How to teach kids about Bitcoin? Minecraft is the answer

There’s a new Bitcoin game in town and it’s helping children to understand how Bitcoin works. PlayMC launched a new Bitconomy integrated in its Minecraft server that allows the users to earn BTC and learn more about cryptocurrency.

PlayMC’s Bitconomy uses a single currency called Bits, which represent a 100,000,000th of a Bitcoin. It may not be a lot, but the players can actually spend their Bits within any in-game shops to purchase classes, items or additional content.

They can also save their Bits and convert them into BTC that can be spent at over 100,000 businesses around the world or converted into fiat currency.

“Currently people can only speculate on the future of digital currencies and what role Bitcoin will play in our financial future. However it is clear that this technology is thriving and the earlier kids can be educated on Bitcoin and how digital currencies work the better for them in the future,” reads a press release.

Although the integration of money into Minecraft games is not a new concept, PlayMC is one of the first servers to integrate Bitcoin, allowing the players to earn BTC within its mini games.

“The focus of PlayMC is to provide a safe gaming environment for kids to enjoy and have the opportunity to earn their own money.”

minecraft bitcoin playmcAt the moment the young players can only earn Bits through standard play actions like a win or a kill in a game like Archer Games.

However, PlayMC plans to expand the game’s possibilities, giving the players the opportunity to earn Bits through other channels like bug reporting, tournaments, bounties and even writing content or working as a server staff.

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