcore AAA extraction shooter launching with a “play-to-own” NFT model
  9. The Sandbox – Blockchain-based virtual gaming metaverse that pioneered true digital ownership
  10. Saga – Scalable blockchain platform made for gaming via customizable “Chainlet” environments

Top GameFi Coins Reviewed

Finding the next crypto to explode in GameFi is no easy feat. This emerging sector has given rise to hundreds of promising gaming platforms and ecosystems, each with its own native token.

To separate the good from the bad, we took a deep dive into the most hyped and fundamentally sound gaming cryptocurrencies. From high-profile names like Axie Infinity to innovative upstarts like Mega Dice, here are our reviews of the best gaming cryptos to buy in 2024.

1. Mega Dice Token – Best gaming crypto to buy now for staking rewards, airdrops, and profit-sharing

Topping our list of the best crypto gaming coins is the DICE token, which powers the rapidly growing Mega Dice casino platform. Launched via a presale, DICE has quickly become one of the most talked-about investments in the “GambleFi” space, where gambling and DeFi meet.

What makes DICE so exciting is how it integrates into Mega Dice’s already thriving gambling ecosystem. Unlike many GameFi projects that are still building out their platforms, DICE taps into an existing user base of over 50,000 active players, wagering upwards of $50 million monthly.

Mega Dice

By holding and staking DICE, investors can directly benefit from this proven revenue stream through a first-of-its-kind rewards program. This program distributes a share of the casino’s daily earnings to token holders.

But DICE’s utility extends far beyond these yields. The token also unlocks rewards and perks tailored for Mega Dice’s player community. This includes three seasons of lucrative airdrop promotions exclusively for DICE holders and active players.

Mega Dice airdrop

There will also be limited-edition NFTs granting special privileges and a generous 25% revenue share referral program. With a hard-capped total supply of 420 million tokens and a substantial portion already allocated for incentives, DICE could be one of the best crypto presales of the year.

Combining DICE’s real-world utility with the booming online gambling market and Mega Dice’s thriving platform, this upstart token stands out as arguably the most hyped gaming crypto investment on the market right now. As crypto and gambling become more intertwined, DICE is primed to be the casino token of choice for hundreds (if not thousands) of investors.

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit/Debit Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

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2. Immutable – Leading layer-2 gaming crypto enabling scalable NFT platforms and transactions

Another of the top crypto gaming coins to buy in 2024 is Immutable (IMX). As a layer-2 scaling solution built on Ethereum, Immutable is focused on solving the scalability and high gas fee issues plaguing gaming apps that use NFTs.

Using ZK-rollup technology from StarkWare, Immutable enables lightning-fast, near-free minting and trading of in-game NFT assets without relying on Ethereum’s sluggish base layer. The platform claims to handle up to 9,000 transactions per second – all while inheriting Ethereum’s security.

IMX price chart

The IMX token powers this entire ecosystem and is used to pay fees, earn trading rewards and align incentives for game developers to build on Immutable. With a growing list of major projects like Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and Guild of Guardians using the network, IMX could emerge as the go-to token for blockchain gaming.

Due to this, if the developers can continue growing adoption, IMX will have immense upside as more AAA games seek the benefits that Immutable offers.

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3. Axie Infinity – P2E crypto gaming phenomenon with over $4 billion in NFT trading volume

Axie Infinity (AXS) is often touted as the best crypto to buy now in the blockchain gaming space. This Ethereum-based play-to-earn (P2E) game took the world by storm in 2021, attracting millions of players lured in by the ability to earn crypto – just by playing.

Put simply, Axie Infinity combines the addictive creature-battling gameplay of games like Pokemon with the collect-and-breed mechanics of CryptoKitties. Players can mint, raise, battle, and trade NFT creatures called “Axies,” with all in-game assets and resources having real-world value thanks to blockchain tech.

AXS price chart

While simple in premise, Axie Infinity’s P2E model was revolutionary – creating an entirely player-owned economy where skilled gameplay is incentivized with rewards. The game’s two tokens, AXS for governance and SLP for breeding, experienced enormous price rises as Axie’s popularity exploded.

With over $4.2 billion in all-time NFT trading volume and partnerships with gaming giants like Ubisoft, Axie Infinity has cemented itself as one of the top crypto gaming tokens – and if it can maintain its edge, it could have another explosive year ahead.

