How Much Money Can You Actually Make from Bitcoin Faucets (February 2016 Update)


If you’re new here, then you should probably know that these series of posts are about how you can make money from Bitcoin faucets. If you don’t know what a faucet is or if this is the first post of this series you’re reading, my advice to you is to read the original post first and then just follow along with all of the updates. If you’ve already read the previous posts, then welcome to the latest update! :)

February has been a very rough month for Milli. Not only did it have only 29 days (meaning two less days of profit), but I also had A LOT of issues with my hosting provider and SSL certificate (more on that in a moment). However, I feel that some of the biggest advancements I’ve made until today were actually done throughout February.

Milli has matured to a sustainable, profitable and popular website. Now, there are many things I can talk about regarding running a faucet, but since I know that the attention span of the average reader is limited, I’ll try to focus on the top five or six things that I feel made the most difference.

The Captcha tragedy – Making lemonade out of lemons

One morning, I wake up and receive an email from FunCaptcha stating the following:

“Your Free account trial ends on February 1, 2016 and we hope you’ve enjoyed the experience. By upgrading to a Plus account now, you’ll ensure your service is not interrupted and can take full advantage of our premium CAPTCHA solution. If you do not upgrade by this date, your account will be closed and yourFunCaptcha will no longer work.”

Of course, I immediately contact FunCaptcha’s support only to realize that with the amount of traffic I have, upgrading to a plus account will cost around $500/month. So I guess that’s out of the question…

I was left with only three other Captcha providers – Are You Human?, Recaptcha (by Google) and SolveMedia. I was afraid that changing the Captcha would affect the user experience of my site and would eventually bring down profits.

In the end, I decided to go with SolveMedia, but what I discovered as a result was mind-blowing…

Apparently, you can make money out of solving Captchas. So, if you have a lot of traffic that solves Captchas on your site, that can become an additional income stream. The way this works is that once in a while, instead of typing in a specific word, the Captcha will ask you to describe a brand with one or more words. This, in turn, translates to revenue.

SolveMedia captcha

SolveMedia is as easy to set up as any other Captcha provider. The only thing you want to make sure of is that your Captcha mode is set to “revenue” and not to “security”. Don’t worry, you’ll still have basic Captcha security, but you’ll also be making money (you’ll see how much by the end of this post).

SolveMedia revenue

Migrating to a new server

Two technical changes I’ve made to Milli were to switch to a more reliable server and to add an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is just a way to allow your website to appear on https:// instead of http://. It basically makes the website more secure, and most hosting providers will be happy to assist you with getting one. It does, however, have a cost. The main reason I added an SSL certificate, other than security, is to help Milli rank better on Google for specific terms (rumor has it that Google prefers https websites over http websites).

Changing servers, however, was due to the fact that my original server was failing under the load. If you’re just starting out with your faucet, then it’s totally fine and even preferable to use a cheap shared hosting solution like Bluehost. But once the traffic starts to ramp up, you want a hosting provider that can cope with that traffic easily, and even more importantly, that has a SUPER dedicated support team.

I ended up moving my hosting to a company called WiredTree. They offer VPS services (Virtual Private Server) that are much more robust than shared hosting. Also, they answer any support ticket you open within 30 minutes max. But service, of course, comes with a price, and I now pay $49/month instead of the $4/month I used to pay. All things considered, it’s worth it; as Milli grows bigger and bigger, I need to make sure it’s as stable as possible, since once you lose a customer, they rarely come back.

Google Adwords busts down on major faucets

Throughout February, Google decided to close shop for many of the Bitcoin faucets out there. This means that the majority of faucets got banned from the most profitable ad network available. I initially noticed this when I saw that BitcoinZebra, one of the biggest faucets around, was up for sale.

But BitcoinZebra was not the only major faucet to take a hit. RobotCoin, Farmtoshi and many other popular faucets also got banned. Milli however, wasn’t affected. Why? I don’t know, but I can guess…

One of the things Google values the most is transparency. Most of the faucets out there today, including the big ones, maintain an air of anonymity around them. You don’t know who the actual owners are or even how to contact them in some cases. With Milli, I made sure to stay completely transparent about the fact that it is owned by 99Bitcoins. I also answer each and every comment on the site personally, without hiding my identity.

Additionally, in my last post, I talked about enabling comments on Milli so that users will be able to speak their minds about the site. I feel that this has helped immensely in adding content to the site, and it also shows that the site is not just “in it for the money”.

