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IMPORTNAT: on June 10th 2017 a security bug was reported regarding Jaxx. The Jaxx time was notified about this however haven’t implemented a fix yet. I suggest avoiding Jaxx until this is dealt with.

I recently reviewed the best Ethereum wallets around and came accross Jaxx – an independent Bitcoin wallet that’s available for most devices (Windows, Apple and Linux desktop, Android and iOS mobile and tablet, and Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.)

Today I would like to take a deeper look at Jaxx and see how it compares to other successful desktop wallets. For this review I downloaded the Mac OS desktop version and the iOS version.

Spoiler alert – I was pretty impressed.

The design is great, the user interface is amazing

The first thing I’ve noticed about Jaxx is the design. The wallet uses beautiful, minimalist black screens that bring simplicity to the user. However that’s not what got me sold on the wallet. What was truly amazing in my opinion was the simple interface.

jaxx bitcoin wallet

Even if you’re a complete newbie you’ll probably manage to use Jaxx without a lot of trouble. The setup is pretty simple and the ongoing use is limited to the basics such as “send” / “receive” and changing the currency type.

With Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies being such a technical subject we really need this type of products that don’t scare the user away.

However, the fact that the interface is minimal doesn’t mean that Jaxx doesn’t supply the user with advanced features. Once you click the “menu” button (top right) you get all sort of advanced features including:

  • Adding / removing different currency support
  • Using different exchange rates
  • Setting up transaction fee size for faster / slower confirmations (see image below)
  • Displaying the private key of the wallet
  • Wallet backup
  • Importing funds from a paper wallet
  • Setting a security PIN

These options probably cover most, if not all, of the features I usually look for in a wallet. Also, each feature comes with a small tool tip that explains more about it so you don’t have to go searching the web for explanations.

jaxx bitcoin wallet

Altcoin support available for most major coins

Jaxx is not just a Bitcoin wallet, it also support a lot of other major altcoins including:  Ethereum (ETH and ETC), Dash, Augur (REP), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC) and RSK.

Adding or removing a currency takes only two clicks – Go to “menu” -> “Wallets” and choose which currencies you’d like to have on your Jaxx wallet.

jaxx altcoins

ShapeShift integration is a game changer

One of the more important features Jaxx has that’s not available in other wallets is a built in integration with ShapeShift. ShapeShift is an exchange service for converting between blockchain tokens and coins. ShapeShift has been integrated directly into Jaxx to allow for in-app conversion between all currencies Jaxx supports. Here’s a one minute explanation about how ShapeShift works:

This means you can exchange Bitcoin for ETH, for example, from within the app. In order to do so just click the fox icon within the app (see below) and decide what and how much you want to exchange.

Jaxx shapeshift

Some additional thoughts about Jaxx

One of the downsides of Jaxx is that it’s not open source. However, the developers made the source code freely available for anyone who’s looking to review it on the wallet’s homepage. Support for the wallet is done via a ticketing system and there is a robust FAQ page in order to solve issues on your own.

I’ve also tried to look for reviews online regarding Jaxx. I did found several people who had issues with the wallet in the past. However I couldn’t find anything negative from the last 3 months. I also found some pretty positive reviews about the wallet so I guess it’s a personal matter.

Should you use Jaxx?

I’ve previously reviewed Exodus, a great desktop wallet in my opinion, and I have to say I think Exodus has found its match. Jaxx is an amazing piece of software, and unlike Exodus it’s available across the board for mobile and desktop alike.

Having said that, the company is still young (only a year and a half old I think). Add the fact that Jaxx is a hot wallet and you come to the conclusion that it’s not wise to keep a large amount of coins on it. This is not necessarily something to do with Jaxx, it’s just a basic security measure – never keep a large amount of coins on a hot wallet. For large amounts always use a hardware wallet (i.e. TREZOR, Ledger), but for smaller “day to day” amounts Jaxx is an excellent choice in my book.


Ofir Beigel

Blogger and owner of 99Bitcoins. I've been dealing with Bitcoin since the beginning of 2013 and it taught me a lesson in finance that I couldn't get anywhere else on the planet. I'm not a techie, I don't understand "Hashes" and "Protocols", I designed this website with people like myself in mind. My expertise is online marketing and I've dedicated a large portion of 99Bitcoins to Bitcoin marketing.





    Ease of use









            • Great Design
            • Intuitive interface
            • Multiple altcoins supported
            • Multiple platform support


            • Not open source
            • Relatively young company
            • Security bug not addressed


            1. Design


              Ease of use








              I have been using Jaxx on my desktop and iPhone for about 3 months. For the last 3 to 4 days the amount of bitcoins , dash an Ethereum are all showing the right quantities and all transactions are ok but…. the $ value shows 0,00 on all of them. I tried reset but nothing seem to correct. I have not received a reply from Jaxx.

              Has someone face this situation???

            2. JAXX IS A SCAM!

              I’ve shifted my coins from ETH>BTC 2 days ago and I’ve not received any BTC back! Not only that, Jaxx has deleted the transaction history and now it doesn’t show the transaction that I sent to Shapeshift. Thank goodness I saved the ID.

