OkCupid’s A-list members can now pay fees with Bitcoins

The Internet is really changing thanks to Bitcoin. Now, the famous dating website OkCupid is accepting digital currency from their A-list members who wish to pay their fees with the new hot “coin”.

OkCupid is one of the biggest dating websites in the United States, thanks to its analytical matching algorithms. The website uses math to get compatible dates to its members. It also has an interesting and insightful blog, called OkTrends.

The website is free, but there’s a list of A-members who pay a nominal fee that allows them to customize their online dating experience, browse profiles anonymously and search for other members with special attributes.

How’s a normal day in OkCupid? It’s crazy! With four million active users, a million singles login daily to the web page, ten million searches for it, and two million messages are sent. And now it also has Bitcoin exchanges.

Christian Rudder, OkCupid co-founder and general manager, says he believes “that Bitcoin users are exactly the early adopters who are using OkCupid”. By accepting Bitcoin, “we’re embracing their innovative spirit and inviting them to subscribe to OkCupid“, he told The Wall Street Journal.

Via subscriptionsitecentral.com

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