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4. Farcana – AAA blockchain shooter rewarding skilled players with Bitcoin prizes

For investors seeking to gain exposure to an authentic AAA blockchain gaming experience, Farcana (FAR) is a project worth considering. This free-to-play hero shooter runs on Unreal Engine 5, delivering incredible graphics and intense 4v4 multiplayer gameplay.

What sets Farcana apart from its Web2 peers is its deep integration of blockchain tech like NFTs and crypto incentives. Players control unique characters with special abilities, battling for control over the mighty “Infilium” resource on Mars. More than just a typical shooter, Farcana focuses on teamwork and coordination between different factions.

FAR price chart

The real draw, however, is the ability for players to earn Bitcoin rewards through Farcana’s native tournament system. Players can purchase tournament passes, NFT skins, and access in-game privileges using the FAR utility token. This model perfectly encapsulates what P2E is all about.

With development led by a team of industry veterans from companies like Blizzard and Riot Games, Farcana is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious crypto games yet. If it can deliver a seamless experience at launch, the FAR token could be one of the best GameFi coins to invest in. 

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5. Gala – One of the top gaming cryptos focused on true NFT ownership

Few well-established gaming platforms have received as much buzz and mainstream traction as Gala and its GALA utility token. Operating on both Ethereum and its own scalable GalaChain, Gala has quickly become one of the most talked about gaming crypto coins.

The GALA token’s selling point is how deeply it is integrated across Gala’s interconnected gaming universe. It serves as the medium of exchange for purchasing in-game NFT assets that players truly own, rewarding node operators who secure the network and enabling decentralized governance for the community.GALA price chart

This focus on asset ownership, coupled with high-profile game integrations like Gods Unchained and Grit Boxing Club, has allowed Gala’s ecosystem to flourish. No longer are players’ hard-earned loot boxes and gear at the mercy of individual developers – they’re secured as NFTs on the blockchain.

Looking ahead, GALA is well-positioned to benefit from the continued expansion into AAA gaming titles that wish to use the platform for its scalability and low fees. For this reason, GALA could be another GameFi token to buy in 2024.

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6. Beam – Developer-focused gaming blockchain that simplifies Web3 game integration

As blockchain gaming continues entering the mainstream consciousness, Beam (BEAM) could be one of the best altcoins to buy for long-term growth. This is because Beam is a blockchain ecosystem focused solely on gaming, providing developers and players with a specialized environment for building (and playing) decentralized games.

What separates Beam from its peers is its prioritization of scalability and user experience – two areas where blockchain tech has historically struggled when it comes to gaming. Through zero-knowledge proofs and layer-2 scaling solutions, Beam can handle over 9,000 transactions per second and offer zero gas fees for minting NFTs.

BEAM price chart

But Beam isn’t just about robust backend tech. Its software development kit (SDK) simplifies the process of integrating blockchain elements like NFTs, decentralized economies, and tokenized rewards into games. This lowers the barrier to entry for developers looking to ride the P2E wave.

The BEAM token is vital to this ecosystem, powering transactions while incentivizing innovation through developer grants. With numerous top-tier projects now built on the platform, Beam is quickly emerging as one of the best gaming cryptos to invest in. 

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7. Pixels – Free-to-play farming simulator easing users into GameFi with P2E rewards

Pixels (PIXEL) is a free-to-play title that investors may wish to keep on their radar this year. Built on the Ronin network, Pixels combines familiar farming simulation and open-world exploration with the benefits of digital ownership.

What’s most impressive about Pixels is how it seamlessly integrates blockchain elements into its gameplay loop. As players tend their virtual farms, complete quests, and engage with the community, they earn PIXEL tokens as rewards. These tokens can then be used to buy in-game items like farm decorations and premium memberships.

PIXEL price chart

But there’s more to Pixels than just these mechanics. The game also has a player-driven economy where all assets are designated as NFTs that are truly owned. This sense of ownership is crucial for an immersive metaverse experience.

With over 180,000 existing players migrated from the Web2 version and major backers like the previously mentioned Animoca Brands, PIXEL is quickly becoming one of the best penny cryptos to buy in the GameFi niche.