              AVOID JAXX AT ALL COSTS!!

            3. I use Jaxx to store a little BTC,ETH,LITECOIN, and DASH. The only issue I’ve had is the value will show up in USD$ and then switch to my currency. Not a major issue. I am new to this stuff like most so I like Jaxx for the simplicity. Though, I believe now is the time to invest in a nano ledger.

            4. Need a little help from someone. On my PC, I opened Jaxx for the first time and created a wallet. I did not see anything about a 12-word phrase. I copied my Bitcoin Address from Jaxx and sent two Bitcoin transactions to it. Close Jaxx and went to bed.

              The next day, I opened Jaxx and it asked me to create a wallet or enter in a 12-word phrase to restore a wallet.

              Did I miss a step? My Bitcoins were transferred successfully from where I was sending them to, I think. Jaxx has not responded.

              If my Bitcoins went to a wallet I can’t access, ultimately, where do those Bitcoins go? Will they be removed from the 16 million that are out there or over time, will Jaxx absorb them into their pocket?

              Thank you.

              • Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support on

                Hi Steve, I think it is best if you contact Jaxx support and ask their help for which password you need.

            5. Jerry Montero on

              ?מה שלומך,אופיר בייגל

              Excellent website and crash course you have! Congrats!

              1 Only the Jaxx wallet supports the Chrome OS (my platform), correct?

              2 If I join Jaxx you get credit, correct? Are you affiliated with them?

              3 Can I buy ether and bitcoin using my Chase bank account or debit card?


            6. ..still trying. its glitching. freezing locking up. no transaction history and the amounts change everytime you refresh. i hate when people put a product out and claim it works while its just some junked together half ass code. Programming has really turned into a creative process.. its sad. Still frozen.. if I dont fall asleep ill update once im able to finally send some etther.. you know the things that is currently enabling the rest of the world to send value anywhere anytime.. idiots!

            7. Still not working.. can do anything with it keeps freezing up gotta restart it. doesnt have 2 auth.. they dont know what “confirm” means. retarded!

            8. I HATE THIS WALLET. its PAINNNNNNNfully slowwwwww. and it doesnt send! i confirm a transaction then move on and empty out my eth cause I HATE this wallet then I go back to see the only thing that emptied was the eth nothing else. so i have to put ETH back into it to empty it and IT DOENT WORK! I FUCKING HATE IT! The team jaxx you for your coins while apperently jacking and not working. bunch of no english able people who went from making video games to crypto wallets cause they sucked at gaming! LET ME EMPTY MY CRYPTO YOU CHEAP BASTARDS NOBODY LIKES YOU GET OVER IT!

            9. why is doge initalizing on jaxx wallet forever all other coins are fine . yes its updated to current verstion both on andriod and windows platform,s

              • Ofir Beigel on

                Hi, I’m not sure but have you tried contacting the developers? I believe they can help out more.

            10. I have Jaxx for O/S desktop. It’s horrible. Half the time it doesn’t load properly. I’m mining ZEC via Genesis Mining, and checking my ZEC wallet is hit or miss. Sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes to be able to scroll to the end of cryptos at the top (starts with BTC on the left, and ends with ZEC on the right, all via arrow scrolling. It’s not instantly visible). Sometimes it just sits there and does nothing, and I have to check another day. Does it freeze during transactions (Genesis sending daily rewards?). Am I missing something?

            11. ofir, do you know any legit online investments that really pay. I hate all this ponzi scheme and betting.

            12. Design


              Ease of use






              Just my two cents on JAXX, I had been using it for about 5 months, and recently went back to Coinbase and Cryptonator for hot wallets. The main reasons are 1) a sync issue between wallets (e.g., currency received showing on the mobile app, which was first install, but not being reflected on the desktop app) and 2) the fact that one of the altcoins is broken and does not receive coins. To their credit, they acknowledged the second point as a bug and have been working towards a fix, but only in the FAQ’s, while meanwhile the altcoins received to that wallet are not accessable and potentially lost. Other than that, it is an amazing wallet and if you are aware of and ok with those two issues, they I would suggest it as well.

              • Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support on

                Thanks Steve for the feedback, especially that you mentioned the altcoins part, this is very useful for everyone.

            13. Adil Siddiqui on

              Thanks for the great review Ofir. Jaxx doesn’t show up currencies i mined or added from the faucet. there were occasions i added about 10k litoshis twice but its been 2 weeks now and nothing appears in the wallet.

            14. robert manni on

              havnt been looking for another hard wallet, i did ,,,based on your report and review purchase 2 nano s..
              i like the idea but still have not figured it out…

            15. Hello there I love the jaxx while also I have it installed on my PC and iPhone with the same seed however yesterday the Jaxx wallet would not open on my iPhone I got a blank screen I even reset my iPhone and got the same issue I finally had to uninstall it and reinstall it again on the iPhone and enter my seed and now it works again I’m wondering if anybody else had this issue on the iPhone

              • On Android, I’ve been using it for a few days, and I’ve seen it take a very long time to load (maybe as long as a minute?), presenting a blank screen and giving the impression it was dead. It did eventually open.

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