Don’t know what to do with all your Bitcoins? Here are some places where you can spend them

Is your wallet so full of Bitcoins you can’t even close it? Okay, this mental picture is not working, mainly because a Bitcoin wallet can never be too full. Anyway, do you want to know where you can spend those coins? We provide you five awesome places, but if you’re curious and want to know more, you can check a complete list here.

1. Bitcoin Store

One of the most famous websites where users can spend their digital currency. has everything, from hardware to sports equipment.

2. Web World Ireland

This website sells web hosting services and is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment., from Ireland, offers services such as support or web hosting.

3. BTC Shop

Another great platform to spend your Bitcoins on electronic equipment and accessories is

4. Modup is a well-known supplier of Nootropics like piracetam or modafinil, some popular cognitive enhancers among the tech community.

5. Happy Tree Cosmetics

Here’s something just for the girls, a cool website that sells cosmetics and accepts Bitcoins. You can find everything, from lip balms at luxury oils, at


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