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8. Shrapnel – Hardcore AAA extraction shooter launching with a “play-to-own” model

Shrapnel (SHRAP) is a first-person shooter experience built from the ground up for Web3. Backed by industry veterans and significant investors, Shrapnel represents arguably the most ambitious blend of intense gunplay and blockchain integration.

Put simply, Shrapnel is an immersive, graphics-intensive extraction shooter similar to Escape from Tarkov. What separates it from other shooters in the Web2 space is the true digital ownership it offers. Like the other entries on our list, Shrapnel players will see their weapons, skins, and other items structured as NFTs.

SHRAP price chart

This “play-to-own” model, powered by the native SHRAP token, adds a new layer of risk/reward stakes to every match. However, holders of SHRAP will get so much more, like a say in future content updates and rewards for activities like creating maps and mods.

With over $20 million in funding raised to build a game with AAA production values, Shrapnel is attracting attention from all corners of the crypto space. If it delivers on its immense promise, SHRAP could be one of this year’s best crypto gaming coins.

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9. The Sandbox – Blockchain-based virtual gaming metaverse that pioneered true digital ownership

When it comes to blockchain gaming platforms, few have attracted as much mainstream attention as The Sandbox and its SAND token. This voxel-based metaverse has become a leading virtual world for actual digital ownership.

The core premise of The Sandbox is straightforward – allowing gamers and creators to build, own, and monetize in-game assets and experiences. Players can purchase LAND plots to construct their own 3D games and worlds, while artists can create ASSET NFTs like characters, decorations, and more.

SAND price chart

The SAND token powers this world and acts as the backbone for transactions, governance voting, and rewarding active players. This incentive model, combined with The Sandbox’s partnerships with major brands like Adidas and The Walking Dead, has allowed it to onboard mainstream audiences to the metaverse.

Looking ahead, the roadmap for The Sandbox includes expanding the already vast world with new gameplay experiences, like live concerts, to drive further engagement. Given this exciting vision, SAND could cement itself as one of the most valuable assets in the crypto gaming space.

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10. Saga – Scalable blockchain platform made for gaming via customizable “Chainlet” environments

Rounding off our list of the best gaming cryptos to buy is Saga (SAGA). Saga is a unique layer-1 protocol focused on the gaming sector. It aims to be the infrastructure that powers the next generation of decentralized video games.

What separates Saga from other blockchains is its novel “Chainlet” architecture. These are essentially custom blockchain environments that mirror Saga’s main chain for security but can be optimized for specific needs. For example, high throughput or low fees.

SAGA price chart

However, the true power of Chainlets is their ability to scale horizontally without being constrained by the limitations of traditional blockchains. Each operates in parallel, removing potential bottlenecks while maintaining compatibility with the broader Saga ecosystem. As a result, Chainlets enable a future where AAA games can operate on their own chains.

Powering all of this is the SAGA token used for paying fees, staking, and governing the protocol’s future direction. With over $15 million in funding and partnerships with Polygon and Avalanche, Saga is quickly becoming a premier development hub for P2E games.

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What Are GameFi Crypto Tokens?

Most investors have heard of crypto games and P2E economies – but what exactly are the tokens that make them tick? They’re called GameFi tokens, and they are powering this new era of blockchain-based gaming.

In simple terms, GameFi tokens are digital assets deeply integrated into crypto gaming platforms. They’re a big part of what separates crypto games from traditional Web2 titles with their isolated economies. With GameFi tokens, players truly earn income by playing and participating.

GameFi cryptos

Take Axie Infinity’s AXS, for example. Players can earn this token by battling cute creatures and then use it to breed new NFT Axies or vote on game updates. Or Gala’s GALA token, an all-access pass for their blockchain gaming ecosystem. Ultimately, these tokens incentivize skilled gameplay while providing utility.

But they also go beyond just simple rewards. Many facilitate digital ownership through NFTs that players fully control. For example, Decentraland’s MANA lets players buy virtual parcels of land.

The Sandbox

Some gaming tokens are even blurring the line between virtual and reality. Casino platforms like Mega Dice and its native DICE token distribute shares of actual gambling profits to holders. For this reason, we ranked DICE as our top crypto gaming coin to buy.

To summarize, as gaming becomes more player-owned, GameFi tokens are emerging as the backbone. They turn virtual worlds into income streams – and will likely be a central pillar in the future of gaming and the metaverse.