At the moment, I attribute the fact that I wasn’t banned from Adsense to these reasons, but as you know, this can change at any moment and without warning.

The Ace up my sleeve

At the end of my last post, I said I wanted to try out a new service called Adngin. What this service does is basically optimize your Adsense ads for maximum profit. Other than allowing you to use their software to create different A/B tests for your Adsense ads, you also get an account manager who will help you with the optimization process.

The normal price of the service is $250/month, which is pretty high; however, since my traffic on Milli is still considered small in terms of online publishers, I was able to cut a deal for only $125/month with Adngin.

I won’t go into the technicalities of how to set up an account, since you can just sign up for a free trial. However, here’s the difference in revenues between how my site was initially set up compared to the Adngin setup.

Adngin performance

So you can see that overall, throughout the month, Adngin’s setup helped me increase my revenues by over 23%. However, if you take a look at the last 14 days (not shown here), you’ll see that it has actually improved from that and is now performing 47% better than my original setup.

So, if last month I made $618.28, it means that Adngin should bring this up by ~$140 through its optimization, meaning it’s worth the money. Did it deliver? You’ll soon find out.

The best thing you can do to drive more traffic to your faucet

Now that I know the “money machine” is working, it’s time to pour in some more traffic in order to increase profits. At first, I tried to get different rotators to feature my faucet on their site, but I had no luck with that. Then, I figured I should just give out a higher payout.

I decided to raise the maximum payout from 1,000 Satoshis to 10,000 Satoshis, and apparently it worked. Of course the chances of winning 10,000 Satoshis are pretty slim, but they still exist (people have already reported winning this amount on the comment section on Milli). Keep in mind when doing so to calculate the exact odds you can allow for such a payout so you won’t go bankrupt.

Milli traffic

So how much did I make on February 2016?

Let’s start out by looking at my earnings. My Adsense earnings for Milli alone were $767.22 (an increase of 24% from last month, which was also two days longer).

Milli earnings february

I’ve received four payments from Coinad in February totaling 0.53752749 BTC. I will later subtract that amount from my user payouts.

Coinad and SolveMedia earnings

I’ve also made another $110.28 from SolveMedia through their Captcha service. So my total fiat earnings come up to $877.5.

Now for the expenses:

  • Payouts to users in February including FaucetBox fees – 1.08607691BTC (this is actually a bit bigger than the exact amount, but due to FaucetBox stat limitations, I will use this number).
  • Server expenses – $49
  • Adngin expenses – $125
  • SSL expenses – $25

faucetbox payouts

So, after subtracting my BTC earnings from the expenses, I’m left with 0.54854942BTC in expenses, equal to $235 in today’s exchange rate. Add that to my other fiat expenses and the total is $434.

This brings me to a total profit of $443.29 in February, an increase of 6.81% from last month.

So what’s next for Milli?

I feel as if February was the start of the next big leap for Milli. Even though the increase in profit was only 6.8%, you need to keep in mind that February was a shorter month than usual, and I had A LOT of technical issues throughout the month that decreased my earnings even more. So I’m very optimistic moving towards March.

I plan to move away from FaucetBox throughout March and into managing payouts on my own. Here’s why: First, their service costs a 2.5% fee. Second, when I rely on FaucetBox’s service, I also rely on their support, and that support is less than average. For example, as I’m writing this post, I have an issue with my faucet that hasn’t been dealt with for three days, since their support isn’t responding.

I’m also planning on having some sort of “membership plan” on Milli, where people who have been using the faucet for a long time will get bonuses for their payouts. I will also change the referral structure to lifetime payments – meaning, if you bring a new user to Milli, you’ll get referral commissions for that user as long as he remains active. This, of course, will increase my referral payouts, but I’m hoping it will also increase the traffic to Milli.

I have other, smaller ideas for Milli as well, but these two are the main ones. To sum things up, these are exciting times. Each day, I see Milli growing bigger and bigger and becoming a real, sustainable Bitcoin business. If you have any questions or comments on this post, feel free to write them in the comments section below, and I will see you next month in our next update.

