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Poker Stars finishing bitcoin integration

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For several months, online poker site Poker Stars has reportedly been looking at integrating bitcoin as a payment option for online poker games.

Coin Fire has received information from company insiders confirming that the process of integrating bitcoin has been underway.

The company has been the source of rumors about bitcoin integration in the past and has publicly remained mum on plans to integrate bitcoin as a payment option. However, company insiders wishing to remain anonymous have shared information with Coin Fire about the upcoming integration of bitcoin on Poker Stars.

A company insider told Coin Fire,

Accepting bitcoin is the next logical step for Poker Stars. An instant and safe way to pay for gaming just makes sense.

We have worked hard to find the proper way to accept the currency. Working with third parties can be difficult at times due to regulatory issues in various countries but we believe we have found a solution that meets our needs and the needs of our players.

In December, multiple reports emerged in the online gaming world that Poker Stars was looking for a vendor to handle bitcoin transactions. While company sources have not given Coin Fire information about who will be handling the transactions, we were told the company has a solution that it is actively preparing to test internally.

Coin Fire learned that Poker Stars has already scrapped one system and has opted for another since the customer-facing side wasn’t up to par with the company’s high expectations. Another company insider told Coin Fire,

We want to get this right and if that means it takes extra time then we will take that time. This is the next logical step for online gaming but it is imperative to our company we get it right. If we aren’t happy with the results we will look at more solutions to make this happen.

When Coin Fire pressed for further details about when bitcoin will be accepted on the site, we were told that a timetable was still unavailable and that the company is working diligently. We can confirm that bitcoins are on the roadmap though and the feature will be released when the company is ready.

Poker Stars will be competing with various gaming sites that were built primarily for bitcoin including Seals with Clubs, cloudbet, and others.

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