Learn the best way to buy Bitcoins anonymously in the USA


With a society that gives less and less importance to privacy, knowing how to buy Bitcoins anonymously can be a good advantage. Being a decentralized currency (at least, for now), Bitcoin can ensure some privacy to its users, leaving no trails like credit cards, for instance.

But there’s also a quick and safe way to buy “coins” in a totally anonymous way. It takes less than 10 minutes. A member of the Bitcoin community has made these tips public so everyone can use them. You just have to follow six simple steps to be able to get Bitcoins anonymously in the United States of America.

First, you have to download and install TOR using this link. Then, use TOR to create a Tormail account and confirm your new address. While doing this, visit BitInstant and choose the cash deposit to Bitcoin to email option.

Next, follow the BitInstant directions and make your cash deposit. You will receive your Bitcoins in your Tormail account, without having to give any information about you. Finally, receive your Bitcoins in your email and that’s it. You’re ready to use your Bitcoins anonymously.

Via privateinternetaccess.com

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