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22 Strangest objects you can buy with Bitcoins

Did you know that you could buy a hunting knife or a portrait of your pet with Bitcoins? Well if you are wondering where we’re heading with this, here is a bigger list of what you can actually cash in your Bitcoins for.

1. Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza mod

Buy some yummy pizza for your tummy with cryptocurrency.

2. Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman for 300 Bitcoins mod

This Porsche was for sale a while ago for 300 Bitcoins.

3. White Damascus hunting knife

White Damascus Hunting Knife mod

There’s actually a website called

4. Vapolite electric cigarette

Vapolite Electric Cigarette mod

Quit smoking with the help of your favorite cryptocurrency.

5. Trade your coins for gold

Trade You Coins For Gold mod

Exchange your digital coins for some precious metal.

6. Play roulette online

Play Roulette Online mod

It’s like going to the casino, but here you get to bet your Bitcoin.

7. Pay for lessons at Patrick Gough Music School

Pay For  Lessons at Patrick Grough Music School mod

Whether you want to learn how to play the piano or some music theory, you can now pay for it with Bitcoins at the Patrick Gough Music School.

8. Awesome T-shirts

I'm Not Part of The Problem...I Am The Problem mod

T-shirts with crazy messages or nice designs can be bought here with your digital coins.

9. Camper trailer

A Camper's Trailer mod

Don’t let your vacations go away! Buy a camper trailer with virtual currency and go on an adventure.

10. Your pet’s portrait

Your Pet's Potrait mod

Crazy cat lady will like this one!

11. Cash your coins For $$$

Cash Your Coins For $$$$ mod

As you already know, your Bitcoins can be exchanged for cash, according to your country’s currency.

12. Natural Wellness Remedies

Natural Welness Remedies mod

Take care of your health and beauty with cryptocurrency. Nature’s Medicine accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for their products.

13. Pay college tuition with Bitcoins

Pay College Tuition  with Bitcoins mod

Draper University is already accepting Bitcoin!

14. Top up your mobile with Bitcoins

Top Up Your Mobile with Bitcoins mod

You can now top up your mobile with some cryptocurrency,

15. Cool Linux tablet

Cool Linux Tablet mod

You too can have a gadget like the PengPod dual-boot tablet in exchange for digital coins.

16. Buy legal documents online

Buy Legal Documents online mod

Buy a will or a legal agreement through the website

17. Shipping for Bitcoins

Shipping for Bitcoins mod

We’re not talking about a ship for Bitcoin, but shipping for Bitcoins. Read more about it here.

18. Spy surveillance gadgets

Spy Survaillance Gadgets for Bitcoins mod

Want to protect your house or your office? Bitcoin can help you.

19. Pay for computer sleuthing service with Bitcoins

Pay For Computer Sleuthing mod

Get some technical support to recover, restore, search and produce electronic information here. They accept Bitcoins!

21. Fertility treatment

Pay the Doctor's fee with Bitcoins mod

A fertility treatment paid with Bitcoins has already produced the first crypto-baby.

And, now, for the big ending, the winner of our list:

22. Pay your employees with Bitcoins

Close up of hands catching pile of coins mod

Some companies are currently paying to their employees with Bitcoin and a lot of them are using cryptocurrency as a reward system for the most effective workers.

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