Ofir Beigel

Owner at 99 Coins ltd.
Blogger and owner of 99Bitcoins. I've been dealing with Bitcoin since the beginning of 2013 and it taught me a lesson in finance that I couldn't get anywhere else on the planet. I'm not a techie, I don't understand "Hashes" and "Protocols", I designed this website with people like myself in mind. My expertise is online marketing and I've dedicated a large portion of 99Bitcoins to Bitcoin marketing.


  1. OB,
    You know, as i as reading your post, several ideas on how to cut your facuet bitcoin pay out expenses down by at minimun 50% came to me along the way.
    It seems that the bots are a big pain in your, arnes fagyou, and these Bots are responsible for what % of bitcoin you pay out a month on an average basis.?
    The second biggest cost of bictcion pay outs are to the people that come in with the intent to Sit on yout facuets teet, until they draw 10,000 or the max allowed out of your facuet. I thought of several simple ideas on how to cut that behaveior out also. But at the sametime not breaking any of the rules of the Captcha, or adsense or whoever your using currently. I dont want money, i just dont want the ( Plain Greedy) facuet owners to profit off my intellectial property, if im giving it to you the idea for free. If you are interested in hearing them, just shot me a email with a simple word or two in the title box and Ill hit you back with the ideas i have. Hey, even if i don’t tell you anything you didnt alrady know, maybe one or more of the ideas i have thought of, will possibly cause you to spark an idea similar that does help with saving you money.

    • At the moment it’s on complete auto pilot, I just answer comments about 10 minutes a day. But keep in mind that the faucet isn’t making as much today since it was banned from Adsense.

  2. Hello Offir sorry i am no talked about post, i mean about my CTR question.
    Because usually when the comment is aproved bellow are your replay, but in my last comment where i asked about CTR no.

  3. Hello after readed your guide i finally open my faucet after 8 days my CTR in google adsense are to low, CTR 0.05%, which CTR do you think is possible get in faucet market? What do you think i can do to increase my CTR?

  4. Hey Ofir,

    Truly Excellent set of posts. I’ve been learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a little while now and the thought of building a related site/faucet has been on my mind for quite some time. You’ve given me a whole host of things to think about and a bit more confidence knowing that I have this information to hand. A little more research on my part and I’ll be a fellow ‘fauceter’ in no time so watch this space.

    Not sure whether you’ve considered it but offer a bitcoin ticker widget which you embed, tell them you’ve done so and they give you a few Satoshis on a monthly basis, based on four of the domain’s metrics (I’m sure you’ll hit them by the looks of your traffic). It’s not the be all and end all solution to revenue generation but every little helps.

    Also, there’s a platform I use on my blogs which allow you to monetise your content through supporter appreciation. Like a tipping mechanism. You can embed it into your site pages, blog posts, etc. and if your followers see fit, they have the choice to give you a little bit of money. Brett Scott (@suitpossum) uses it too so it must have some weight in the Bitcoin scene. they’re called tibit(.com). It has already generated a little bit of Bitcoin for me (I won’t put my blogs on here as that’s just shameless self plugging which is not my intent). I’d have tibbed every one of your posts to say thank you as they have been incredibly useful to me and you have obviously dedicate your time and effort into educating everyone else. Plus, people following your posts don’t need to know much about Bitcoin as the mechanism operates in a fiat currency. I suppose it acts as a complimentary revenue stream as it is not ad-dependant.

    Anyway, what you’ve done here is a very kind thing in my opinion. I’ll be following you with great interest from now on. Bravo!

  5. Suresh Agarwal on

    Hi ,

    I was trying your idea by buying already live faucets in doge coin but how i will know which faucet is up for sale & the amount of traffic its having or the amount of registered member its having

  6. Just wanted to say thank you and encourage ppl to do this,
    i followed your steps and got to under 1mil alexa rank
    17k Users !
    10k Unique imp per day !
    the first month was hard, no profit, little lose, as soon as you get good traffic you gonna start profiting
    i was getting about 1-5CA$ profit a day !
    i closed my website cuz i didnt want to risk getting ban by adsense and lose all the money i paid which was around 50$USD :), i will active my faucet after 2 months its because exams too
    but yea this message to everyone, u should try building your site !
    Ofir waiting for a rotator bitcoin site bro XD, and does rotartor has risk getting ban by adsense too?
    cuz i want something that doesnt make me waste time (checking payouts, profit aka and that make me lose alot of time thats why i closed my faucet too)
    Thanks again

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Hey Juiuus, actually I didn’t do any SEO work on Milli, but because it has such great visitor engagement it gets good ranking for terms like “Best bitcoin faucet” etc.

