Silk Road’s administrator is being transferred and judged in New York



Ross Ulbricht, the man known as Dread Pirate Roberts in the virtual world and responsible for the illegal marketplace Silk Road, is not going to be judged in California, where he was arrested. The US Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero ordered Ulbricht’s transfer to New York during a recent court hearing in San Francisco.

According to 24 All News and NBC News, the suspect arrested after the seizure of the illegal platform will be transported to New York “sometime soon”, where he will face criminal charges like narcotics trafficking conspiracy, computer hacking conspiracy and money laundering, said his attorney and public defender Brandon LeBlanc.

Besides, the federal prosecutors in New York are accusing Ulbricht of ordering the assassination of someone who blackmailed him. The suspect is also being charged with soliciting the murder of a former worker who was arrested on drug charges, but this case regards the Baltimore federal court.

During the bail hearing, Ross Ulbricht consented to stay in custody for now, but he may argue for release on bail when he arrives in New York.

LeBlanc is denying all charges against his client, but he revealed that Ulbricht will be represented by another attorney after his transfer. Outside of San Francisco’s court, the public defender said that “all we admitted to is that he is Ross Ulbricht. That was the only admission”, reports The Denver Post.

In the meantime, the FBI still can’t access the 600,000 BTC that are supposedly hidden in Ulbricht’s personal account.

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