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Antrouter R1 Review – Antminer’s Wireless Miner

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One of the more interesting devices manufactured by Bitmain (the leading Bitcoin mining hardware supplier today) is the Antrouter R1. The product has 2 main functions:

  1. It’s just your everyday Internet router – turning wired Internet access into wireless access.
  2. It’s a Bitcoin miner that allows you to compete for the chance of mining Bitcoins.

The device can also be used as a high speed USB charger –  Using a USB cable, connect your mobile device to the R1 to charge it. Android phones, iPhones, and tablets are supported.

antrouter r1

But before you fork over $39 to Bitmain (shipping not included) and start mining Bitcoins, it’s important to understand just how slim your chances are to actually mine Bitcoins with the Antrouter. Let’s start out with the technical specs:

Front Panel                             Connect ethernet cable and log into the management system.
Input Voltage                          110V – 220V
Input Current                          0.2A
WiFi Standard                         802.11 g/n
WiFi Band                               2.4G
WiFi Transmission Rate        150M
USB Charge Voltage              5.0V
USB Charge Current              Max. 2A
Dimensions                             84.5 x 56.5 x 29 mm
Temperature                            40°C (in 25°C environment)
Bitcoin Hashrate                     5.5 GH/s
Bitcoin Mining Mode               AntPool Solo Mode (Forced)

As you can see the Antrouter has a hash rate of 5.5GH/s. Just for comparison, the most efficient miner today that will probably break even within 12 months, the Antminer S9, has a hash rate of 14 TH/s. that’s more than 2500 times more than the Antrouter R1.

Moreover, when you’re mining with the Antrouter you’re doing what’s called “Solo Mining” – it means that  you’re not joining a pool of miner and getting rewarded for your share of the work. If that was the case you would make around 10 cents each month since you’re not contributing that much (calculated via our Bitcoin mining calc).

Instead, you are trying to mine on your own, attempting to solve an ultra complex math problem with a very weak computer. There’s a slim chance that you will manage to do this and get rewarded 12.5 Bitcoins, but it’s even smaller than the chance of winning the lottery.

Having said all that, I still believe the concept is appealing. I mean, it doesn’t cost much to buy this device, it still has its own primary function as a router, and just imagine what a story you’ll have if you actually do manage to mine Bitcoins with it by sheer luck.

Setting up the Antrouter R1 takes a bit of configuration the first time around. However this guide is pretty thourough and will get you through it easily. The Antrouter R1 isn’t a new product, it was first introduced to the market at the end of 2015 (see the original Bitcointalk thread here). While browsing through user reviews I found that the two main complaints users had are:

  • Shipping costs make this product much more expensive than the stated price. When contacted, Bitmain stated they have a new shipping method (4PX) that reduces the cost of shipping by more than 70% to certain countries as compared to regular express shipping services. The Antrouter R1 is also sold on for a price of $49 and shipping it from USA. This price is only $10 above the price on the website, which doesn’t include international shipping cost.
  • Some users who bought the product on Amazon claim to have received a faulty product. However most reviews are positive.

The verdict – is the Antrouter R1 worth your money?

If you’re looking to get your money’s worth stay away from this device. It will just cost more than a simple network router and chances are it will never bring in any profit. However, if you’re feeling lucky and want to buy a cheap lifetime lottery ticket to the Bitcoin mining raffle this seems like a good deal. Personally I think the idea is pretty cool, even if it doesn’t end up mining any coins…

Antrouter R1






Ease of use



  • Great design
  • Cool idea for participating in Bitocin mining


  • Probably won't make any profit
  • Initial set up can be difficult

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  1. I find the comments about unable to find the R1 anywhere except for silly amounts disturbing. I sold mine on ebay mid 2016 at a loss. I paid $59 for it and I recall paying a bit for the hacked firmware that allowed you to change the pool. Listed it on Ebay for nearly a month and sold for $30 and I had to pay the shipping; so I walked away with a measly $22 after shipping and auction fees. The same goes for my Gridseed G-Black and the Antminer S5 had to take large loses with those last year as well. The new batch of Antminer R1 LTC is for mining scrypt coins and allows using any pool by OEM default. is a little different then the R1 I had last year. Taking from Bitmain “Although the R1-LTC has only been tested to mine Litecoin, it can theoretically mine any Scrypt coin! Furthermore, you can mine on any mining pool you choose, a significant enhancement over the earlier AntRouter R1. “

  2. I like the idea of the AntRouter. I understand the odds are exceedingly low of getting anywhere, but as it’s also a basic wifi router it’d be more practical than a lottery ticket. BUT I can’t find it anywhere except for silly money on eBay. So, any thoughts on the Litecoin version? That one is on the Bitmain site for $59.

    1. Hello Keith,

      I think the Litecoin AntRouter is a good deal. It should provide lots of fun and interest!

      According to, which rates the profitability of crypto mining, Litecoin is currently the 29th most profitable coin to mine and 46% more profitable than Bitcoin to mine:

      It’s too bad they don’t offer a Dash AntRouter, as that’d be even more profitable.

      Anyway, you shouldn’t expect the Antrouter to pay for itself anytime soon… In fact, it probably won’t ever do so, unless Litecoin price really moons.

        1. Hey Steve,

          Perhaps not now, I see it’s ranked #44 on Coinwarz now. When I wrote that a few months back, it was a lot more profitable. That was before all the new X11 ASICs crushed the profitability, I think.

  3. Can you set it up in the configuration to join a pool, I doubt you can’t. Normally a device of this kind, the inventor should have thought to implement this feature.

        1. Hi there,

          The R1 mines only Bitcoin (and coins with the same SHA256 algorithm) and so can’t mine any Litecoin at all.

          Don’t worry though, you can get the R1-LTC, which is the Litecoin variant of this router. Check it out on Bitmain’s page:

          It hashes at 1.29 MH/s (1,290 KH/s) so at the current Litecoin difficulty, it would mine 0.00066339 LTC per day. That’s about 0.25 per year. Unfortunately the device is not available to purchase right now. Hopefully Bitmain will release a new batch of these devices soon.

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