  7. Hey!!
    I have question why my page views on adsense very different with my Google analytic page view ?? I saw my visitor to my faucet web higher but the page view & Impression on my adsense very low, any suggestion for this problem ??


    • Ofir Beigel on

      Not sure, I think it’s best to open a support ticket with Google on that. Also keep in mind that you may not be showing ads 100% of the time on your site and that might be the issue as well.

  8. Hey !
    my faucet doing really good thanks bro
    i noticed that you removed the anti-bot links , should i do it as well ?
    and would solve media be good for small faucets like mine (30490 payouts so far)

    • Ofir Beigel on

      I removed the anti bots because it was causing issues on my site – no idea why.
      Glad to hear you’re doing ok, regarding SolveMedia – I think it’s worth a shot, not sure how much you’ll be able to get out of it though.

  9. Devi Alpian on

    hello Ofir, how to make a timer view like milli when someone did claim faucet? btw sorry my speaking english not good. thank you

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Hey Devi, how are you?
      I got a developer to create the timer like that for me. It’s based on a WordPress plugin but it’s done through custom coding.

  10. Nice i created my faucet since you uploaded that video on youtube and i’ve been following your tips i hope i start making profit soon :) , so far loosing little money but its okay , cuz i think one day i will get profit , i know for sure , that its because my traffic is so low for some reason , iam paying 100-1000 every 5mins with 15% ref and my site has SSL (tried to advertise for it and payed for 1k imp but only got 4 users xD , i will pay for youtubers with high views to make a vid about my faucet soon),
    i want to try Coinad but it seems that they only accept ppl with invite code , you have any idea where i can get one ?
    keep us updated with tips and tricks :)

      • iam going well thanks :)
        today i got really good traffic so far it shows 1300 imp on adsense :)
        i tried to contact them but they’re having problem with the anti bot i think cuz it says its wrong…thanks for help i will later maybe it works
        and thanks again for help :D

          • hello , idid some work on my site (advertising) and now i have over 2.5k Users with over 2.5 unique views/day this is really good i finally made it , now i will just wait couple days for my alexa ranking to update and i will probably be on top 1mil , so i can join mellow ads (i cant join coinad cuz it seem that they made registration with invite code only)

        • dude teach me please all what i have is a shitty 1 hour pop up faucet (iam making money) but still i need your help!!!! whats your faucet link? and can we talk on skype?!?!! “blackstarcj” teach me everything please ill even pay you!!!

  11. Great series of articles. Great faucet too. Not a tech guy myself but i’ve got an idea on a marketing strategy. If you will send me “Hello” email, I would like to discuss it with you. Been kicking this idea around and I think you may be the right person to ask about it. [email protected]. That’s my faucet -e-. Don’t want to post my personal. Will give you all my info when we connect. Thanks for posting your experience. Really helpful.

  12. These posts have been interesting to follow. I’ve created a really basic faucet just to mess around and try it out, but now I’m a little nervous after reading about AdSense rejecting faucets. I know you said that you think you did not get rejected as your faucet is attached to the rest of the site and the value it brings. Do you think that it’s even realistic to create just a basic faucet and still get approved for AdSense?

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Hey Max I think it is possible. Just try to follow basic logic of what you’d approve as a “legit” site if you were Google.

  13. Really good update Ofir, Did you do anything special between 8 -15 february? I saw the in one of these days you gain almost the triple in adsense that the average.

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Not really, Adsense is really weird in a way you can’t really predict what will bring in more revenue. Some days I get X3 my usual earnings and some days I get half as much.

  14. U tell every one u faucet is very good but u don’t tell them u buy your users. I have check the faucet list and u faucet is nummer 417 and 193 days live only stupid people believe this bullshit faucet. There a lot of beter faucets than milli tell the people how many u invest for buying users for u faucet.

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Hey “you”.
      I don’t really buy users, it’s all from referrals. I have no idea why FaucetBox’s rankings are showing me that low since I know for a fact a lot of users have upvoted Milli. However feel free to not use the faucet or read the blog, I could do without the negativity.

  15. Офир, спасибо за открытую информацию ,разъяснения и обучение !!! Пробую идти по твоим следам. Желаю тебе больше доходов и расширению бизнеса.