Are Crypto Gaming Coins a Good Investment?

As crypto gaming tokens become more popular, a key question that investors ask is: are they a good investment? There are several compelling reasons why the answer could be yes. These include: 

Enormous Market Potential

First, the potential market size and demand for crypto gaming coins is massive. Gaming is already a multi-billion dollar industry, with its value projected to top $580 billion by 2030. Combine that with the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies in general, and you have the ideal recipe for disruption.

Ventures like The Sandbox have already partnered with major names like Snoop Dogg for metaverse experiences. If this trend continues, crypto gaming coins could become as ubiquitous as in-app purchases are today.

True Digital Ownership

Another central selling point is that crypto gaming tokens enable true digital ownership of in-game assets in the form of NFTs. This is a clear shift from traditional gaming, where players essentially “rent” access to items and content that developers control.


With GameFi tokens, players’ characters, land, and more are secured on the blockchain. This incentivizes players to be invested in in-game economies for the long haul. 

P2E Models

Perhaps the biggest appeal of GameFi tokens is their ability to power P2E economies. Games like Axie Infinity reward players with tokens for skilled gameplay, which can be reinvested into the ecosystem or cashed out.

Hypothetically, this means that players in some regions of the world could earn more income from blockchain games than traditional jobs. As these games onboard more people, demand for their native tokens could skyrocket. 

Future Metaverse Utility

Lastly, the best GameFi cryptos are those with a vision toward future metaverse integration and utility beyond their native games. An example is Illuvium’s ILV token, which narrowly missed out on our list earlier.

Metaverse growth projections

According to Polaris Market Research, the global metaverse market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 40.5% between now and 2032. This projection highlights the growth potential of GameFi tokens to become the building blocks of future metaverse ecosystems. 

How We Ranked the Top Gaming Tokens

To curate this list of the best GameFi cryptos in 2024, we employed a multi-pronged research approach:

  • Analyzed Reputable Crypto Data Aggregators – We started by examining the gaming token categories on leading data platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This allowed us to get an overview of the market and analyze price action, trading volume, and fundamentals of top projects.
  • Monitored New Token Launches & Presales – The GameFi space is changing every week, with new promising tokens launching regularly. We kept a close eye on trending presale platforms like to identify the next big GameFi tokens.
  • Researched Real-World Use Cases & Adoption – Simply having a gaming concept wasn’t enough. We prioritized tokens with clear use cases already being adopted by popular games, platforms, and communities. Axie Infinity’s partnership with Ubisoft was a prime example.
  • Evaluated Fundamentals – User experience is critical for gaming cryptos, so we analyzed each token’s scalability, security, transaction speeds, and overall technical architecture. Layer-2 solutions like Immutable earned high marks here.
  • Assessed Long-Term Growth Potential – While past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, we prioritized gaming tokens displaying the hallmarks of the next 1,000x crypto This meant favoring tokens with steadily growing communities and consistent developer updates.

Throughout our process, we strived to stay objective, relying on data rather than hype. This allowed us to determine the cryptocurrencies best positioned to thrive as more and more gamers embrace blockchain gaming.

Best Gaming Cryptos – Conclusion

In summary, this guide on the best gaming cryptos to invest in for 2024 has covered the top coins and tokens fueling the explosive growth of the GameFi sector.

While many promising projects were highlighted, one crypto that stands out as a potential winner is Mega Dice and its native DICE token. With solid fundamentals and integration with the lucrative crypto gambling space, Mega Dice could be one of the top gaming cryptos on the market right now.

Visit Mega Dice Token


What are the top gaming crypto coins?

Some top gaming crypto coins to watch include Axie Infinity, Immutable, Farcana, and the new DICE token that powers the fast-growing Mega Dice crypto casino.

What does GameFi mean in crypto?

GameFi refers to the intersection of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). For example, combining the engagement of video games with the ability to earn crypto rewards and own in-game assets as NFTs.

Are gaming crypto tokens worth investing in?

While no investment is risk-free, gaming cryptos can offer high returns, given the growing popularity of blockchain-based games and the P2E model. However, doing thorough research on fundamentals is vital.

What is the best gaming coin for the bull run?

For the next crypto bull run, the new Mega Dice token could be one of the best gaming cryptos to invest in since it combines the proven business model of online gambling with tokenized rewards.


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