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Cheapair Now Accepts Bitcoins for Hotels and Flights

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Cheapair Bitcoins News:, a travel agency, is the first online travel agency to announce that they will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for hotel reservations and flights. Flights became available for purchase with Bitcoins in November of 2013 while hotel reservations were announced on February 6th, 2014.

Bitcoins have only been around for a few years, but they are quickly gaining in popularity for making all kinds of purchases. It is now possible through Cheapair to make reservations for your entire vacation using bitcoins. The CEO and founder of, Jeff Klee states that they have gained new customers since accepting bit coins and have received a wealth of positive response to the changes.

Cheapair Bitcoins Experiment

Purchases are covered by the company’s price drop payback program. This provides customers $100 in credit if their flight fair drops after they have purchased their tickets. This was originally available only in hard currency, however, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, it has become available for purchased made with virtual currency as well.

Cheapair is not the only company to jump onboard with the use of bitcoins; you can also purchase things from using this virtual currency. The travel agency allows you to mix and match flights, this provides you with the ability to create the perfect itinerary. Cheapair bitcoins experiment is the first of its kind for the travel industry. Additionally, the site offers a travel advisor to customers so that problems and questions can be answered by a qualified person. This is also available to people who purchase using bitcoins.

The process Cheapair uses involves exchanging bitcoins used to purchase products through their website into hard currency; this can provide some difficulties, the exchange rate of bitcoins changes just as the exchange rate between hard currency changes.

It is not expected to see an increasing number of companies looking to add bitcoins to their acceptable payment rates. But cheapair bitcoins announcement surprised everyone. Jerry Brito from the Mercatus center at George Mason University believes that because the bitcoin is part of a network just as places like Facebook is a network, this may just be the reason why people join the bitcoin network.

Cheapair has been around since 1989 and is now one of the innovative forces in online travel agencies with the addition of bitcoins to its payment method options. Now you can do everything you need to make the reservations for your travel online using cheapair bitcoins as a payment method!

[Source: CheapAir]

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