  16. More traffic no only traffic but active user are important for getting good CTR. It really a great way of earning income with faucet.

    I am a webmaster I am saying this because I studied few things about web publishing/advertising. Ads showing on website does matter with impression very closely. And as faucet have best option of re-claiming. Due to that page get refreshed and you get impressions. As every impression id counted you get revenue against it. But there are also CTR. Which is a big topic.

    But Faucet with good amount of traffic is really great way of earning residual income.

    Its really good business with ROI.

    Abhijit Kale

    • Interesting. My faucets are using ajax and “in-place” updating the controls. That means no refresh on the banners. Should I do a reaload every now and then?

      • Ofir Beigel on

        I think every time someone claims you should reload the site if possible. But I’m not an Adsense expert…

  17. I’m a big fan of you and tried to start a faucet but was off no use. Anyways I’m happy that at least your earning from them. But in my opinion, the housing provider your using is too expensive. I host my websites with . They are very reliable and has a good support team. They have live chatting, ticket and call support. I recommend you to use them. They provide vps service for a very cheap cost(as you can find in their website). They have a price lock guarantee also. And if you want to host with them, you can get it for 0.01$ for first month using “Osmhow2s” coupon code. I really wish you all the best with your work.

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Thanks for the advice, I actually user Interserver on one of my other sites and they indeed have good support. I may consider switching to them but for now I’m grateful that the site runs smoothly…

  18. Thanks for these in depth articles. Really like the ride-along, as i am in the same process, just a bit behind you. I have two faucets for another crypto, and they are recieving more traffic by the minute. Problem is how to efficiently monetize them. I applied for AdSense, but was rejected, four times. Then I used adsterra. Their CPM is very fluctuating, to say the least. Then they had ads with fake download buttons in them, which caused Google to ban me. I changed to but they cant seem to fill the ad spaces with ads, but just empty “advertise here”. I am at roughly 400 000 Alexa Rank, and climbing 20k every day.

    Do you recomend any ad-network for a site like this?

    I find the solve media solution interesting, as a complement to the ad income.

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Nice progress. Honestly I don’t know what I would do if I would get banned from Google. I’m not sure the margins are enough to make a substantial profit. You can try applying to and also blockadz – they might generate some more revenue for you.

      • Man, looking at your numbers I would have no problems making a good profit margin with adsense, but thats not happening :)

        Will look through the other networks to see if I can find anything close to your CPM.

        Should you get banned, that would make for an interesting series of articles :)

        • hey man i’ve noticed that you got rejected from adsense four times if you didnt read their policies they dont accept “faucet only” websites try adding a blog or satoshi to usd thing and also i would love to get some help also i’m new to the faucet thing i manged to make my faucet profitable with pop ups but thats very annoying i would love to get some help of your cpm networks can you add me on skype so we can talk better? “blackstarcj”

    • Ofir Beigel on

      I probably will. I actually added it in the past and then someone used it to hack the faucet so I removed it. But now that I have an SSL certificate I can probably re add it.

  19. Regardless, to me this is MY AVOURITE and MOST EXCITNG POST OF ALL TIME on!!! so exciting in fact i couldnt wait to finish i rushed all the main topics and then read it carefully all over again. u might ask WHY? because it holds (and unveils) the most accurate and true useful information about bitcoin faucets. thank you for stepping into the unknown! looks like it was worth it both ways ;)

  20. TL;DR: You can make approximately nothing from bitcoin faucets. Just buy them on Coinbase or whatever and stop wasting your time. Bitcoin is money. Why would somebody be giving away money in any significant amounts? Because they’re an idiot? Idiots don’t usually hold onto very much money for very long.

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Hey Alex I think you’re missing the point. This post is about making money by owning a Bitcoin faucet, not by being a user of one.

    • your comment i feel is very much on topic and a worthwhile contribution to make. The reason for this is quite simple and something everyone against you and yourself may have not considered thus far. The faucet user is a vital part of the faucets working, without them the faucet serves no purpose the adds to create revenue target no one and receive no clicks. If we were discussing the latest model car released by a manufacturer surely talking about the engine that drives it is not off topic. Whats off topic is posting a comment to bag someone and let everyone know u feel their comment is off topic

      • sorry i now can see the ending of my comment could sound aggressive i did meen however for it to sound humorous my appologies. if u are considering posting it plsa remove last bit and if u prefer i could just re right it

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