Hardware Group Bulgaria creates unique monitor to check real-time Bitcoin exchange rates

A duo of Bulgarian hardware developers from Plovdiv has created a new Bitcoin gadget that might be a great help for miners, investors and traders dealing with cryptocurrency.

This Bitcoin Miner’s Real-time Monitor, equipped with an LCD display, monitors the BTC rates from exchanges like Bitstamp and Mt. Gox and supports the rigs produced by KNC Miner and Butterfly Labs. However, the device, which just needs to be connected to a home router to work thanks to its web-based configuration interface, requires the user to have a Coinbase account.

“The main task of the unit is to monitor the exchange rates of cryptocurrency in real time”, confirms Georgi Bakalski, one of the members of the team called Hardware Group Bulgaria.

“We think that the current dynamic changes of the Bitcoin market are a fact to be considered and many traders already benefit from that fact by simply transferring Bitcoins between exchanges and taking advantage of the difference between the buy /sell prices”, he adds.

To have real-time information is very important for these people as the changes sometimes happen within minutes, even seconds.

The Bitcoin Miner’s Real-time Monitor is currently available at eBay.

Balsaki and his colleague hope that the device can reach many Bitcoin traders: “we made this unit also because we believe in the future of digital currencies, no matter which it will be”.

Image from eBay

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